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Support for Moms Raising Kids with Mental Health Challenges: Kris Rice

Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Now is a great time to start a podcast!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to learn how: http://bit.ly/podcastinglaunchmasterclass ___ Kris Rice transforms lives thru empowerment. She provides soul-care for mamas raising kids with mental health challenges, allowing you to ditch the guilt, create calm and find freedom in your life.  Through her inspiring client programs, membership community, blogs, and social media, she’s here to show you how to prioritize your needs, even amidst chaos, reminding you that if she can do it, you can do it! And when she’s not living her entrepreneurial dreams, you can find her indulging in snuggles with her Frenchie, cooking with her daughters, and binge-listening to podcasts.  Meet Kris and experience the life-changing impact of empowerment with the Kris Rice Collective. Find out more about Kris here: krisricecollective.com __ Hello Fearless Freedom tribe!  It’s time for another podcast episode! I appreciate that you are here and listening to another fantastic episode. ____ This is a great time to take a look at one of the podcasts that were lovingly brought to life with the assistance of my Podcasting Launch Course for Professionals.  These amazing women worked hard to bring their message to the world and the value they provide is immeasurable. The Single Well Podcast (Formerly Pivot & Bloom) https://www.buzzsprout.com/1150310 The Drama-Free Workplace with Patti Perez  https://bit.ly/DramaFreeWorkplace Living at Your Finest  https://www.buzzsprout.com/1202669 Ignite Your PowHer https://igniteyourpowher.buzzsprout.com/ _______ RESOURCES: Looking to start a podcast? Now is a great time to do just that!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to see if starting a podcast is a match for you.  http://bit.ly/podcastinglaunchmasterclass Are you too busy to participate in a facilitated course but still want to get your show started? The Podcast in a Box is for you! You provide the audio for your first 5 five shows to launch with a bang, we do the REST.  http://bit.ly/doneforyoupodcasting Are you a podcast host or have the desire to be a podcast guest?  You will want to check out PodMatch, a free service that automatically matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews.  Here’s my invite link: http://bit.ly/joinpodmatch Get off the fear fence today. Your tribe is waiting to hear your voice!


19 Sep 2021

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Soul care for mamas raising kids with mental health challenges, Kris Rice

Transition by Pantea Kalhor

❓❓Are you struggling raising your kids with mental challenges 🎤Soul care for mamas raising kids with mental health challenges with Kris Rice, Empowerment Coach, PTSD Self-Healing Show ✔️Raising children with mental health challenges is often a dark and silent journey. Where do we as mamas turn for support❓ When we’ve reached the end of our rope, and we need help but don’t know where to turn or who to ask❓ Our kids have resources and support for their journey, but where do we gain the support we desperately need? ✔️Kris Rice will share some tips in helping parents rising their with mental challenges: ✔️She also share her top way to identify energy leaks, and process them quickly, allowing for a sense of calm to take over. ✔️Imagine creating freedom, clarity and ease in your life, even the amidst chaos, that’s where she comes in! You can access her here: 👇🏻 🔗https://krisricecollective.com 🔗Instagram, FB: @krisricecollective 


16 Sep 2021

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3 Permissions You Need To Give Yourself To Thrive with Kris Rice

The Savvy Working Mom

The world can be a stressful place, but we don't have to despair. We give a lot of slack to our kids as they learn and grow and also to other adults as they work through this difficult time. Kris Rice shares the 3 three simple permissions we can give ourselves so that we can thrive. Kris changes lives thru empowerment! She empowers high-achieving mamas to prioritize their wellness. Leave behind stress, overwhelm & exhaustion, and receive permission to prioritize you! For more about Kris:Listener Gift (YEA!!!). Kris created a unique page for SWM  listeners to grab a 5 Steps to Reversing Burnout support guide. https://www.deconstructingwellness.com/savvyInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/deconstructingwellness/Podcast: https://www.deconstructingwellness.com/gem Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/deconstructingwellnessFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/deconstructingwellnessMore About Whitnee and The Savvy Working MomWork With Me: https://thesavvyworkingmom.com/freecall/Follow Me Here: https://www.facebook.com/thesavvyworkingmomGet the Free Video Course: https://thesavvyworkingmom.com/more-time/


22 Sep 2020

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Giving Yourself Permission to Pause with Kris Rice

Live. Love. Engage. Podcast: Inspiration | Spiritual Awakening | Happiness | Success | Life

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic this year has proven to ... Read more


14 Sep 2020

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3 Permission Slips For Mom | Kris Rice W/ Deconstructing Wellness

Motivation For Moms

Get your free download of my life-changing worksheet The Mama Miracle at www.themamamiracle.comI brought a beautiful woman on the show today who has three permission slips that she wants to give her fellow moms. Kris Rice, is the founder of Deconstructing Wellness, and she empowers high-achieving mamas to prioritize their wellness without feeling like they have to spend 3-hours a day meditating! Hallelujah! In this episode, we’re going to talk about overall wellness, and let me just share, in Kris’s own words, what she sent to me before we recorded this episode, that, “Despite the pandemic moving high-performing women from the boardroom to the kitchen table, for many of them this doesn’t mean downtime. It most likely means pushing to achieve even more, with kids and partners being at home, while still exceeding in their roles at work. Now that it’s been months of the “new normal” many of us are struggling to keep it all together.” She says, “Sometimes, we just need someone else to tell us that it’s okay. That we’re not failures because we want to slow down or pause for a minute. My vision is to take this opportunity that we have to reset and issue these women a permission slip - the permission to yes, use this time wisely and productively, and to also indulge in themselves - a luxury they don’t likely make much time for.” Ugghghh this is so good, and feels so refreshing, and is exactly why I brought her on the show today! Kris is here to help you free yourself of self-imposed guilt, shame and judgement. In Kris’s own words, “To finally feel a sense of acceptance to slow down, recharge and give back to themselves the way they do to others every single day.” The three key areas that Kris would like to invite you to be flexible in are: Permission to shift your morning routine. According to Kris, “Shifting your morning routine doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you amenable to circumstances.” Permission to repurpose your time. According to Kris, “Not everything has to be go-go-go all the time, it is OKAY to pick up a new hobby that has nothing to do with career success!” Permission to feel the feels. Kris says that “once we’ve moved through our feelings, not making them wrong, then we can look toward how we can shift positively.” If you like what you’ve heard so far, you are in for a feel-good episode today and, I hope you enjoy our chat!Get Kris’ 5 Steps To Reversing Burnout at https://www.deconstructingwellness.com/motivationFollow Kris Rice on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deconstructingwellness/Check out her Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/deconstructingwellnessConnect with Kris Rice on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deconstructingwellness


20 Jul 2020

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EP 048: Prioritizing wellness with Kris Rice

Mom Wife and Boss Life

In this episode we talk with Kris Rice, founder of Deconstructing Wellness. She empowers high-achieving mamas to prioritize their wellness without feeling like they have to spend 3-hours a day meditating! We talk on how we are dealing with parenting and self-care during this Covid-19 pandemic. Ways to Connect: Listener Gift: A unique page on my site for our listeners to grab a free 5 Steps to Reversing Burnout support guide.! https://www.deconstructingwellness.com/life Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deconstructingwellness/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/deconstructingwellness Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deconstructingwellness--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/momwifebosslife/message


18 Jul 2020

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Deconstructing Wellness, with Kris Rice – TPW296

The Productive Woman

Kris Rice and I chat about how she prioritizes wellness and tends to her most important priorities. (And don't miss the freebie she's offering TPW listeners--see the link in the show notes!)


27 May 2020

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EP 22-Giving Yourself Permission Slips and Letting it Go With Kris Rice

Emerge: The Health Podcast for Busy, High Performing Women

This week I'm joined by fellow high performing women's health coach Kris Rice for a fun conversation around giving yourself permission to shift your morning routine, repurpose your time and feel all the feels. Kris is a wellness empowerment coach who empowers high-achieving mamas to prioritize their health and wellness; building life-long healthy habits for their whole family. While our conversation focuses on motherhood and navigating working, teaching and mama'ing from home, it can still be applied to mamas and non mamas alike. To learn more about Kris Rice find her on instagram @deconstructinwellness and check out her freebie for our listeners at https://www.deconstructingwellness.com/rejuvenatedwomen If you enjoyed the show, please head over to iTunes to SUBSCRIBE and leave us a review. Each month I’ll select one lucky reviewer to receive a special “impeccable health sample kit” from me. Also, I don’t want to be working with you on your health only once or twice a week. I want to be in this conversation and in the trenches with you every single day. I invite you to join me in my private Facebook Group for high performing women ready to transform their health and lives called the Tribe of Rejuvenated Women. There you’ll have access to free trainings, a community of like minded women from around the world and even more information, inspiration and motivation to transform your health and become vibrant, energetic and on fire. Be sure to check out our website, follow us on Facebook and Linked In and Instagram.


22 Apr 2020

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Ep 14: Permissions Granted (feat. Kris Rice)

Real Talk | Real Change

We're continuing our series of checking in on businesswomen who have had their hectic lifestyles put on pause by the coronavirus quarantine. Kris Rice now gets to focus on her life changing healthy living project, Deconstructing Wellness, with her two kids front and center. We all know that moms are usually on the bottom rung as far as priorities go, and Kris is determined to empower women by giving them permission to focus on themselves. Elisha, Shannon, and Kris talk about the impact of daily routines - whether they serve you in these odd times, or whether it's been freeing to discard them - having open, candid conversations with kids, embracing our failures, and how to be mindful of thankfulness and privilege rather than let our boredom manifest in negative ways. It's inevitable that we're all gonna change during this, and it's up to us whether it's for the better, or the worse. How are you adapting to the world gone topsy turvy? We want you to check in with us, too!   Instagram @deconstructingwellness https://www.deconstructingwellness.com/realtalkrealchange Schedule a FREE 20 minute virtual health consultations: http://bit.ly/realtalkrealchange 


10 Apr 2020