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The Bible Says What!? Episode 121: A Game of Numbers with Rev. Dr. Craig Wright

The Bible Says What!?

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26 Sep 2021

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Numbers Man Dr. Craig Wright

Food Alchemy Network

 Dr. Craig  Wright explains about Numerology.  He provided some great numbers information for Life and Manifesting--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/foodalchemynetworkdrde/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/foodalchemynetworkdrde/support

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14 Sep 2021

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5 Year 5 Night With Rev. Dr Craig Wright….(Numerology)

political and spiritual

Rev. Dr. Craig E. Wright (craigewright.com)Dr. Craig Wright is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he studied religion and philosophy in his youth as a member of the Baltimore Ethical Society. He holds degrees in Psychology and Metaphysics. He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner.It was the tragic death of a friend in the summer of 1972 that prompted Craig to search for the meaning of life. This began his study of NUMEROLOGY. After many years of personal research, Craig went public in 1988. This was the year he met Rev. Hazell Cassell and was invited to be a guest on her radio program. Craig's presentation on Numerology generated so much excitement that people began to ask him to share his knowledge about this fascinating science. The momentum has continued to grow. Craig's services have been sought nationally and internationally. He has served as a resource to several Human Service Agencies by conducting seminars and workshops. He has a wide array of clientele who consult with him regularly on personal as well as business matters.

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6 Aug 2021

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Episode 43 - Craig Wright & League Round-Up Week Five

The Cricket Scotland Podcast

Rosy, Jake and Gary round up all the Regional and league action from the weekend, and speak to Scottish cricket legend Craig Wright about his return to the national set-up.


22 Jun 2021

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Chief Scientist - Dr Craig Wright (nChain)

The Careers Wiki

Welcome to the Careers Wiki! A new initiative by EntryLevel to bring more transparency to the workforce. How can you know what role you want to do without exploring it first? Here's a way to explore dozens of careers through the eyes of someone who has been there and done it. Here are some of the questions we cover: What does a day/week in your job look like? What are the units of work? What do you actually need to do as part of your role? What are the best parts of the job? What are the worst parts of the job? What kind of traits do successful people in this role have? Are qualifications necessary? Any advice for people looking to get into this role? Let us know what you think! If you want to learn more about what we do at EntryLevel and how we can help land your next job, visit our website: https://entrylevel.net


16 Jun 2021

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Dr. Craig Wright Metaphysical Practitioner| Numerologist

RISE Urban Nation

Connect with Dr.  Craig today and get the meaning of your numbers:Linktree: https://linktr.ee/IamDrCraigInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/numerology_services/Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/NumerologyServices


7 Jun 2021

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Bitcoin’s Inventor Serves Copyright Case in UK Court - Dr Craig Wright - Bitstocks Podcast Ep.45 Pt.2

Bitstocks Media

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) sits down with the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, aka, Dr Craig Wright for part 2 of this 2-part interview.   In part 1, Michael & Craig took a deep dive into a variety of topics, including global affairs, machine learning & quantum theories.⁠⁠  In the second part of the interview, Craig reveals more about his UK copyright infringement case & how he was not ‘forced’ into court at all. Following on from nChain conversations in part 1, Michael continues to ask Craig about how nChain collaborates with other businesses in the BSV space, their patents & ultimately trying to discover their intent as a business. It’s not long before this leads into the long-awaited conversation about Craig’s recent court battle with his Bitcoin copyright infringement case, which results in insight into how Craig sees the Bitcoin protocol.  As promised, the episode ends with Michael asking Craig questions from the community, taken from Bitstocks’ Twitter (@bitstocks_) callout a few days prior to filming the interview. The two, of course segway into a debate about Tesla vs Edison before wrapping up the conversation with a discussion about the journey of self-mastery.

1hr 9mins

20 May 2021

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Introducing Satoshi Nakamoto, The Creator of Bitcoin - Dr Craig Wright - Bitstocks Podcast Ep.45 Pt.1

Bitstocks Media

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) sits down with the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, aka, Dr Craig Wright.  This is the second time Dr Wright has been interviewed by Michael Hudson, with their first interview being back in 2018 where they controversially debated the hidden mathematics in Bitcoin.  In this highly anticipated follow up interview, the gents, in a more laid back setting, take a deep dive into a variety of topics, including global affairs, machine learning & quantum theories.⁠⁠  Michael probes Craig on whether he believes there is an intelligent orchestration of global affairs & his experience with such groups before the conversation takes a scientific & philosophical turn - of course! The pair end the conversation on Craig’s rocky temperament towards the BitcoinSV community.   In part 1 of this 2-part episode, we find out what Craig has been up to this past year, providing context before hearing about his UK court case & more about Bitcoin from the man himself in part 2. 

1hr 12mins

13 May 2021

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Craig Wright: Speaking as Satoshi

CoinGeek Conversations

It’s almost exactly ten years since Satoshi Nakamoto made his last regular appearance online – on April 23 2011. After that, there was only one more message, of just five words, a few years later. To commemorate the occasion, on this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, Charles Miller is joined by the man behind the pseudonym, Dr. Craig S. Wright.Between managing a full-time job at the Sydney accountancy firm BDO, finishing multiple degrees and traveling from the city to his farm, Craig found the time to write emails and post as Satoshi Nakamoto on the Cryptography Mailing List where he linked to the Bitcoin White Paper – allowing the mailing list members to be first to see it.Craig had doubts about Bitcoin even after its release, he admits: “I was rather uncertain whether it would work or not, to tell you the truth, I was not confident at all.”     The first and noteworthy reaction to the White Paper came from mailing list contributor James A. Donald who said that the problem with the idea was that Bitcoin would never be able to scale – a point that Craig has been busy refuting ever since.In trying to work out who was behind the Satoshi identity - all the more mysterious after he ‘disappeared’ in 2011 - several discussions focused on the way Satoshi writes. Charles points out that ‘Craig as Satoshi’ tends to write calmly. In contrast, he quotes Craig in a 2010 post writing as himself, in which he sounds decidedly agitated. Craig explains that he has many different writing styles appropriate for different contexts. The “Satoshi anoraks,” as Charles calls the amateur online investigators, have made all sorts of analyses - from the use of double spacing to the times of day or night that Satoshi posted.One observation was about Mike Hearn’s holiday greeting to Satoshi in which he said: “Happy Christmas Satoshi, assuming you celebrate it.” Satoshi didn’t respond to Hearn’s greeting. Charles asked whether that was deliberate or just an omission: “I don't hide that I'm Christian anymore, but I used to,” Craig said. “I found that it was rather problematic because of the attitudes of people in Silicon Valley in particular.”A conversation with Craig wouldn’t be complete without a mention of books, in this case, audio books. The two exchanged some laughs as Craig describes how his wife would have to put up with the sound of his audio books being played at high speed as they were in bed at night. “I live on audiobooks - the wife says it sounds like a bunch of chipmunks.”Join Charles Miller on this episode of CoinGeek Conversations to learn more about ‘the rise and fall of Satoshi Nakamoto’.


28 Apr 2021

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Craig Wright

HarperAcademic Calling

Michael Fynan speaks with Professor Craig Wright, author of THE HIDDEN HABITS OF GENIUS. Learn more: https://www.harperacademic.com/book/9780062892713/the-hidden-habits-of-genius.


31 Mar 2021