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John Marshall: Emmy Awards winner now helps orphans in India

Just Interesting People

John is a 9 time Emmy Awards winner who uses his creativity and storytelling skills to help orphan girls in India get an education. Here's how it all happened. John starts off by telling us about his time as a screenwriter in Hollywood. He explains to us about the behind the scenes of the job, writing scripts that never get filmed and winning 9 Emmy Awards. He then talks to us about the year his family spent in a small fishing village in Portugal. Shortly afterwards, John and his wife at the time were having marital problems so decided to go travelling with their teenage kids around the world whilst volunteering. This lead them to Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand and India among other places. They spent 6 months on the road, visited 8 countries... with a budget of $8 per person per day. He actually wrote a book - "Wide-Open World" - about this experience and did a TedX Talk too. We then talk about the benefits of travel and how in 2014 he ended up spending 6 months in an Indian orphanage. This experience changed his life and he decided he would now commit his time raising money for orphans. After spending many years with the girls in India, fundraising lots of money and helping as much as possible, John decided in 2019 to start his own organisation called Teach Her which helps girls in India go to college! He also encourages young girls in the USA to fundraise for an Indian girl's education which has been a great success. It's an incredible story of following your passion, taking risks, travelling the world and helping people along the way. It's interesting to see that all of his work experience script writing, story telling & film production then helped raise thousands of dollars for charities to help girls in need. It's such an inspiring conversation that proves if you want to do things in life, it is up to you to do it. Opportunities are out there, it's a matter of attitude and figuring what you want. Life is short, life is uncertain. So live it! If you enjoy listening to our podcast and would like to support us, check out our Buy Me a Coffee page: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jippodcast Our website: https://justinterestingpeople.com Follow John on Instagram: https://instagram.com/johngressmarshall https://www.instagram.com/sunsetselfies Follow TeachHer on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teachhertoday More about John: His book: http://johnmarshall.com/wide-open-world His TedX Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSQTijI8ejc His website: http://johnmarshall.com TeacherHer website: https://teachher.org Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justinterestingpeople https://www.instagram.com/rosieandre_com https://www.instagram.com/jeremieandre_fr

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27 Oct 2021

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The John Marshall Interview

The Jake Feinberg Show

Gifted percussionist and trap drummer talks about his musical adventures in a life of rhythm. 


23 Oct 2021

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In this episode, Mighty John Marshall - the record guy - discusses the value of vinyl records.

Larry Dowdy Mic Side

In this episode of Mic Side, Mighty John Marshall - the record guy - talks about the value of vinyl records and picture sleeves. Plus, what increases the value of vinyl? And who is more valuable Elvis or The Beatles?


23 Sep 2021

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John Marshall Newton

My life, my music

If you are interested in a really holistic approach to education, then my guest in this show is a breath of fresh air. How to engage our children in learning and growing at school is what John Marshall Newton is all about. He comes from America and brings a broad world-wide experience to Slovenia as the Director of the Ljubljana International School.


17 Sep 2021

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13. John Marshall - Bench Talk with Jo Hilditch

Bench Talk

John Marshall is the Mayor of Hereford’s Officer, City Marshal, driver and general factotum to the current mayor.  But more than this he is an historian, a brilliant raconteur and with the best knowledge of the city that you will ever find.  Although still with a Glasgow lilt, John has lived in Hereford for 50 years where he has done a number of jobs and had a number of different businesses. He and his wife suffered a very sad loss of their only son Dan to cancer five years ago which is always very present for John, but despite this he remains cheerful and positive – and is loved by many!The history of Hereford is much of his subject, the civic museum, and its history, the story of the Hereford Mayfair, the Siege of Hereford and the legend of Owen Tudor.  As you will hear Hereford is a truly ancient city, with an historic coat of arms and we even hear about the ghost that John encountered in the Civic Museum.Our bench today is in the mayor’s parlour in front of a ceremonial sword and four silver maces with one of the livery outfits being modelled behind.References:Hereford Civic Museum - https://herefordcitycouncil.gov.uk/hereford-citys-heritage-suite/ More about Owen Tudor - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owen_Tudor More about the Siege of Hereford  - https://htt.herefordshire.gov.uk/herefordshires-past/the-post-medieval-period/the-english-civil-war/hereford-under-siege/ Hereford Coat of Arms – https://herefordcitycouncil.gov.uk/coat-of-arms/ Hereford Cathedral – https://www.herefordcathedral.org The Left Bank - https://theleftbankvillage.co.uk Hereford Cider Museum - https://www.cidermuseum.co.uk Hereford Museum - https://www.visitherefordshire.co.uk/discover/hereford-museum-and-art-gallery 


13 Sep 2021

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John Marshall and the Supreme Court

Civics 101

John Marshall was the longest-serving Chief Justice in Supreme Court history. In today’s episode, we learn all about the man as well as the decisions that shaped the highest court in the land; from Marbury v Madison to McCullough v Maryland. This episode features the voices of Susan Siggelakis, Robert Strauss and Randolph Moss.


24 Aug 2021

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John Marshall - SACRIFICE - S3 E5

Eagle Hoss & Hound

John Marshall was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1801 till 1835.  He established the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government to bring checks and balances for the Legislative and Executive branches.  He employed his outstanding emotional intelligence and leadership to defend the Constitution which guarantees that "We The People" have the sovereign power to govern (as opposed to how Jefferson, Burr, Henry, and others of the Democratic party wanted "We the States" instead, being fixated on the false pretense of "States Rights" so they could own slaves).  Due to his Sacrifice during 34 years of running the Supreme Court staying in a boarding house with the other justices (while his family remained hours away in Richmond, VA) he oversaw 1200 cases to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals, he is considered a Hoss indeed! The Eagle Hoss & Hound podcast is a platform for respect. Respect for the Eagle - the individual with a service background (including spouses). Respect for the Hoss - the Social Integrity Hero from our American past. Plus, the Hound - the common #AmericanMutt - you and me. Follow @EagleIMBUED - J.D. Collier


5 Aug 2021

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John Marshall

Golf Conversations

Long-Drive Champion and Instructor John Marshall explains the Mike Austin "Big Bopper" swing.


15 Jul 2021

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See It to Be It : Mindfulness Coach (w/ John Marshall)

Living Corporate

Amy C. Waninger welcomes mindfulness coach John Marshall to the show this week on See It to Be It. John is the founder of Humessence, a mindful life & career coaching platform, whose mission is to bring the human essence back to modern business by producing present professionals. Check the links in the show notes to connect with John!You can connect with John on LinkedIn and Instagram.https://bit.ly/36yHpDMhttps://bit.ly/36xbFiwCheck out the Humessence website.https://bit.ly/2UMX3sQInterested in supporting Living Corporate? Check out our Support page.https://bit.ly/3egO3DkLearn more about Lead at Any Level.http://bit.ly/2lPvOMM


14 Jul 2021

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S4 E12- Reimagining Schools with Equity in Mind featuring Dr. John Marshall

Be The Leader You Deserve

In this episode, we discussed equity considerations for all students as we plan to reimagine school. This episode featured Dr. John Marshall, Chief Equity Officer of Diversity, Equity, and Poverty in Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Kentucky.  Disclaimer: technology issues made some of this audio a little inaudible at times. The questions we asked were the most difficult to understand. So, we've listed them below to try and help. We apologize for the technology error! As leaders begin to reimagine schools what are some of the first things they need to think about or do as it relates to equity? How do we make sure systems and structures are equitable for all students? What are some things you see leaders doing that they think are supporting students of color but in actuality are further marginalizing students of color? We know how important it is to talk about race with staff and students.  We also know that it can be hard to know where to start, especially as a white administrator.  What advice do you have for building leaders to support their staff in this task?  What advice do you have for teachers to support their students with this task? We recently talked with Heather Warrell, who was a previous guest, and she used the terms bold and unapologetic when discussing the moral imperative of reimagining schools. She told us she was inspired by your continuous use of these terms. Talk to us a little bit about what these terms mean to you and why fearless leadership is so important as the Chief Equity Officer. As leaders continue their work with equity, what are some of your favorite resources? Knowing what you know now as Chief Equity Officer, what advice would you give John Marshall as a new leader? What are three words that others who know you would use to describe you?


25 Jun 2021