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Episode 53: An American Making Waves In Southeast Asia a chat w/ Jonny Campbell

In the 11 with Brendan Griffiths

Episode 53: An American Making Waves In Southeast Asia a chat w/ Jonny CampbellWelcome to the 53rd episode of the In The 11 Podcast! Today, Brendan Griffiths is joined by Jonny Campbell where he shares how football allowed him to experience playing in South East Asia which Johnny did not even plan on before. Raised in Tennessee and going to East Tennessee State University, he never really expected to be playing on the other side of the world, so far from home, especially when he was able to keep in close proximity with his friends and family during college. Johnny talks about how he was able to build up his career despite being in not-so-optimal situations for a budding professional player and later on got into teams that are way different from his home. He shares more about his experiences in Cambodia and other countries on this episode so stay tuned!Building a Jonny Campbell: Jonny shared a lot about his career after college. Being the only one who got into a team after college, he was in an environment that could have used some leverage. He also shared about how some of the teams that he went through training with were not that solid of a career path due to different circumstances. That said, Jonny definitely had a lot to share about how he maintained his composure and still moved forward in his career and lo and behold, even got into playing in Cambodia amongst other countries as well in Southeast Asia. A career in Southeast Asia:Jonny actually got to Southeast Asia with a connection that invited him over to play in Thailand. The universal language in football helped him get by on the field but the language barrier for his daily life would have been more difficult had he not experienced being in Spain before. He learned about the technical prowess of most Asian players that makes up a lot of the physical difference from western players generally. About Jhnny Campbell:After his senior season with ETSU in 2013, Campbell started playing for the Philadelphia Fury, who compete in the ASL. In 2014, he signed his first professional contract and made his debut in September with the Fury. He decided to pursue a move into the USL in 2015. He started the year in preseason training with Seattle Sounders FC 2 (S2), but later in the year signed a contract with Charlotte Independence. Johnny joined PKR Svay Rieng which clinched the title for Metfone Cambodian League in 2019. The team then recorded 25 games unbeaten which is a record for Cambodian football.~Outline of the Episode: [01:49] Jonny’s background before Southeast Asia[04:41] How college jumpstarted his professional career[07:09] The learning process after college[17:57] Maintaining the focus despite the doubts[23:14] Jonny’s experiences on his first season  [26:17] Moving on from Charlotte and starting out in Asia[29:57] Playing in Thailand in an attacking position[34:45] Unique differences between Thailand and US[38:42] The jump from Thailand to Cambodia[41:43] What makes Southeast Asian football culture unique [46:00] The trials of being in a smaller club[52:31] What’s next for Jonny And many more! ~Connect with In the 11 Podcast!Follow the Show:https://linktr.ee/inthe11Subscribe to the Show on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTIKaXh28XlDY-NaJEuCPJwEmail the show: inthe11pod@gmail.comCheck out Ship It Studios!https://www.shipitstudios.com/Mentioned in this episode:MANSCAPEDShop Now at: https://www.manscaped.com/ Use Code: Eleven At checkout to get 20% off your order and free worldwide shipping!

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21 Feb 2022

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Jonny Campbell and Gareth Maclean discuss faith and life.

How to build a creative business

As creatives we have an opportunity to own the day to day tasks and thoughts we have. This stretches into how we act, the way our personal brand is classified and viewed by others and, in how we approach new opportunities. So, it is not new for me to share with you that I have faith and in many ways throughout my own day I rely on faith and my friendship/relationship with God to help me navigate that. Gareth is a Pastor in Orangefield Presbyterian church and Jonny works for The Alpha course. They had me on their podcast ‘ Greenways’ recently and I invited them onto mine because discussion was so good. We joked about them not being “preachy” on my creative podcast but to be honest I am thrilled that they shared their honest stories of faith in life and work as well as pieces of scripture that I know you can hold onto to enrich your soul. Enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it.


4 May 2021

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#11 - Jonny Campbell - How on earth do you become a Radio Presenter?

The Development by David Podcast

On today’s episode, I welcome walking talking ball of charisma and radio presenter Jonny Campbell to the podcast. You might recognise Jonny (or his voice) from WESTFM Sundays if you’re Ayrshire based. You might also recognise him as JOBBY - as this how he often accidentally signs off his emails. Have you ever wondered how the heck you even get on the radio? What makes a good presenter? What is the WORST mistake you could make on air? How the call in system works? Expect to learn as Jonny TELLS ALL. This episode was a WHOLE LOTTA fun. We had a great laugh -  it is a much slower paced conversation. That being said – there are some major overarching points of self-development laced throughout. I hope you enjoy this one and we welcome any feedback! You know where to get us. Thanks JOBBY aka Jonny for stopping by. Jonny on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jonnyonair Me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/developmentbydavid/ The PODCAST is sponsored by @DRINKFUD energy drink. USE code "DbyD30" at checkout for 30% off your order. Podcast Artwork https://www.instagram.com/lewisgraphicdesigner/

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13 Feb 2021

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Signs and Wonders Will Follow - Jonny Campbell

Journey Church CB Sunday Past Cast

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to his believers that they would do what they saw Jesus do and even greater things (among other reasons).  Part of that, the scriptures say, is signs and wonders, healings, casting out demons, are meant to be an experience we participate in as we walk by the spirit.  Jonny shows us in the word and with personal testimony that God is still in the business of healing and delivering in order to reveal the power and grace of Jesus in the life of believers and to those who will believe the Gospel. 


18 Jan 2021

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Becoming a Disciple: Repentance - Jonny Campbell

Journey Church CB Sunday Past Cast

In our Series on Becoming a Disciple, Jonny takes us through what repentance in action looks. Repentance isn't and idea but an action word and requires us to turn to God, confess and move ahead in step with him.  


1 Dec 2020

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Day in the Life of a Professional Footballer in Cambodia-Jonny Campbell Ep.49

How to Become a Professional Footballer

Jonny Campbell is a 28-year old Centerback originally from Johnson City, Tennessee who is currently playing for professional side Preah Khan Reach in Cambodia. Jonny played college soccer for 4 years at Eastern Tennessee State University before signing his first professional contract with the Philadephia Fury in 2014, who compete in the American Soccer League. After playing some games for the Fury, he made a move to play in the USL for the Charlotte Independence, before making another switch to FC Miami City. While in Miami, he got a call from a friend who wanted to try to make a career in Asia. Without hesitation, Jonny agreed to go with his friend and started to work on making his name in Asia in 2017 with Thai Third Division club Chachoengsao Hi-Tek F.C. After a great season with them, he had opportunities with 2nd league clubs in Thailand, but his biggest interest was in Cambodia in the first league. After meeting the coach of his former club (Phnom Penh Crown FC) on a Visa Run to Cambodia, he ended up signing with them. After another great season, he made a move to his current club Preah Khan Reach. This story is really an interesting and fascinating journey. If you have questions for Jonny, you can reach out to him on Instagram @jonnycampbell99. Enjoy the episode!

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1 Apr 2020

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Psalm 23 - Jonny Campbell

Summer Madness Psalm Days

Jonny, 30, lives with his wife Naomi in either 'the Braniel' or 'the Castlereagh Hills' depending on who's asking. He leads Alpha Northern Ireland for the Alpha UK team and is at Orangefield Presbyterian. He is enjoying watching the greatest Liverpool team of his lifetime and in the Alpha world he is widely considered a fashion icon. He recommends this Jeremy Riddle version of Ps23 for a fresh musical cover of these treasured verses.


2 Mar 2020

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By Still Waters - Jonny Campbell

Journey Church CB Sunday Past Cast

Jon Campbell giving us a solid run through of Psalm 23 reminding us that where ever we find ourselves in life, Jesus will give us the faith to know he's there with us, leading us on to greater degrees of glory in him.  


30 Dec 2019

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Alpha - Jonny Campbell

Strandtown Baptist Church, Belfast


17 Sep 2019

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Get a Higher Perspective - Jonny Campbell

Journey Church CB Sunday Past Cast

Trouble is coming, Jesus warned us.  But he also taught us and empowered us by the word and by the spirit how to get through the troubles.  Some people problems, some see solutions.  Apostolic people move the kingdom of heaven forward by perpetually pursuing God's perspective and proceeding with his solutions to difficulty circumstances.  This begins with how we speak, our heart and actions will follow the truth we proclaim and the world around us is changed by it. 


8 Jul 2019