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Episode 39: Ladan Jiracek - Neural Implant Podcast (Part 2)

Neura Pod: Learning about Neuralink

Ryan chats with Ladan Jiracek, host of the Neural Implant podcast. (Part 2).--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/neura-pod/support


27 Apr 2021

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Episode 38: Ladan Jiracek talks Neuralink - Host of the Neural Implant Podcast

Neura Pod: Learning about Neuralink

Ryan chats with Ladan Jiracek, host of the Neural Implant podcast--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/neura-pod/support


24 Apr 2021

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Ladan Jiracek | The Hero Returns With the Treasure | When Travelers Settle Down

The Derek Loudermilk Show

Today’sguest on the Art of Adventure podcast is a friend and fellow travel podcaster, LadanJiracek. Ladan hosts the long-time podcast, Travel Wisdom, which brings inguests and discusses how travelling makes you wiser. He has been to more than ahundred countries and we met in some of these. We started our podcasts in aboutthe same time, and in our shows, we interview guests as we learn about theiradventures. This time, Ladan and I decided to interview each other. Inthe first episode from this series, we catch up and give updates on each other’slives. Ladan is a laboratory technician in the University of Florida and currentlytaking up his Ph.D. He is also the creator of the Neural Implant Podcast, whereinpeople from different fields share about the topics and breakthroughs in the fieldof brain implants. As he says it, discovery and research are parts of what he mustdo in order to stay sane!Ladanand I have traded courses together, lived together, and travelled together.Now, he is slowing down his travelling. We decided to have this hero’s journeyepisode and share the reasons why we are slowing down on travelling and thelessons we learned along the way.  Whatyou’ll learn in this episode:Howand why we decided on taking up our Ph.D.’sWhatLadan’s current project is aboutWhatLadan’s realizations are after years of travelThesimilar interests Ladan and I shareAdiscussion on past lives, dreams, and the subconsciousQuotes:"I will believe anything you say you have done" - Me to LadanContinuethe Adventure:Travel Wisdom PodcastFacebookTwitterDerek and Ladan in Bali - Our 4th Country!

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26 Jan 2020

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ET039 - Behind the Scenes with Travel Wisdom Podcast Host, Ladan Jiracek

e-travels with e. trules

Ladan Jiracek, host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast, is my Behind the Scenes guest today because… I just love the question that his podcast poses: “Can travel be more than just a fun thing to do? Can it also provide a learning experiences for later in life?” Ladan believes it can be, and that’s why he’s traveled to over 100 countries... hoping to plant the seeds of wisdom from faraway lands in the hearts and minds of his listeners. http://erictrules.com/episode39


10 Aug 2018

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Ladan Jiracek is a Polyglot and host of Travel Wisdom


Ladan Jiracek is a polyglot who has travelled to over 100 countries and spent years living out of his backpack. He now works with and studies brain implants. Ladan also hosts two podcasts - Travel Wisdom and the Neural Implant Podcast.  We cover a lot of ground from his background, to language skills, to moral considerations of brain implants and surgery. Check out Ladan's podcasts at Apple Podcasts Neural Implant Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/neural-implant-podcast-people-behind-brain-machine/id1225709429?mt=2 Travel Wisdom: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/travel-wisdom-podcast-travel-learn-languages-for-success/id911287989?mt=2 Ladan's social links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travelwisdompodcast/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ladanwisdom And don’t forget to support the podcast by subscribing, reviewing, and sharing.  —> Review Unstructured Unstructured Links: Web: https://unstructuredpod.com/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/unstructuredp Twitter: https://twitter.com/unstructuredp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unstructuredp/

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25 May 2018

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Travel Wisdom From 100 Countries With Ladan Jiracek

Zero To Travel Podcast

Are you ready for some Ladan travel wisdom? My guest today is a multi-passionate wanderer, polyglot, and host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast.  He brings his experience from travel in over 100 countries..... Please welcome Ladan Jiracek to the show! Today you'll hear a mix of topics including: How to go to college in Europe for 50x less than it costs to go in the states The advantages and disadvantages of solo travel The definition of wisdom and how that relates to travel Tips on meeting locals when you travel 3 best pieces of advice for someone who wants to visit 100 or more countries Benefits of learning a language for travelersTune In To Learn: One of the most underrated skills for traveling How to create a whole new identity and way of thinking Ways to go deeper into a country How to use travel as a vehicle for learning Why everyone should travel How to take the power back (in life and travel) And so much moreResources: Pimsleur Learning- free 7 day trial (for those based in the USA) Skyscanner Memrise Duolingo Teach Yourself italki Hospitality Club Couchsurfing Travel Wisdom Podcast Meetup Helpx Workaway Be sure to check out the archives now for more Zero To Travel Podcasts.

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28 Nov 2017

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S4E4: Ladan Jiracek - ‘Cheating Death and Hitchhiking Africa’

Backpack Digital

Culture is one of the first things you might notice while you travel. While culture shock is a sizable and impactful thing, experiencing other cultures is vital to travel and vital to humanity as a whole. Learning about culture while traveling can help you learn about those that you share the world with, as well as learning more about yourself. Ladan Jiracek visits this week from his own podcast, the Travel Wisdom podcast. He has been to over ninety countries and loves to think about how travel can be a chance to learn. He and Hayden discuss how to learn from travel and how to find purpose and meaning from your adventures while traveling.  They also have an in-depth talk about how important it can be to learn a language while traveling. Ladan also mentions that relationship cultures are among the most drastic differences he has found internationally. The two of them agree that exploring cultures outside of one’s own society is vital. Ladan also shares what he believes has been holding people back from traveling, while Hayden brings up the topic of podcasts and their impact on the travel world. They talk about one-upping, travel as a learning experience, the impact of certain countries, and their thoughts on marriage and children.  Ladan discusses his time in Georgia, as well. “Cheating Death and Hitchhiking Africa,” Ladan’s tale of how difficult it can be to get from point A to point B, is full of conflict and twists. One summer, Ladan and his friends decided to hitchhike across Africa, and one thing after another started to go wrong while they were crossing the desert on a twelve-hour road trip into Somalia. Without water and with far too much sand, Ladan remembers vividly how journeying to Somalia was wrought with strife and amusing troubles. Culture is the most vital part of national identity. It is the root of language, of tradition, and of daily life in communities all around the world. Getting to know the cultures around you, and the cultures around the world, can drastically affect not only you as a traveler, but you as a person, as well.  0:55 - Hayden introduces Ladan Jiracek, who hosts the Travel Wisdom podcast, has been to over ninety countries, and loves to think about how travel can be a chance to learn. Ladan discusses how to find the purpose and the meaning behind your travels, as well as how important learning a language can be when traveling.  5:08 - Hayden and Ladan discuss exploring outside of their own societies, and how relationship cultures differ from place to place. Hayden asks Ladan what he has found around the world that he preferred to his own culture.  10:33 - Ladan talks about what he thinks holds people back from traveling. Hayden mentions how podcasts and the dissemination of information can provide a well-rounded perspective on travel and on the world.  13:30 - Ladan starts to tell his story, “Cheating Death and Hitchhiking Africa,” his go-to travel story. During the summer semester, Ladan hitchhiked across Africa, and found himself hunched over in a caravan to Somalia. Partway through the trip, they got stuck in the sand, and nobody had water. Get in Touch with Hayden on Instagram: @backpackdigital


19 Dec 2016

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29: Health Travel Tips for Entrepreneurs with Ladan Jiracek

Conscious Millionaire Health

Ladan  has travelled to over 80 countries and have had to cope with local food which was sometimes either unpalatable or completely outside of his dietary preferences. Learn some nuggets of wisdom to help with this. Join today’s guest, Ladan and discover how to achieve optimum health and fitness as a busy entrepreneur. The first Health Reality Show Podcast that combines video blogs and expert podcast interviews with the reality show journey of host, J V Crum III losing 100 pounds and audience members who participate in 30 Day Challenges to reach their health and fitness goals. Visit our blog to view JV’s video blogs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


11 Sep 2015

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Ladan Jiracek: Host of Travel Wisdom Podcast

What's The Word?

Ladan Jiracek is the host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast, a show that encourages people to travel the world and embrace different cultures.He interviews bestselling authors, scientists, successful business people, dating experts, travel junkies, polyglots (people who speak more than 3 languages), etc.He has traveled to over 80 countries, did an internship in Berlin, Germany and is now living in India.Website: www.travelwisdompodcast.comTwitter: @ladanwisdom


28 Jul 2015

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207: Ladan Jiracek: Secrets to Increase Your Entrepreneurial Success Through Travel

Conscious Millionaire Show

Ladan believes that  travelling can help speed up the rate that you accumulate wisdom, which can lead to success later in life. Travel can be more than an indulgence, it can be useful for your life path. He also hosts the Travel Wisdom podcast.   Inside this FREE “First Millionaire Manifesto”, J V reveals the seven steps to seven figures and how to put more money in the bank, enjoy a richly rewarding life, and make a big difference.  Subscribe in ITunes Like this Podcast? Help spread the word. Subscribing and leaving a review helps other business owners and entrepreneurs find our podcast…and make their big difference. They will thank you for it.   Watch this FREE Video to discover the Secrets to getting in your zone, achieving fast results, and building a high-profit conscious business.  Conscious Millionaire Podcast: On his free podcast, Monday through Friday, J V interviews top successful entrepreneurs and business owners who reveal their business solutions and business opportunities on topics such as: conscious business, social entrepreneurship, business online marketing, internet business solutions, internet marketing, team building and culture, goal setting, how to become a wealthy entrepreneur, and developing a high-profit business plan that will change lives and the world.    


18 Jun 2015