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Comedian Luka Muller is joined by a 15 year old witch, Thea Bali (Gillian Cosgriff) and Grelga Schwartz who invented punching in the 1930s (Brianna Williams) to do the quiz from The Saturday Paper.

Wax Quizzical

Kyran Wheatley and comedian Luka Muller are joined by a 15 year old witch, Thea Bali (Gillian Cosgriff) and Grelga Schwartz who invented punching in the 1930s (Brianna Williams) to do the quiz from The Saturday Paper.Where will they fit on the leaderboard:Vidya Rajan 8/10Geraldine Hickey 8/10Annie Louey 7/10Woodes 7/10Zoe Coombs Marr 6/10Michael Hing 6/10Josh Earl 6/10Alexei Toliopoulos 6/10Nath Valvo 6/10Jess Perkins 6/10Miranda Tapsell 5.5/10Dave Thornton 5/10Danielle Walker 5/10Nick Cody 5/10Kirsty Webeck 5/10Luke McGregor 4.5/10Georgia Mooney 4/10Rhys Nicholson 4/10Rhys Nicholson 3/10Daniel Connell 3/10Nazeem Hussain 3/10Brodi Snook 3/10Alex Ward 2/10Rhys Nicholson 4/10Matt Stewart 7/10Snorty Dog 6/10 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


25 Jan 2021

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MAA #100: With Gillian Cosgriff

Mental As Anyone

Interview with the delightful Gillian Cosgriff, who has been performing comedy for 10 years. Gill has recently been performing in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, although the show is currently on lockdown hiatus. Gill has a background in cabaret, comedy, and music theatre.   We discuss: writing songs on planes, the vacuum analogy of lockdown, the challenge of having big gaps in between work, tying her identity to her occupation, the philosophy of “a bad day is a good story”, reharnessing your own narrative through comedy, knowing the ingredients to the recipe for self-care in tough times but not doing them out of worry she will not feel better, lockdown affording her the time and space for self-care, the twilight zone of waiting for Covid test results, appreciating the slower pace of lockdown, the shock of the first 2 weeks of Melbourne lockdown in March 2020, the good fortune of being able to find work, being “show fit” and becoming a genuine fan of exercise, the rollercoaster of lockdown and anticipation of Stage 4, the high expectations of the first lockdown, living with uncertainty and the extremes of emotions, the "What If" thoughts about Covid, tour life being preparation for lockdown, creative online social activities, the mental health benefits of pets, self-care and putting on your own mask before helping someone else, the simple pleasure of making a great cup of tea and having the time to drink it, the importance of not making your (theatre) job your whole life, the heartening hope that shows will return to Victoria, the emotional response of bargaining and wishing we had tougher restrictions earlier on, and the power of hindsight, lockdown fatigue, the class inequalities highlighted by the pandemic, fatigue from the news cycle, the security of being able to proactively seek therapy when engaged in full-time work, the benefits of CBT and thought-cataloguing to help maintain perspective, Gill’s super power, and Gill’s message to be kind, follow the rules and enjoy some sunshine.


8 Aug 2020

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Godspell (with Gillian Cosgriff)

Every Musical Ever

Visit the Every Musical Ever Patreon page for more exclusive content Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Email the show with your comments / feedback: everymusicalpod@gmail.com Visit the Every Musical Ever website ****** Follow Richard Carroll on Twitter and Instagram or visit his website Follow Gillian Cosgriff on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or visit her website. ***** ID Know Yourself is an Aboriginal-led not-for-profit mentoring organization that supports Aboriginal young people in out-of-home care, and those who have contact with the juvenile justice system. ID Know Yourself aims to establish belonging, discover purpose and empower positive choices. Visit their website to learn more or make a tax-deductible donation. ***** Every Musical Ever is recorded primarily on Gadigal land, and from time to time on the land of other Aboriginal peoples across the place we now call Australia. This land was never ceded by its traditional custodians, but was taken through violence, criminality, and other human rights abuses of the worst kind. The atrocities of colonialism are an unresolved injustice in need of redress. We support the goals of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and call for the urgent implementation of the reforms it sets out as a starting point for the reparation of wrongs done to First Nations people, both historically and through to the present day. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land. ******** Theme music composed and performed by Brent Hill Alternative versions performed by Sheridan Harbridge Artwork by Mils Achi Introduction, content warning and outroduction read by Leo Campbell Supported by City of Sydney Copyright One Eyed Man Productions 2020


26 Jul 2020

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201 - Justin Hamilton, Kirsty Webeck, Gillian Cosgriff and Jude Perl

Don't You Know Who I Am? Hosted by Josh Earl

Justin Hamilton, Kirsty Webeck, Gillian Cosgriff and Jude Perl find out who is a fan of Deep Heat, what happened at the last wedding Jude went to and why Kirsty was rushed to hospital.Get tickets to this weekends live stream, Saturday the 18th at 430pm AEST, only $10 at joshearl.com.auPlus support the show on Patreon at patreon.com/DYKWIA for a whole bunch of bonus contentSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 9mins

15 Apr 2020

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168 - Lehmo, Sonia di Iorio, Sami Shah, Gillian Cosgriff

Don't You Know Who I Am? Hosted by Josh Earl

Lehmo, Sonia Di Iorio, Sami Shah, Gillian Cosgriff find out who shares their name with a porn actor, how Sami lost his virginity and why the King of Sweden was watching one of the guests perform. Support the podcast by becoming a Patreon subscriber at www.patreon.com/DYKWIAAnd if you're in Melbourne come along to one of the 7 live podcasts at The Catfish starting Nov 3. Tickets only $15 at www.joshearl.com.au/gigsSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


14 Aug 2019

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Music and Comedy with Gillian Cosgriff

I'm Not Joking

They often say laughter is the best medicine, but so is music. Gillian Cosgriff is a singer, songwriter, musician, and comedian. She graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in 2010 with a Bachelor of Music Theatre and went on to write her first solo show, Waitressing…and Other Things I Do Well, which debuted at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Television credits include Offspring, House Husbands, Fat Tony & Co., Ricketts Lane, and Get Krackin’. She was a backing vocalist for Kate Miller-Heidke’s 2012 album Nightflight and her theatre credits include The Pirates of Penzance (The Production Company), A 3-Handed Mikado with Colin Lane (Lano and Woodley) and David Collins (The Umbilical Brothers), Loving Repeating (Vic Theatre Company), Company (Watch This), and Vivid White (Melbourne Theatre Company). Her solo shows have garnered rave reviews and toured nationally, winning Best Cabaret Melbourne Fringe and a Green Room Award for Original Songs.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the I’m Not Joking community today: petermcgraw,.org Peter McGraw Twitter Peter McGraw LinkedIn


30 May 2018

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92 - Tegan Higginbotham, Gillian Cosgriff, Adam McKenzie and Liam Ryan

Don't You Know Who I Am? Hosted by Josh Earl

92 - Tegan Higginbotham, Gillian Cosgriff, Adam McKenzie and Liam Ryan. In this episode the members of Watson (and Gillian) find out who has never eaten a strawberry, what Liam was doing in his parents "special bathroom" and how Gillian got fired from a Juice Bar. Also live shows on sale in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Go to joshearl.com.au See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 2mins

15 Feb 2018

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Gillian Cosgriff

LOL Radio

Gillian talks about her 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show


1 Mar 2017

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#22 - Gillian Cosgriff (part 2)

Bang on the Strillers

Part 2 of my conversation with Gillian Cosgriff which, I am slightly chastened to admit, was recorded a full year ago (21 December 2015). She was still writing To The Moon And Back, a show which is now award-nominated, and it turns out we're both book nerds - TO THE EXTREME. Also discuss procrastinating, Quentin Tarantino, robots and the film Gravity; it's a good old nuts and bolts cabaret chat! Bonus content: during recording I was embroiled in a Facebook argument with some random angry person regarding Nabokov's Lolita (one of my favourite books, and one I have studied and read many, many times). Cosgriff is an excellent voice of reason, but never underestimate how stubborn I can be. Listen in to hear this play out in real time...silly Quinn...

1hr 4mins

23 Dec 2016

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#8 - Gillian Cosgriff (part 1)

Bang on the Strillers

Part 1 of my conversation (aka The Cabaret Book Club) with Melbourne-based singer-songwriter (and actor, comedian, etc. - grossly overachieving) Gillian Cosgriff. She's from Brisbane, she studied in Perth but she lives here in Melbourne (so there, Queensland and WA), Cosgriff is a much sought after performer, writer and actor, and award-winning to boot. She spent a solid six months on the road with Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow (I'm really jealous) and she has a laugh like Sid James. She's also very well cultured, so we sat next to my bookshelf and basically unpicked all sorts of topics, from women's stories on television, perspectives in literature, how neither of us have read Tolstoy and the pathetic reason why, what responsibility the artist has to the audience in terms of what the viewer infers versus the artist's intent, how grace through self-realisation and repentance seems to be increasingly rare, weird 1980s Disney releases and Rhett Butler's genitals. A good episode for people who like both lively debate about artistic expression/writing and cock jokes.  Photograph of Gillian Cosgriff by Lachlan Woods.


4 Feb 2016