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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ali Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ali Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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19 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ali Smith. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ali Smith, often where they are interviewed.

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Linn Ullmann talks to Ali Smith about her seasonal quartet, about hope and despair, language and form, Shakespeare and writing companions, and about why migration is the story of our time. Plus we get a very first sneak peek into the forthcoming Summer.

Music by Kingocito and Sandra Kolstad. Artwork by Julius Vidarsønn Langhoff.

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Jun 26 2020

1hr 3mins


Review: Autumn by Ali Smith

Kez's Bookshelf
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A review of Ali Smith’s amazing novel Autumn which completely took me back to the summer of 2016 and so cleverly creates a surreal and other-wordly atmosphere. Listen for a breakdown of what is done so well in this book, and a discussion of everything from Brexit and the Profumo affair to synesthesia and life admin. 

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 Penguin interview with Ali Smith by Eric Karl Anderson:

 Profumo Affair on Encyclopedia Britannica:

 Guardian interview with Ali Smith by Claire Armistead:

 Further reading:

 Los Angeles Review of Books interview with Ali Smith by Amy E. Elkins

 Cari Romm writes about Time-Space Synesthesia for the Cut:

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May 28 2020



Ali Smith of joins us to talk about their products in trademark

Just Wanna Quilt
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Read more is part of the Compumark family. They have created a lower cost tool for registering your trademark, and we talk about it with Ali Smith. Note: I do have some reservations about this product and products like this, but this is a good one if you decide to go this direction. Go to

Feb 12 2020



Retelling Pericles with Ali Smith and Mark Haddon

The Book Show
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The two British authors have used elements of Shakespeare's tale in their latest novel. Christos Tsiolkas has chosen a different source: St Paul.

Jan 12 2020



Pauline Boty with Ali Smith / The Making of a Pioneer

TOAST Podcast
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You can see Pauline Boty’s self-portrait on display in Room 31 at the National Portrait Gallery. A striking work of stained glass, it is an early piece from what would be a short career. Though she died at the age of just 28, in her brief, vibrant life she made a wonderfully varied contribution to the world of British pop art and culture. After decades in the shadows, Boty has recently been rightfully placed among the masters of the movement, from Peter Blake to Richard Hamilton.

Laura Barton meets the writer Ali Smith in front of Boty’s portrait, where she is joined by the curator Lucy Dahlsen. Smith’s book Autumn helped ignite a new appreciation and love for Boty’s work — its intelligence, mischief, feminist stance, and distillation of 1960s London. As Smith says, “when you are anywhere near her work in the flesh you feel the life, you feel the energy.”

This podcast is a collaboration between TOAST and the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Oct 24 2019



Holistic Life Foundation with Ali Smith

LOLA Community
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Today we talk about this amazing organization and the work they have been doing in Baltimore and now across the world.

Ali shares the creation story for Holistic Life Foundation and practical tips for those who want to share these teachings and serve humanity. Enjoy! 

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Jun 06 2019



Ep 64: Spring by Ali Smith

Books On The Go
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Anna and Amanda discuss the Pulitzer Prize fiction winner, The Overstory by Richard Powers.  And Anna gives her predictions for the Women's Prize Shortlist, to be announced on 29 April.

Our book of the week is Spring by Ali Smith.  The third in her seasonal quartet, it weaves together the stories of a TV director and a prison guard with Katherine Mansfield, Rilke, and Shakespeare's Pericles.  Only Ali Smith could manage this in an unpretentious way: it's a fun, witty read that made us think. Described as "timeless" (The Independent) and "luminous and generous" (The Guardian), this comes highly recommended.

Next week, Anna and Annie will be reading Flames by Robbie Arnott with special guest Shawn Mooney.  

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Artwork: Sascha Wilcosz

Apr 29 2019



Ali Smith, Easter Eggs in fiction and Cate Blanchett's books to live by

Books and Authors
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Ali Smith on her new novel, Spring, Easter Eggs in fiction and books to live by

Apr 21 2019



Ali Smith, Executive Director, Holistic Life Foundation

Finding Mastery
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Ali Smith co-founded the Holistic Life Foundation in 2001, where he currently serves as Executive Director.

He has over 15 years of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness to diverse populations.

Through his work at the Holistic Life Foundation he has helped develop and pilot yoga and mindfulness programs at public and private schools, drug treatment centers, juvenile detention centers, mental crisis facilities, and retreat centers, nationally and internationally.

In this conversation we discuss how they got schools to buy into their mission, the way in which they’ve made a big impact in many kids lives, and Ali provides some concrete examples of what his mindfulness practice entails.

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Apr 11 2018



A new short story by Ali Smith, read by Olivia Williams

Culture Call
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In a festive special episode, the actor Olivia Williams reads 'I Heard it on Classic FN', a new short story by Ali Smith, author of the novels How To Be Both, Autumn and Winter. The story was commissioned by FT Weekend; you can read it at Everything Else returns in January.

"Maybe because they could hear the Beach Boys greatest hits playlist. We were playing it because Bel had insisted. It's not winter. It's summer.

It was winter, obviously. But all through Christmas she'd been playing the new game she'd invented, which she called Classic FN. (The F and the N stood for the words fake and news.) You played this game simply by claiming that something that was true wasn't true. You said the false thing as if it was true, then you added the words I heard it on Classic FN, or just said Classic FN at the end of whatever your statement was, like that fashion that people had of adding the word not after something they'd said. I'm so looking forward to spending all of Christmas with you. Not."

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Dec 29 2017