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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Claudia Jones. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Claudia Jones, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Claudia Jones. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Claudia Jones, often where they are interviewed.

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The Political Life of Claudia Jones (ft. Prof. Carole Boyce Davies)

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Launching series 4, I am joined by distinguished professor Carole Boyce Davies to reflect on the political life and legacy of Claudia Jones. We discuss Jones' entry into political activism, her ideas on 'triple oppression' and her transnational impact.  

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Check out Professor Carole Boyce Davies' books: 'Left of Karl Marx' & 'Beyond Containment'


Host, Writer & Producer: Bryan Knight  

Twitter: @BryanKnight_  

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Instagram: @TellAFriendPod  

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Oct 04 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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S1 Ep2 in[visible] Women - Claudia Jones

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As we enter September, we leave the summer months behind and ordinarily we would close the season with Europe’s biggest ‘street party’- The Notting Hill Carnival. The global pandemic has meant that for the first time in its entire history, Carnival did not take place this year. Whilst many enjoyed the online option and other Bank Holiday festivities, many took some time to reflect on the origins of Carnival. We dedicate this week’s episode to Claudia Jones the founder of Notting Hill Carnival. We reflect on what it means to bring a vision to life and the joy of having the freedom to bask in your culture without being policed.

Sep 12 2020 · 46mins

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The Life of a Black Woman Radical: Claudia Jones

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The Specter speaks with Jaimee Swift, founder of Black Women Radicals, about the life of Black Communist, Claudia Jones. Jones was an immigrant from the British West Indies (now known as Trinidad), and spent most of her youth and adult life in Harlem, New York. She joined the Young Communist League at the age of 19 during the Scottsboro Case and went on to become a leader in the Communist Party, USA. As the executive secretary for the CPUSA’s women’s commission, Jones quickly became an astounding writer, journalist and also theoretician for the Party—known widely for her work in “An End to the Neglect of the Problems of Negro Women.” She was eventually tried and imprisoned under the fascist McCarthyite Smith Act and soon deported to London thereafter where she spent the rest of her life organizing the Notting Hill Carnival and the West Indian Gazette Newspaper.
Apr 28 2020 · 27mins
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Claudia Jones [Black History Short 37]

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A profile of Claudia Jones, journalist, activist, and founder of the Notting Hill Carnival.

Show notes and sources are available at http://noirehistoir.com/blog/claudia-jones.

Nov 18 2019 · 3mins

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Claudia Jones, la militante communiste qui créa le Carnaval de Notting Hill

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1958, à Londres. Claudia Jones pose un pied sur le sol anglais. Ici personne ne le sait encore, mais Claudia sort de prison. Dans une Amérique en pleine guerre froide, la chasse aux sorcières…  

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Aug 26 2019 · 5mins
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Sistery History: S1Ep11 -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie & Claudia Jones

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We tell more stories of women who we really should have heard about before - this week Rhea shares the story of an incredible author and Rebecca shows the love to the Queen of Notting Hill. Plus - we mention Beyonce - what more do you want?!

We hope you enjoy! 

Rebecca & Rhea xx 

Recorded by Rebecca Hansell & Rhea Brooks 

Edited by Rebecca Hansell 

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Aug 21 2019 · 47mins
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34/52 Trinidad & Tobago – Claudia Jones

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Photo of Claudia Jones on holiday in Cornwall by Abhimanyu (Manu) Manchanda

Claudia Jones was born in Trinidad, grew up in the States and ended up in Britain when she was deported for being a communist. In this episode we visit five spots around London where you can learn more about her enormous contributions to the city – which include starting Notting Hill Carnival.

The inscription on her grave reads: “Claudia Vera Jones, Born Trinidad 1915, Died London 25.12.1964, Valiant Fighter against racism and imperialism who dedicated her life to the progress of socialism and the liberation of her own black people”.
Aug 20 2019 · 9mins
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Claudia Jones and the Windrush Generation

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In this episode we’ll meet Claudia Jones. Through her story we’ll explore immigration in the late 1940s and the Windrush generation; the Notting Hill riots; and how a handful of mostly female activists like Pearl Prescod and Amy Ashwood Garvey rallied round her, determined to promote both black resistance and, ultimately, some semblance of cross-cultural harmony.

We’ll also talk about women like Rosalind Franklin and Dina St Johnston, who accomplished incredible things in science and technology, only to be written out of history by their male counterparts.

'Bloody Brilliant Women: The Pioneers, Revolutionaries and Geniuses Your History Teacher Forgot to Mention' is available in paperback from Waterstones (po.st/BloodyBrilliantWomenWS) and Amazon (po.st/BloodyBrilliantWomen ), audiobook (po.st/iTunesBrilliantWomenAudio) and eBook (po.st/iTunesBrilliantWomenE) from Apple Books.

Cathy Newman (Twitter): @cathynewman
Cathy Newman (Instagram): cathynewmanc4
William Collins: @WmCollinsBooks
May 10 2019 · 16mins
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Claudia Jones at the office of the West Indian Gazette, the newspaper she founded in London

Claudia Jones (born Claudia Cumberbatch) was a journalist, Black Nationalist and prominent member of the American Communist Party. Emigrating from Trinidad to NYC at eight years old, she was an extremely well-known peace activist and worked toward civil rights and women’s rights in America. Arrested for giving a speech promoting peace and women’s rights, in 1955 she was deported to England. There she founded the nation’s first Black newspaper, continued her work fighting racism and sexism, and founded the famous Notting Hill Carnival to promote understanding between white Londoners and their Caribbean immigrant neighbors.

Our guest is Dr. Carole Boyce-Davies, Professor of Africana Studies and English at Cornell University and author of Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones.

Photos by permission of Carole Boyce Davies unless otherwise indicated.

Dr. Carole Boyce-Davies is Professor of Africana Studies and English at Cornell University. She has held distinguished professorships at a number of institutions, including the Herskovits Professor of African Studies and Professor of Comparative Literary Studies and African American Studies at Northwestern University. She is the author of Black Women, Writing and Identity: Migrations of the Subject (Routledge, 1994) and Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones (Duke University Press, 2008).

Music featured in this episode included:

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Jun 18 2018 · 40mins
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Episode 10: Charlene Carruthers - "We Come In The Lineage of Folks Like Claudia Jones"

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This episode's guest Charlene A. Carruthers is a Black, queer feminist community organizer and writer with over 10 years of experience in racial justice, feminist and youth leadership development movement work.  As the founding national director of the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100), she has worked alongside hundreds of young Black activists to build a national base of activist member-led organization of Black 18-35 year olds dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. Her passion for developing young leaders to build capacity within marginalized communities has led her to work on immigrant rights, economic justice and civil rights campaigns nationwide. Charlene’s forthcoming book Unapologetic.   We talked about the Black Queer Feminist Lens which is an organizing praxis used by the BYP100. Charlene discusses the Agenda to Build Black Futures and why their platform is taken up by organization’s like the DSA, and touches on the history of Black women communists and socialists like Claudia Jones who have worked to ensure that the US left understand the overlapping systems of oppression that impact Black women, queer, and trans folks. We also talk about the importance of political education, the non-permanency of allyship, prison organizing, why Charlene is clear BYP 100 cannot dismiss engagement in electoral politics, and her upcoming book Unapologetic.   (photo credit to Sara Ji)   field audio samples of BYP100: (intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmF3mVCtANE)  (outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMTCU0G9y94)
Feb 13 2018 · 23mins