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Episode Six: Introversion and Publicity with Taiisha Bradley

On The Inside

In this episode, we speak with Taiisha Bradley. She is a Publicist and Creative Strategist who works to take businesses or brands to the next level. Taiisha is from Nashville, TN and is passionate about sharing her expertise with other entrepreneurs through media opportunities she secures for herself using her PRESSEd Publicity Formula®” which she teaches that leads to increased opportunities for profitability and free publicity for corporations, nonprofits, small businesses, and public figures. You can find Taiisha at www.TaiishaBradley.com or @TaiishaBradley on Instagram and Twitter.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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23 Mar 2021

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Celebrity Publicist Taiisha Bradley : Brand Strategy

Tales From the GRIND

Aireka and Cory interview celebrity publicist Taiisha Bradley, pronounced [ty-e-sha] like the Immature song. During this episode Taiisha shares her most funny experiences as a celebrity publicist. Listen in you may hear a story about your favorite celebrity. Taiisha is also Founder and CEO of Modernoire and partner for Corner to Corner Rutherford. She is an advocate and mentor to first-time entrepreneurs and helps them learn strategies for branding their companies. 


19 Nov 2020

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Guess Who's Coming for Dinner? Interviews with Natsune Oki and Taiisha Bradley

12 Hats Radio

Two interviews with two fabulous women in today's episode! Natsune Oki, from life education TV, is the Author of the Game of Self Determination, and teaches women all over the world self resilience and self determination. For more information about her book: Book press release : HERE Book outline: HERE Lifeup Show: https://youtu.be/--iVStI9Ecc IG Gallery: https://www.lifeupeducationtv.com/lifeup-gallary Taiisha Bradley, from Munfreesboro Tennessee is a celebrity publicist, who grew in up in South Carolina surrounded by music royalty. During her childhood a soul music legend even came over to her Uncle's house for Thanksgiving! In part two Taiisha talks about her journey and the importance of PR, even for small businesses. More information visit Taiisha at www.taiishabradley.com How to help 12 Hats Radio Best things in life are free🙂 Tweet me direct @12_hats and use the hashtag #12hatsradio Leave a 5-star review on Apple Check out my YouTube channel, with raw interviews and hints and tips for Social Media and more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUXMpOlkAKsNbto9MVnJPDw Leave me a message via Speakpipe: https://www.speakpipe.com/12hatsmedialab and who knows I may replay the message next episode! Help with paying the bills :} Sign up to my podcasting for beginners course here: https://bit.ly/12hatsmediaschool One on one podcast coaching is now available: https://bit.ly/12hatscoach Want to hear next week's episode today? Become a Patreon supporter! As little as $5 US per month gets you early access, exclusive bonus content, ad-free shows and loads of other goodies when you sign up to the Bunker Buddy tier. https://www.patreon.com/12hatsradio


1 Nov 2020

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Getting To Know Taiisha Bradley

The Queen's Table

So this interview has been a long time in the making but we finally got it out!! Get to know the illustrious Taiisha Bradley! Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for the amazing work she's about to do this year!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/marissa-j/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/marissa-j/support


16 Jan 2020

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Episode 06 Entrepreneurship with Taiisha Bradley

See Life Different

Today’s guest is my Richfriend aka Real Friend Taiisha Bradley, M.A. is the Founder of Rutherford County Black Business Network and Brunch Money. She is the Hot Chicken and Art Show Event Curator, and creator of highly sharable social moments. She is a Publicist for small business owners and nonprofit organizations. She is a wife, mother, and a South Carolina Native living in Murfreesboro. In this episode, we talk about entrepreneurship. Visit taiishabradley.com for more information. For show notes visit zaakirahnayyar.com/blog She talks about the Hot Chicken and Art Show on April 12 6-10pm Free Entry open to all ages Alcoholic Beverages sold Gateway Village 804 N. Thompson Lane Suite 1A-B Condos, Townhomes, Coffee Shops, and Doctor Offices Follow #rucoartshow Started Rutherford County Black Business Network January 2018. Her spirit inspired her to start a Black Business Directory because there was a disconnect when she Moved from Baltimore after living there for 10 years. What started as a community service project, and then was pushed further by a mentor to make it a directory. She Turned into a Facebook Group for business owners to Mix and Mingle. They wanted more opportunities to showcase their businesses and network with others. The First event was Dashiki’s and Daquiri’s end of 2018 Third Business is Brunch Money - grown and classy events that are Diverse, cultural, fun, social. She loves Brunch Lifestyle - good food, good music, community, and expendable income Family life inspires her to go hard and heavy as a wife and mother She loves the arts, has family in and around the arts As a publicist, she only focuses on getting media coverage for clients. It’s okay if clients outgrow her and go to a major platform. Her purpose is to help people get to that certain level of success. Quotes and Take Aways: Entrepreneurship allows you to do what makes you happy and what makes sense to you You don’t need permission Find what works for you I’m a working girl, I like to be working Enjoy life instead of running and be more present Better person after beginning Meditating, Chakras, Controlled Breathing Intuition is real Worked inside out working on change and things started lining up Doesn’t make it easier but makes it less painful Let the audience tell you what they are looking for Family life is going to be incorporated (into work life) whether you like it or not When you’re an entrepreneur, you can go nonstop - put us in a closet with a computer and you’ll see us when winter is over 12pm-3pm are work hours (Best Hours) It’s also nap time for baby Huge difference compared to going into work and more in control and getting more done setting your own schedule If you don’t keep up with what you accomplish you’ll never feel like you get anything done Mentions: Big V of Nappy Roots Todoist - Having an assistant she completes tasks Colornote - Work on Airplane Mode and on the go Amazon Echo Visit taiishabradley.com for more information


5 Apr 2019

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The Spotlight Taiisha Bradley Celebrity Publicist 255

Indy Radio

Episode 255 we talk to Celebrity Publicist & Creative Strategist, Taiisha Bradley. Taiisha is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder of Rutherford County Black Business Network in Middle Tennessee. 10/5/18FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/341531633084837/HostsKinte @KinteF https://twitter.com/KinteFGuest: Taiisha Bradley @TaiishaBradley https://twitter.com/TaiishaBradley http://www.taiishabradley.com/ https://www.instagram.com/taiishabradley/About Taiisha Bradley:My name is Taiisha Bradley, and I am a Celebrity Publicist and Creative Strategist.I provide strategic and creative information, tools and resources that inspire, guide, and publicize entrepreneurs. What that means is I teach you how to leverage the power and reach of publicity so you can share your gifts and purpose with the world, allowing you to create and live the lifestyle of your dreams. Sign up for my brand spanking new, self paced online workshop," Instant Authority!"

1hr 3mins

6 Oct 2018