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Ep21 Shooting in Great Britain with Josh Martin

Mythology of Marksmanship

Josh Martin is an accomplished precision rifle competitor from Great Britain. He competed at the Precision Rifle World Championships on Team Great Britain. On this episode we discuss precision rifle shooting in Great Britain, Josh's background, and our experiences at the world championships. I am super intrigued by the shooting community around the world. It is exciting to see the growth in our sport across the globe and this episode is a look at the growth of the sport in another corner of the world. This is the first of a few different episodes that I want to do that will look at our game in different parts of the world. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mythologyofmarksmanship/support

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1 Sep 2022

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597: Josh Martin, part 2: If at first you don't succeed . . .

This Sustainable Life

Josh Martin started to do his commitment to shop at the farmers market, but it didn't connect. I think we didn't connect it to his experience of the environment.We decided to find a new commitment by connecting more intrinsically. We spoke on sustainability, nutrition, health, sports, and many things, him from the position of an entrepreneur former athlete, me from a troubleshooting perspective. The result was covering many topics, eventually leading to a new commitment. My read from his tone at the end is that the new one resonates more for him.One of the main discoveries of this podcast is that with rare exception, everyone cares about the environment. What's separating most people from acting isn't a lack of facts or lists of "ten little things" they could do for the environment. The lack leadership, meaning the tools leaders use, especially connecting with their intrinsic motivations. In the case of the environment, everyone has intrinsic motivation.Hitting people over the head with facts, numbers, and what to do devalues their intrinsic motivation. I find the opposite works better: listening, empathizing, stories, and such.Josh's home page Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


23 Jun 2022

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Episode 8: Josh Martin

The Framework by Macademic Media

Family, winning culture, and internal drive to be great. Josh stops in to talk about having brothers in the NFL, his time as a college athlete, and how being an athlete inspires every aspect of his life. The real estate market is crazier then ever and he spills the beans on trade secrets that made him successful. If you are in the market, I'd highly recommend reaching out to Josh for a smooth and easy home-buying experience. As always, if you enjoyed the episode today please send it to any friends and family that might enjoy. We'd love to hear from you on what talking topics or potential guests to have on.Follow us on Instagram:Macademic: https://www.instagram.com/macademicmedia/Josh: https://www.instagram.com/moving_with_martin/Josh's Contact Information:https://joshmartin.exprealty.com/317-437-0662

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12 Jun 2022

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587: Josh Martin, part 1: How to Reach the Ivy League and the NFL When You Start Late and Unprepared

This Sustainable Life

Regular listeners know I love talking with professional athletes. They open themselves to failure every time they compete. They often make incredible feats look so simple and natural, we forget the years of dedication and effort that made it possible. Whether you want to play professional sports or not, you can adopt from them to reach your potential, which is one of my definitions of competition.I love talking to them because they share what happened behind the scenes. Almost always, as with Josh Martin, it means hard work for a long time, but that view is too simple. What enabled working so hard? They aren't gluttons for punishment, nor automatons. What's their mindset? What's their physical attitude?Josh shares these things from behind the scenes: how he started not playing football and not doing well in school to playing at Columbia, then the NFL. It wasn't easy. He failed over and over, didn't fit in, struggled academically, and struggled athletically. Listen to hear what carried him through.Since he lives in Brooklyn, we recorded in person, one of my first since the pandemic, which makes the conversation more friendly (my apartment looks a lot smaller with an NFL linebacker in it).Today he's an entrepreneur, which we reach at the end, and you can learn more at his home page.Josh's home page Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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2 Jun 2022

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Hobbies, Philosophy, Hip-Hop, Flat Earth Aliens Special Guest: Josh Martin and Marty Height

Going Places with Camden and Daniel

In this episode we hang out with our friends, counselors and psychologist and host of the Tattoos and Jesus Podcast Josh Martin and Marty Height. We talk about our hobbies such as golf, cooking, racing. We then get into a conversation on Philosophy and Theology. Marty gets off at the halfway mark and we talk with Josh about Kanye’s artistry and hip- hop. We also have a conversation about Conspiracy’s and his close call with Flat- Earth and Aliens. Sponsored by Wisefire Cafe,Sweet Peach Boutique, Stop 2 Shine. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.

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9 May 2022

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Jackass: The Movie - Forever .5 (w/ Josh Martin)

On the BiTTE

In the spirit of JACKASS releasing a supplementary feature film to accompany the mainline entry as a .5 we've done the exact same. We recorded with Josh for over 2 and half hours so here's the stuff that just couldn't make the cut. Tales and musings from the bottom of the porta potty cutting room floor. 


11 Mar 2022

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Jackass: The Movie - Forever (w/ Josh Martin)

On the BiTTE

WARNING! The stunts in this movie were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you are about to see. Luckily, this is a podcast episode and you're in safe hands. Not four but at least six safe hands that will cradle you with musings and regaling tales of a formative time in our lives watching grown men hurt each other for a laugh. The other two hands belong to Josh Martin of Uncomfortable Brunch and Orlando Pop-Up Movie Services.We're Laura and Ryan: Welcome to Jackass (quadrilogy)!

1hr 21mins

4 Mar 2022

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Signature Scents w/ Josh Martin


"Oh wow, that smells phenomenal... what are you cooking up?" - You  "Oh this? It's episode 64 with comedian Josh Martin, and it's ready to serve." - Me 


8 Feb 2022

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Counseling, Coffee, Friendship,Life Experiences. Special Guest: Josh Martin and Marty Height

Going Places with Camden and Daniel

In this very special and jam-packed episode of The Going Places Podcast, we are joined by Counselors and the host of the Tattoos and Jesus Podcast Josh Martin and Marty Height ( who is also an adjunct professor of Psychology at Limestone University.) We discuss the popularity of podcasting and how we got started and then we ask Josh and Marty about their profession as Counselors and how they came into the field and what their career looks like now. We also discuss mental health issues and drug abuse in communities and what they are doing to combat that. We also have an awesome conversation about everything to do with coffee and how they prepare for coffee reviews. We talk about funny life stories and friendship and everything in between. Listen now for an awesome episode Check out Tattoos and Jesus Podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/2O9DHUBcH3T9Ym5aFD74tQ?si=f5-I61qrSlq9hwS-3zDctw also follow us on Instagram at https://instagram.com/the_going_places_podcast?utm_medium=copy_link Sponsored by Wisefire Café and Sweet Peach Boutique. Made Possible by Anchor F.M.

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30 Jan 2022

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Interview #13: Josh Martin, Head of Commercial @ The SimGrid

TBD: Beyond the Basement

In our first interview of 2022, Trev and Dan sat down with The SimGrid's Head of Commercial, Josh Martin. SimGrid is a place for amateur and professional sim racers to compete against fellow drivers in leagues and endurance events. A place that has grown as sim racing has become hugely popular during the pandemic. In a wide ranging chat we cover everything from non-endemic brands moving into the space, to whether a future F1 champion could be found from sim racing.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tbd-esports/message


17 Jan 2022