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Mental Health Check-Up: When to Utilize Counseling | Liam Kelly, MS, LPC-ASSOCIATE

Health & Harmony Beyond the Teeth

Everyone struggles in life but, for some, those struggles turn into suffering. When we experience suffering, it is my belief that we often suffer in three main areas. We suffer in ourselves, we suffer from others, and we suffer in life as a whole. You may be experiencing suffering in one, two, or all three of these areas. When we suffer, we deserve to have the help of others to come along side and work together to relieve, process, and heal that suffering. It would be my honor to come along side of you and work to turn your suffering into acceptance, understanding, and freedomTogether we achieve this freedom by digging deep into your emotions and belief systems using the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy framework. This framework can reveal stringent unaccepting belief systems that cause you to suffer and transform these beliefs into more loving, kind, and accepting beliefs. This reframing calls on you to take behavioral steps toward a life that is more accepting and free!My counseling experience includes working with those who are experiencing grief and loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, career/life changes, and others. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is important in healing and in the effective use of REBT. Because of this, counseling begins with us building a therapeutic relationship. We will work together to identify and define your goals. Then you get to put those goals to the test as you continue to strive for more acceptance and freedom in your life.My hope as a counselor is to connect with you and help bring a level of joy to your life regardless of circumstance.Please contact me directly at 940-268-4287 or lkelly@lotusflowermound to get started!


2 May 2022

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Julie Jay, Liam Kelly and much more.

OceanFM Ireland

Julie Jay, one of Ireland’s freshest comedic voices, tells of life in Kerry, on the road and in the classroom before her Glens Centre date March 5th.And we speak with Liam Kelly of Dervish on the eve of the band’s upcoming North American tour.All Podcasts can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud or wherever you find your podcasts. Just search OceanFmIreland.


24 Feb 2022

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EP082- How to create a pollinator heaven in an urban environment with Anne Hutton & Liam Kelly gardeners and beekeepers

Master My Garden Podcast

In this weeks episode of Master My Garden podcast I talk to Anne Hutton & Liam Kelly in their wonderful garden in Carlow town.  Liam described the garden as pollinator heaven in an urban setting so I said I have to see that. The garden didn't disappoint and just shows what can be achieved even in an urban setting if you want to help and provide for our pollinators. Anne & Liam are both beekeepers and have hives in this urban garden so as you would expect the honey bees were out in force when I visited but what stood out was the amount of other pollinators and wildlife that they have managed to attract. Their gardening ethos or way is to grow food for themselves and the pollinators side by side. So perennial borders and inter planted with herbs, fruit bushes and vegetables all in perfect harmony with no fuss, just natural beauty. Anne is pro/ secretary and Liam is chairperson  of Carlow Beekeepers Association and their website is https://carlowbeekeepers.com/ you will find all the links for their social channels there. Anne is also pro for Fibka and you can find their website here https://irishbeekeeping.ieAnne & Liam share their knowledge and some new products from their garden here.  https://www.instagram.com/thebeehutt/?hl=enThere will be a blog post on this episode very soon on my website. This blog and previous blogs along with all podcast episodes are be available on my Website :https://mastermygarden.com/If there is any topic you would like covered in future episodes please let me know. Please like and follow Master My Garden on the following channels  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mastermygarden/Instagram @Mastermygarden https://www.instagram.com/mastermygarden/Twitter:https://twitter.com/tweetsbyMMGor email info@mastermygarden.comUntil the next time Happy GardeningJohn    Support the show


6 Aug 2021

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EP 66: Learning "Why do we say that" with podcast hosts Scott & Liam Kelly

Conversations with Catt The Podcast

Join us during this fun episode with father and son guests, Scott & Liam Kelly. Their podcast is entitled “Why Do We Say That?” and talks all about understanding the origin of our common, everyday phrases.When we decided to collaborate, I had a special request for them: Could we combine our podcasts to create an episode based on idioms we say today which were created by Shakespeare? Many of you know that I’m a big fan of the Bard of Avon. Have a listen and see why some of those commonly used phrases are still universal after all these centuries! Apply to the Confident Living Program --- CLICK HERE!Episode links:Why Do We Say That - PodcastWhy Do We Say That - InstagramThe We As...PodcastThe Tragically Hip - Wikipedia ArticleCome From Away - WebsiteAn Oasis of Kindness on 9/11 - USA Today Article40 Common Words & Phrases Shakespeare Invented"Break the Ice" Meaning & Context ArticleShow links:Patreon - Support the PodcastThe Ellis FundContact CattSpecial Thanks & CreditsAdelino Mendes - Audio Editing & Website Design (Branson, MO)Cassie Potts - Podcast Production (Springfield, MO)Kenneth Peterson - Graphic Design (Chicago, IL)Music Credit: Spirited Away by Gyom

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21 Jul 2021

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Stan the Man Podcast: Liam Kelly

Stan the Man Podcast

Liam is a guitarist,singer and songwriter based in Aruba


12 Jul 2021

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Helping children overcome worry and mental health challenges (with Liam Kelly)

SHIFT with Elena Agar

In this episode of SHIFT- Getting out of your comfort zone! - I sit down with Liam Kelly - author and creator of the Worried William Project. We discuss his own journey of struggles as a kid, including depression and other mental health challenges, he is now on a mission, with rare emotional honesty and authenticity, to sharing his personal experiences through his books to raise the awareness of mental health to make sure that fewer children suffer in silence.     About Liam Kelly: The creator of the Worried William Project and a newly released series of books, Liam Kelly is a primary school teacher and head of year 5 at Diyafah International School.   His books will cover a range of contemporaneous mental health topics. He is represented by the multinational publishing house Austin Macauley.    Liam is a thought leader in children's mental health, and he's currently available to speak at events that can be tailored to humans of all ages.   You can find his books here: https://austinmacauley.ae/books/worried-williams-hidden-words/ About your host:  Elena Agaragimova is the co-founder of Bessern (https://www.bessern.co/) 👉 We help people in corporations 🧑‍💼 to be more resilient and equipped with the skills that matters to thrive and be at their best at work.  Bloom Youth (https://www.bessern.co/bloom-youth) 👉 We help students 🧑‍🎓 to get prepared for the future of work through our Bloom Youth Bootcamps - Bloom Youth is the first MENA Future of Education platform made for students to accelerate their talents.  Learn more about Elena: https://linktr.ee/ElenaAgar Connect with Elena on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elenaagaragimova/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/elenaagaragi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elenaagaragimova/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elenaagaragimova YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX-tUIvseCy5SKgzkZuXv7Q?view_as=subscriber


6 Jun 2021

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Episode 2 Liam Kelly

The Patriot Game

In Episode 2, the lads are joined by Liam kelly, Celtic historian & author. Liam enthrals the lads with his stories of Celtic from the founding fathers right up to the present day, whilst also discussing the links between Celtic and Ireland. Liam is a wealth of knowledge and his books are a must have for any Celtic fan. His books can be found at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Liam-Kelly/e/B081T6RN6D?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1618360356&sr=1-1or by checking Liam on Twitter @cfcliamk96 and we highly recommend you check out his podcast, the Celtic history podcast

1hr 6mins

14 Apr 2021

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TAKE THE TIME 13: Liam Kelly, CEO of Liverpool MAKE

CommuniTEA Talks Podcast

Liam Kelly is the CEO of Liverpool MAKE, a creative hub for artists, makers and small businesses since 2012. Our chat covers issues around leadership, social activism and mental health.


20 Nov 2020

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#7 People Watching by Liam Kelly - performed by Steffan Rhodri

The Painkiller Podcast

People Watching by Liam Kelly"Gaze upon this non-entity dragging his feet past HMV. F**king odourless fart. Utterly unremarkable. All the charisma of a deflated colostomy bag. Take a good gander because you’re looking at the future Prime Minister."John Bull likes to watch people. He sees everything: every dirty little secret and every skeleton in the closet. People make assumptions about him, but if they knew what he knew, they might think again.People Watching is a caustic comedy that asks what we can ever hope to know about the people we pass on the street - and what they might know about us. People Watching was written by Liam Kelly. It was performed by Steffan Rhodri. It was Directed by Hew Rous-Eyre and Sound Designed by Piers Sherwood Roberts.Bitter Pill are committed to producing new writing until theatres in the UK reopen. Through The Painkiller Project, we’re open for submissions once a month and are producing two plays from each submission window.If you enjoy the play you’re about to hear and you’d like to support the continuation of the project, you can make a one-off donation through PayPal.me - https://www.paypal.me/bitterpilltheatreOr, you can become a patron to the project through Patreon. This allows you to make a donation that would be repeated each time a new winning play is released, fortnightly - http://patreon.com/bitterpilltheatreIt would mean the world to us and allow us to make more work.To find out more about Bitter Pill or to subscribe to our mailing list for more news about The Painkiller Project - https://www.bitterpilltheatre.com/


11 Sep 2020

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Liam Kelly Special

Sky Blues Extra Podcast

Don't miss another Sky Blues Extra podcast special as we speak to Coventry City captain and midfielder Liam Kelly. We discuss his career so far including how he got his first professional contract at MK Dons, his move to Bristol City Oldham, Leyton Orient and finally to the sky blues. He speaks about Notts County in the play-offs, the final at Wembley and the title-winning season. Kelly talks about looking forward to life in the Championship and his verdict on City's latest recruits including Gustavo Hamer. Lets all sing together....

1hr 11mins

30 Aug 2020