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26. Normalcy in NorCal, Trinity River Rafting & Nile Zacherle from Mad Fritz | Talking NorCal

Talking NorCal

On this episode of the Talking NorCal podcast, Zach and Bob discuss the Northern California news of the week, including the 5-year-old twins that summited Mt. Shasta, the Tule Elk controversy in Point Reyes, Tahoe's "Covid Island" and the rebound of Whiskeytown's WES Camp, which includes a summer (2:08). Then, Bob sits down with Nile Zacherle to discuss his journey to start the Mad Fritz brewery in Saint Helena (42:29). Finally, Zach and Bob are excited to bring back "Adventures in NorCal" with their whitewater rafting trip down the Trinity River (1:07:22).

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24 Sep 2020

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Ep. 50 - Nile Zacherle of Mad Fritz Beer

Drink Beer, Think Beer With John Holl

There is a lot going on out West right now, some of it good – like the hop harvest – and a lot of it bad, like the fires that are raging out of control. Napa Valley is often in the news when it comes to fires in California and while it is known for wine, there is also beer to be found.  Nile Zacherle of Mad Fritz Beer straddles both worlds. He is both a wine maker and a brewer and is thoughtful about both. What might be most enjoyable about his beers is that they live inside of specific style but still never fully let that define them.  This is thanks, in part, to his approach. He brews small, he brews with local ingredients whenever possible, and isn’t afraid to let the beer follow its own direction. It’s like a trust exercise.  He’s been busy during COVID-19 while the current batch of fires is not an immediate threat, the smell of smoke in the air is a reminder that there is always a worry. And so that’s where the show starts, with the worry that comes with being in a place that could be impacted. Nile spoke to host John Holl from the brewery in California.For more Drink Beer, Think Beer or to check out Beer Edge: The Newsletter for Beer Professionals, follow us on Twitter @thebeeredge and subscribe to our beer industry focused newsletter. There is more information, articles, and engaging content at Beer Edge. Host: John Holl Guest: Nile Zacherle Tags: Beer, Craft Beer, Lager, California, Wine, Napa Valley


16 Sep 2020

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GBM 53 - It Takes A Lot Of Wine To Make Beer Like This, with Nile Zacherle of Mad Fritz

Good Beer Matters Podcast

What do you get if you cross the mindset of a winemaker and the talented hands of a brewer to create a perfect blend of single-origin beers? You get a style-defying, exceptional brewery set deep in the heart of Californian wine country. The beers produced from this farm-style brewery are easy on the palate, but with enough character and nuance to be served in some of the finest restaurants in Napa. Beers like this require a mindset that puts ingredients first with a focus on the land and process. While winemakers often say it takes a lot of beer to make wine, in the case of my next guest, I’d say it takes a lot of wine to make beer like Mad Fritz. While the world demands hazies, IPAs, lagers, and even trendier beverages, there is a lesser-known trend of better beer made in collaboration with the farmers who provide better ingredients. Keep an eye out for beers like this. They may be hard to find, but are worth the effort. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jeremy-storton/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jeremy-storton/support

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27 May 2020

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88: Mad Fritz, Pocky Pop, and Daily'n Brownie

You Tried Dat??

It's the beginning of another global adventure for the You Tried Dat?? crew.  They start off by sampling three Tunisian snacks: Mad Fritz Original, Pocky Pop Puff Snacks, and the oddly named Daily'n Brownie.  Which of these African snacks will reign supreme?  They also discuss wristbands and how to get marshmallow out of your hair.  Finally, You Drank Dat returns as they guzzle on the new Mountain Dew Zero Sugar.


26 Apr 2020

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The Bite Goes On – Nile Zacherle, Mad Fritz Brewing

The Bite Goes On – Radio Misfits

EP27: Nile Zacherle created Mad Fritz after 25 years of home brewing. Nile Zacherle first began his journey into fermented beverages in 1990 at the age of 18 when he and his father brewed their first batch of beer at home. What began as a father/son home project continued to evolve until he transitioned his schooling from a focus in art and design to a BS in Fermentation Science at UC Davis. While at UC Davis, Nile completed the Master Brewers program passing the 2 day exam issued by the IOBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling based in the UK) in 1996.Nile currently makes wine for David Arthur Vineyards on Pritchard Hill in the Napa Valley. Nile’s wife Whitney brings a depth of knowledge from the wine industry and business skills while handling all farming operations and general management at Mad Fritz. This was an in depth conversation about Mad Fritz’s orgin beers and the creativity that goes into making them. www.madfritz.com Visit at Mad Fritz Tap Room is located at 1282B vidovich Ave in St Helena California @madfritzbrewing The post The Bite Goes On – Nile Zacherle, Mad Fritz Brewing appeared first on Radio Misfits.

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10 May 2019

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Episode 198 - Nile Zacherle, Mad Fritz Brewing

Steal This Beer

Episode 198 - Nile Zacherle, Mad Fritz Brewing <figure class=" sqs-block-image-figure intrinsic " ><img class="thumb-image" data-image="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/534036f1e4b047d0e06ecd0f/1548690984838-VCTQN7I6ADYV0H943F4O/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kAJsswp0EXV6qc0SOJ8DOsUUqsxRUqqbr1mOJYKfIPR7LoDQ9mXPOjoJoqy81S2I8N_N4V1vUb5AoIIIbLZhVYxCRW4BPu10St3TBAUQYVKc_E7dXkCi7l7eF32s1E..." data-image-dimensions="1000x666" data-image-focal-point="0.5,0.5" alt="IMG_7521.JPG" data-load="false" data-image-id="5c4f26284fa51a7413c10db1" data-type="image" src="https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/534036f1e4b047d0e06ecd0f/1548690984838-VCTQN7I6ADYV0H943F4O/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kAJsswp0EXV6qc0SOJ8DOsUUqsxRUqqbr1mOJYKfIPR7LoDQ9mXPOjoJoqy81S2I8N_N4V1vUb5AoIIIbLZhVYxCRW4BPu10St3TBAUQYVKc_E7dXkCi7l7eF32s1E..." /></figure> Happy Monday, Thieves! The Rocky Mountain high is kicking in. This week, we've traded our booth at the Lagerhaus in Denver for a dining room table inside a hotel suite in Breckenridge. With the snow whipping around outside, we welcomed Nile Zacherle of Mad Fritz Brewing Co. to the show.  Mad Fritz is located in California's Napa Valley... so you can guess what Nile and Augie talked about. Still, we did sneak in some beer conversation, talking about terroir, foraging, and the concept of Origin Beer.  John was the awkward third wheel while a new brewer bromace blossomed. Thank goodness for hangovers, because we were able to take the whole show slow, let thoughts develop and the conversation took some fun turns.  We're already planning a trip to California to visit Nile. Check out the episode and let us know what you think! **Want to support us? We have launched a PATREON Page. Click here to let us know you care!** As always, you can email your questions, complaints, whimpers, or whines to us at stealthisbeerpodcast@gmail.com. We read everything we get and we'll try to respond as quickly as we can. If not online, then on air. And THANKS! You can subscribe to STB on iTunes and PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEW!!! Co-hosts: Augie Carton & John Holl Producer: Justin Kennedy Engineer: Brian Casse Music: "Abstract Concepts - What Up in the Streets" by Black Ant.

28 Jan 2019

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Episode 80: Mad Fritz Brewing

Beertastic Voyage Podcast

This week brings another Listener Submission from a very good friend of the show, Jack. Jack was kind enough to bring us back some very interesting beers from California wine country. Thanks Jack! Related Links Francis Barlow Mad Fritz Brewing 393 La Fata, St. Helena, CA 94574 http://www.madfritz.com Beer #1: The Lion and Other Beasts Style: Grisette ABV: 5.7% IBU’s: 22 Flavor Text: This Belgian Style ale called a Grisette that is somewhat of a lost beer style named for the coal miners wives that would serve this up after the long work day in the mines. It is typically a low alcohol ale at 4 to 5% by volume with low bitterness and aromas of yeast-spice as well as subtle hop notes. The base malt on our approach was Full Pint 2 Row from Madras Oregon, water from St Helena, Amarillo hops from Yakima Valley then aged in French Oak for varying times. Our resulting beer is bright with light fruit tones, yeast spice, dry and clean. The first release of this beer will be a Members Only release and clocks in at 5.7% alcohol by volume and was aged in chardonnay barrels for one month. Ratings: Mark: Pint Kevin: Bomber Justin: Growler Beer #2: The Bear and the Bees Style: Honey Ale ABV: 5.6% IBU’s: 19 Flavor Text: Our Honey Ale is a collaboration with Rob Keller of Napa Valley Bee Company and who lives and breaths with the Buzz of the Bees. He had foraged some honey from multiple wild hives from around the Napa Valley and offered us the opportunity to create a beer with it. We chose a clean and light base barley sourced and malted in Madras Oregon with very low color yet a with a distinct malt tonality from the variety Full Pint Barley. We used our relatively soft water from St Helena and Hallertau Hops from Yakima, WA as well as our French Saison yeast to create a beer that was dry and crisp on the finish. The honey was married with the beer at the end of boil with specific timing and technique to retain and boost the impact of its aromatics. After the primary fermentation and settling in stainless we racked to a new French Oak barrel (600 L puncheon M toast -Saury) and aged briefly for settling and light oak aromatics. This first release Lot 107 (160414107) is allocated for memberships Q2-16 although can be tasted at the brewery for a short time. Its flavor profile is somewhere between a chardonnay, dry mead-Hydromel style and a Belgian Strong Ale its soft spiced with round honey tones and oak notes. A focused and clean palate (TFG 1.000) with very subtle hop bitterness. Our second release lot 124 is crafted using Vince Tofinelli’s Honey from Calistoga where he grows organic wine grapes that are dry farmed as well. He is veteran of this valley as a 4th generation farmer and we are excited to show case this beautiful honey with our beer. Ratings: Mark: Bomber Kevin: Bomber Justin: Bomber Beer #3: Ringdove and the Hunter Style: Porter ABV: 7.9% IBU’s: 32 Flavor Text: he Ring Dove and the Hunter is a beer I have been brewing for decades, once called ‘Peoples Porter’ , it has always been a Robust Style Porter and it has inevitably changed throughout the years (20+). This rendition is framed by the malty-rich and biscuity Full Pint malted barley, Black Patent malt, a pinch of Coffee malt and hints of Caramel 100-120. We hopped with US grown Goldings hops from Yakima Valley in WA, which were hit hard during set and yields were very low so we were lucky to get our hands on some. We aged the beer in a red and white wine barrel for three weeks prior to bottling. A spicy herbal nose balanced with subtle roasted malts and a mild bitterness brings this beer alive and should age gracefully in your cellar at 6.8. to 7.3% ABV. Ratings: Mark: Growler Kevin: Bomber Justin: Growler The post Episode 80: Mad Fritz Brewing appeared first on Beertastic Voyage Podcast.


29 Mar 2018

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Mad Fritz Brewer, Nile Zacherle

Judd's Napa Valley Show

With a family in the arts and sciences, Nile was born to brew and make wine. A fun and illuminating show from The Wiki Wiki Grog Shop.


14 Mar 2017

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EP-098 Nile Zacherele of Mad Fritz Brewing Co. and David Arthur Vineyards

Good Beer Hunting

Today we’re going to talk about origin beers.  There’s increasing discussion in niche beer circles about the accuracy of some of our beer vernacular. What constitutes farmhouse ales, for example? Most leading farmhouse beer producers don’t operate a farm at all. Rather, they hold close to some of the prevailing traditions of those styles largely lost to history. And increasingly, farmhouse producers are located in urban environments, pulling extremely far away from their inspiration, but perhaps staying connected to methodology or year profiles that give them a way to talk about a different approach to brewing regardless of the disassociation.  But today we talk to someone who’s working hard to take another part of beer making back to an extreme niche tradition, and that’s Mad Fritz Brewing in Napa Valley. Owned and operated by Nile Zacherele, a professional vintner at David Arthur Vineyards on Pritchard Hill, Mad Fritz is an attempt to take the ingredients of beer back to an origin status, not unlike winemaking where the location, the soil, and the cultivation of the ingredients is both present—and local—to the production of the beverage.  To that end, Nile has convinced some locals farmers to grow barley for him, which he intends to floor-malt himself. He even sources water from local wells and reservoirs. He also barrel-ages or barrel-ferments all his beers, many of them on the paler side, which means they pick up wood character quickly.  I first learned of Nile’s beers when he sent a care-package some months back and I tasted through them with some good friends and colleagues here at the studio. We were curious—and sometimes downright perplexed—by what was happening in the bottle. These were very unusual beers in both concept and execution. Not to mention the details where were we found ourselves becoming engaged—a shift in water profile, a lingering grain quality, wood character that skewed our expectations.  So when I had the chance to visit recently on a short trip around the North Bay, I wasted little time in asking Nile a hundred different questions. Then we went up the hill to the vineyard to taste the grapes, the fermenting juice, and the finished wines that have serviced as a sort of inspiration point for brewing origin beers. And I’m happy to say I’m still curious and perplexed.

1hr 10mins

15 Oct 2016