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Season 6, Episode 4: SAA Foundation with Bob Clark and Beth Myers

Archives In Context

Bob ClarkBeth Myers“Archivists helping archivists”—in this episode, cohosts Nicole Milano and JoyEllen Williams speak with Bob Clark and Beth Myers, members of the Society of American Archivists Foundation Board. Myers and Clark discuss the Foundation’s purpose, goals, and opportunities for engagement. Listen to learn how the Foundation supports SAA, archivists, and the profession. Bob Clark is director of Archives at the Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC), a historical research center for the study of philanthropy. In addition to managing a talented team of thirty-two archives and IT professionals, he actively engages with the RAC’s records-creating organizations, such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation, to shape information governance, records management, and archival programs that are responsive to the digital environment. From 2001 to 2015, he served in various leadership roles at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum, including as supervisory archivist, deputy director, and acting director. Beth Myers is the director of Special Collections at Smith College Libraries, a position held since 2014. She provides leadership and oversight to a unit that averages twenty staff and encompasses the three primary repositories of Special Collections. Myers is responsible for personnel, budget, developing internal and external funding streams, working with donors and developing strategic initiatives and planning. A dedicated archival professional, Myers participates actively in the Society of American Archivists, most recently as chair of the A*CENSUS II Working Group and member of the Foundation Board. She has published reviews, articles and book chapters related to the field of archives and special collections. Read the transcript. Episode Extras Get involved with the SAA Foundation’s work by applying for a Strategic Growth Grant, nominating yourself or a colleague for an SAA award or scholarship, volunteering for the Foundation Board, or making a donation. Donations to the SAA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax deductible.


28 Jul 2022

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Psychic Medium Kristina With Host Bob Clark

Night Dreams Talk Radio

Ever since Kristina was a child she had a deep understanding of people's emotions and understanding where they came from. With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from University of Central Florida, Kristina has been focused on the empowerment and growth of others. After her mother passed away, she was flooded with communications from her mother in spirit, which led to her interest in the after life. After speaking to many mediums herself, Kristina understood the deep healing from grief that arose due to the communication with her mother through a medium. This led Kristina to hone in on her own psychic abilities and communication with spirit. Now, her purpose is to help those in deep grief to live a happier, fulfilling life.


2 Jul 2022

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Dean McMurray Medium Psychic Host Bob Clark

Night Dreams Talk Radio

Dean McMurray—“The Military Medium”— is aninternationally acclaimed psychic, medium, healer,dowser and ordained minister. His story, so powerfuland so authentic, is unlike any other psychic mediumout there, and it’s why people from all across theglobe are drawn to him for readings and personalguidance. So what’s his story... why is he the psychicso many trust?

1hr 1min

25 Jun 2022

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408 KKOB Radio Host Bob Clark

Tipping Point New Mexico

On this week's episode Paul is very excited to interview KKOB radio host Bob Clark. Bob has had a long and varied career in media throughout New Mexico. They detail that history, some of Bob's more interesting guests and events that he's covered, and discuss the ever-changing media landscape. You don't want to miss this conversation!


2 Jun 2022

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Bob Clark Saga and Colubrid Feeding Strategies

Holdback Rack Podcast

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2CEiRmjVn8&ab_channel=SamsonRivera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J69RDRsQ2zI&ab_channel=TrapTalkWithMJPodcastHare Hollow FarmJessica HareHarehollowfarm.comFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/Hare-Hollow-Farm-113861266980541Morph Market - https://www.morphmarket.com/stores/hare_hollow_farm/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hare_hollow_farm/ ASM Royal TailsJana KingFacebook -https://facebook.com/RoyalReptails/Morph Market -https://www.morphmarket.com/stores/asmroyaltails/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/asmroyaltails/Intro Music - EEKmusic on audio jungle

2hr 9mins

12 Apr 2022

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“When You’re In God’s Waiting Room” (Bob Clark)

Calvary Georgetown Divide » All Sermons

Another powerful encouragement from Bob Clark. You will be blessed. When you’re in God’s waiting room


28 Mar 2022

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WOW! BIGFOOT! Sunday With Bob Clark Guest Duke Sullivan

Night Dreams Talk Radio

Duke Sullivan has been doing cryptid research since 1977When he had his second encounter, having had his first in 1972, both in Northern Minnesota. Since then, Duke has been to various states for research, as well as living in and doing local research in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Wyoming and now Montana. Duke is the first researcher to bring the possible existence of the Cryptids known as ‘Mountain Giants’ and ‘Gugwe’ to the public's attention for the first time. Duke has appeared on over 2 dozen shows, has had his own radio show on the TFR Live radio network, and has done various collaborations such as “The Renegades” podcast and “Duke’s Conspiracy Corner” video series, and many guest appearances on the “Sasquatch Chronicles” podcast. Duke is also the founder and host of the World Bigfoot Radio show on You Tube (and other platforms) which is a ‘talkumentary’ style format, with heavy stress on showing the evidence from legitimate researchers across the World. Duke also heads up the Montana Bigfoot Project research team, which has a Facebook group of the same name as well. Duke and his team currently do research in Montana and release videos of their findings on his YouTube, Rumble and Bitchute channels.”

1hr 7mins

13 Feb 2022

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“Keeping an Intimate Relationship With God” (Bob Clark)

Calvary Georgetown Divide » All Sermons

Another great message from Bob Clark that begs the question, why are you still a Christian? From 1 John 1:9, may you be more blessed than you ever knew… https://coolcalvary.files.wordpress.com/2021/10/10.10.21.mp3


11 Oct 2021

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236: The Importance of Having a Reputable Web Host and Domain Registrar with Jason Logsdon and Bob Clark

Eat Blog Talk

This Clubhouse recording from 9/10/21 discusses the importance of enlisting a reputable web host and domain registrar to help run your food blog. Jason from Makin’ Bacon and Bob from Clarky Media give food bloggers solid advice on the topic. - Hear about a 48-hour, frustrating example of what can come of non-reputable companies hosting your site. - You get what you pay for! It is 100% worthwhile to pay extra for hosting if you are treating your blog as a business. - Did you know that your domain can be registered separately from your hosting company? It’s good to know this. So much more value is inside the episode!


13 Sep 2021

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10. Bob Clark‘s Deathdream (1974)

Loathsome Things: A Horror Movie Podcast

Welcome to the show notes for the tenth episode of the Loathsome Things Podcast! A soldier’s mother prays for him to return, first from Vietnam, then from death’s cold embrace… and then he does. Yay, what a heart-warming story! Oh wait, no, this movies spirals into a fantastic exploration of the Laocoön-edged destruction visited upon real male bodies as part of the impossible expectations of war-time masculinity. It’s Bob Clark’s forgottish masterpesque, Deathdream (or “Dead of Night”), released the same year as his magnum opus, Black Christmas. If you would like to recommend a movie, share neat trivia, tell Josh where he’s heard the “Right Bob” soundbite, or tell us about the things we over-appreciated or under-appreciated about this movie, you can do so by reaching out to us onTwitter: @LoathsomePodInstagram: @LoathsomePodFacebook: @LoathsomePodcast Please rate and review if you think other people would enjoy our show, or if you feel they should be warned! This episode is sponsored by Rosalie and Ed’s Trucker Diner. What do you know? You can get cigarettes, coffee, jelly beans, friendly small-town service, and affordable 1970s prices. Use promo code LOATHSOMETHINGS at checkout for a free gift of comically suspicious questions from the town drunk. What a great deal! And now, introducing: The Loathsome Things Official Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies of All Time List (of those we've reviewed for an episode of Loathsome Things: A Horror Movie Podcast)1. Deathdream (1974)2. The Empty Man (2020) 3. Basket Case (1982) 4. Don't Look Now (1973) 5. Black Mountain Side (2014)6. The Thing from Another World (1951) 7. Head Count (2018)8. Honeydew (2020) 9. Dementia Part II (2018) 10. Intersect (2020) That’s right, we’ve produced what is almost certainly the only Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies of All Time List that includes Gus Holwerda’s Intersect! Good luck sticking around on the list past episode 10, Gus!

1hr 44mins

5 Sep 2021