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PAXU Secret Panel - With Flip Florey, Bruce Voge, Chaz Marler, and Crystal Pisano

Flip the Table

Recorded in a secret location near PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA, Moderator Chris is joined by Flip Florey, Bruce Voge, Chaz Marler, and Crystal Pisano for the first ever 2 on 2 Wrong Scattergories Battle of Wits! Flip and Bruce represent the East, and Chaz and Crystal represent the west…which region will reign supreme? And does Moderator Chris still have what it takes to keep control of the Battle, or will the proceedings descend into chaos?


10 Dec 2019

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TrekProfiles #5: Crystal Pisano

The Tricorder Transmissions : a Star Trek podcast

A monthly podcast where we explore one Trek fan's history with Star Trek and hear their stories.This week's guest is Crystal Pisano! Find the show on Twitter @TrekProfiles

1hr 59mins

13 Jun 2018

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Trek Profiles 5: Crystal Pisano

Trek Profiles Podcast

A monthly podcast where we explore one Trek fan's history with Star Trek and hear their story about their love of Trek. This episode's guest is Crystal Pisano. She is a board game enthusiast and Star Trek fan. Connect with her on Twitter at @CrystalPisano If you liked the show, please head on over to iTunes or Google Play or wherever you listened and rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast, if you haven't already! Connect with the Trek Profiles podcast via:  - Email feedback@trekprofiles.com  - FB https://facebook.com/TrekProfiles  - Twitter https://twitter.com/trekprofiles  - Full show notes are posted at https://www.TrekProfiles.com This podcast brought to you by Stars and Sky Media Lab. It's Cosmic!

1hr 59mins

13 Jun 2018

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Top 5 Games that Create Stories (With Crystal Pisano from Board Game Blitz)

Meeple Overboard!

Hey hey hey!  We're joined by Crystal Pisano from Board Game Blitz, a female-led podcast that also runs 30 minutes. Crystal loves thematic games that create stories, so she's on to share her Top 5 alongside us for great games that do this well.  She's an absolute blast, and I don't know if we've laughed this hard recording an episode before. We hope you all enjoy!


10 Feb 2018

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TDT # 511 - Puzzle Games (with Crystal Pisano)

The Dice Tower

In this episode, we talk about Viral, Stop Thief, Immortals, Completto, the Play Dirty Expansion for Steam Park, and Startups.  Geoff talks about crystals, we hear a tale of horror, and answer questions about talking about jobs and an anti-Dice Tower faction.  Finally, we end the show discussing our favorite puzzle games.

1hr 43mins

27 Jun 2017