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S3:E2 Colson Steber on the Importance of Sales Tech

CEO Sales Insights

Season Three Episode TwoGuest: Colson Steber, Co-CEO of Communications for Research, Inc.Colson has built a reputation as a trusted advisor within the research and insights community. As Co-CEO of Communications for Research (CFR) and Ag Access, he is primarily responsible for finance and new customer development. His main focus is on helping clients navigate complex research situations and putting those around him in positions to succeed and continuously improve. Colson joined CFR in 2012 and spearheaded the creation of Ag Access in 2020.You can learn more about Colson and reach out to him on LinkedIn here:https://www.linkedin.com/in/colsonsteber/About Communications for Research, Inc.CFR delivers clients individualized research solutions. Our focus is on providing honest, dependable and knowledgeable service that builds sustainable business relationships. We are experienced in various methods of data collection, recruiting, tabulations, panel management, and many more specific research services. The CFR team led by a dedicated project manager brings a valuable asset to your business that respects your quality, time, and budgetLearn more about Communications for Research, Inc. here:https://www.cfrinc.net/


31 Mar 2021

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S4E6 – Pivoting To Success Out of Crisis With Colson Steber


Welcome back to Intellicast! On today’s episode, Brian Lamar and Producer Brian are joined by Colson Steber, the Co-CEO of Communications for Research and Ag Access.Colson first joined us last April, right at the high of the shutdown due to the pandemic. In that episode, he talked about the impact it was having on his business, and how he and his team were working to stay afloat. Today, Colson gives us an update on what has occurred since then.Colson starts off revisiting the impact he was facing during that time, including his work in progress dropping 70%. He then gets into a bit more detail around the additional hurdles he was facing during this time. Before you think this episode gets too down in the dumps, it is a good story with a good ending. Colson then gets into the pivots he and his organization have made over the last 8 months that have allowed them to build their own “v-shaped comeback”. He talks about how he was able to use PPP loans to keep his entire team, and then focus resources to push organizational projects that had been on the shelf, but we key to success in the future.Colson also talked about launching their new brand focused on the agriculture industry, Ag Access. He also discusses how they were able to get it off the ground and launched in a matter of a couple of months rather than a couple of years. Colson then gives some details on how the new brand and the more targeted focus they have with it has helped them recover and now flourishing.Colson and Brian then switch gears and talk about the changes internally Colson and his team made. This included moving his call center operations from in-person to totally virtual in two weeks. While that is impressive, Colson talks about having to add people starting in June, the turnover challenges he experienced, and changes he made, and how it has led to the lowest turnover rate the organization has ever had.Colson then talks about the results they achieved for 2020, including matching their 2019 revenues, after being down in Q2 significantly.In the last few minutes of the interview, Colson talks about some of the personal goals he has set for himself in 2021.We hope you enjoy this great story!You can learn more about Ag Access by visiting the website here: https://ag-access.com/You can connect with Colson on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colsonsteberWant to catch up on our blogs? Click here: https://emi-rs.com/blog/You can learn more about EMI’s DIY sample platform, CONNECTOR, and request a demo by visiting our website at www.emi-rs.com/connector/.Missed one of our webinars or want to get some of our whitepapers and reports? You can find it all on our Resources page on our website here: https://emi-rs.com/resources/Got a suggestion or feedback? Reach out to us at Intellicast@emi-rs.com, or on Twitter at @Intellicast1, or leave us a voicemail on our call-in line at 513-401-5463. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


8 Feb 2021

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Priscilla and Colson Steber Look for a Needle in a Haystack

Ponderings from the Perch

As Will Rogers famously said, “The farmer has to be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” In this episode, host and Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney talks with Colson Steber, Co-CEO at both Communications for Research, Inc (CFR) and Ag Access. They talk about agricultural research and how Ag Access has created an insights community specifically centered around a highly specialized sector that includes crop growers, livestock producers, feed mills, veterinarians, and more. “I joke that I spent the first eight years of my time at CFR convincing people that we could do more than ag. And now we’re leaning back into our niche, we can definitely be the experts on how to accelerate access to market,” Steber says, adding, “Everything from ingredient companies that sell back into large chemical companies, as well as user experience designers doing ag and precision ag tech all need research now, and that has widened the base of people that can draw on our services.”Additionally, Priscilla and Colson discuss remote work, content creation, priority development and continual self-improvement. SPONSORSInsights Marketing Day is back! This 1-day virtual event features must-have marketing expertise for market research companies. Get tips and tools from industry leaders, and leave informed and inspired! Visit insights-marketing.org and use the code PERCH for 20% off your ticket price. Multilingual Connections Are you conducting global research or marketing your brand to a multilingual audience? Reach out to Multilingual Connections for translation, transcription, voiceover and subtitling services in over 75 languages. Linguistic accuracy meets cultural nuance meets friendly and responsive service. Request a quote and mention “Little Bird Marketing” to get $100 off your first project at mlconnections.com. All car enthusiasts know the name Meguiars! From soap to wax, they’ve been polishing the world’s planes, trains and automobiles for more than 110 years. As one of the world’s leading surface care product companies, Meguiars provides car-crazy enthusiasts an opportunity to express their utmost pride with their vehicle and overall passion for the car hobby. Check them out at meguiars.com.


30 Oct 2020

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37. Colson Steber

On the M/A/R/C®

Our guest this week is Colson Steber, Co-CEO of Communications for Research! Colson is a self improvement nut and encourages others looking to elevate their game. He is an optimizer of systems and finds ways to make the complex more simple and achievable. When it comes to insights, Colson looks for ways to be an insights champion ally. Enjoy this great conversation between Merrill and Colson!   View a transcript of the podcast here. Transcripts are powered by FFTranscription -  Delivering fast, accurate marketing research transcripts in 48 hours or less.


1 Sep 2020

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Intellicast S3E19 – Colson Steber of Communications For Research


Welcome back to Intellicast! On this episode, Brian Lamar is joined by Colson Steber, Co-CEO of Communications For Research and the current President of the Great Lakes Chapter of the Insights Association. In the first segment of the interview, Colson discusses how he got his start in market research, and what led him to take over the family business. Colson also talks about the history of Communications For Research, and how it has evolved over the years. The guys then get into a deep discussion about how the current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Colson’s business. Colson gets honest with Brian about the impact and the decisions he has had to make as he tries to weather the storm. It is a perspective that many are experiencing, but few are talking about. In the second half of the interview, we switch gears a bit. First, Brian and Colson talk about the Great Lakes Chapter of the Insights Association and the collaborative environment they have fostered. Then we get to know Colson better, including the cool one-on-one experience he is creating for his kids, his pizza tossing past, his biggest source of pride, and the top 3 small business resources he has found to help with coronavirus. This is a great interview!If you want to learn more about Communications For Research and their capabilities, visit their website: https://www.cfrinc.net/. You can reach out to Colson by email at CSteber@cfrinc.net or on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colsonsteber/If you are interested in the resources Colson mentioned, here is the list of them:• https://preparedforsuccess.org/• https://www.ccoleadership.com/• https://simplenumbers.me/crisismgmt/You can discover more about the industry COVID-19 insights and resources, including EMI’s research and blogs by visiting here: https://emi-rs.com/covid-19-research-and-resources/ Got a suggestion or feedback? Reach out to us at Intellicast@emi-rs.com, or on Twitter at @Intellicast1, or leave us a voicemail on our call-in line 513-401-5463. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Apr 2020

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2019 CRC Series - Colson Steber - Communications for Research, Inc.

Happy Market Research Podcast

Welcome to the 2019 CRC Series. Recorded live in Orlando, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors and speakers at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Colson Steber, Co-CEO of Communications for Research, Inc.Find Colson Online:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colsonsteber Email: csteber@cfrinc.net Website: www.cfrinc.netFind Jamin Online:Email: jamin@happymr.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jaminbrazilTwitter: www.twitter.com/jaminbrazil Find Us Online: Twitter: www.twitter.com/happymrxp LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/happymarketresearch Facebook: www.facebook.com/happymrxp Website: www.happymr.com [00:00] Hi, this is Jamin. You're listening to the Happy Market Research Podcast. The next set of episodes are conversations I had at this year's Corporate Researchers Conference or CRC. This is put on by the Insights Association in Orlando, Florida. I had quite a few interesting conversations highlighting specific companies that exhibited this year as well as a couple of speakers, Wells Fargo, IBM, etc. I hope you have a really good rest of your day and enjoy these short episodes. [00:31] Hey, everybody. This is Jamin. You are listening to Happy Market Research Podcast. We are live at the Insights Association’s CRC event. What city are we in? I keep forgetting. [00:42]Orlando. [00:43]My guest today is Colson Steber; Communications for Research is the name of the company. Colson, thanks for being on the show. [00:51]Thanks. [00:52]You got to tell me something. This is the morning of Day Two. Did you go to any content yesterday? [01:00]I went to Steve August coaching. [01:02]Tell me what you thought. [01:04]I loved the tools he introduced to us in the session but did not engage a lot with the conversation during the session. Struck up a conversation with him afterwards and ended up taking up the entire afternoon getting free coaching for about two and a half hours. [01:20]I hope you bought him a drink or something. [01:21]Unfortunately, not. We got interrupted a lot since we sat in the lobby and lots of people walk past us that were arriving for the conference. [01:27]Does the ROI for him, does that pay off down the road, you think? Like good feelings? [01:33]For him?[01:35]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean he's now in a coaching business. So potentially, right. I mean, I now know his story. He knows my story and by… [01:44]There could be work down the line. What was one of your big takeaways from the conversation? Because the ROI might be somebody listens to this show and then reaches out to Steve August for coaching.[01:56]We talked a lot about how to go deeper in my niche of agriculture sector research without abandoning everything else we can do and can service. [02:14]It's the classic mile wide, inch deep versus go really deep in a single thing. And you've got to do both in a lot of cases.[02:23]So, as I was mentioning to you directly before this, I'm rethinking my marketing strategy for 2020 significantly and working to move entirely away from this list of services-based website to what outcome do we create for our customers? [02:44]Dude, I mean that's a really… Okay, so, let's back up. Give our audience a little context of Communications for Research. What is it you guys do? [02:53]We add value by helping to plan research, communicate that plan in terms of the sampling plan and field work and how it's going to get executed and then providing services to do so. And I call that research logistics. The best example being working with researchers themselves, typically as third-party contractors to understand how they're going to access the audience, help them with the screening criteria and what we'll do,


31 Oct 2019