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Movers & Shakers — Dana Thomas — Comment la mode a sacrifié la planète et l'humanité pour plus de profit (rediffusion)

Entreprendre dans la mode

Dans ce nouvel épisode, nous allons à la rencontre de Dana Thomas, elle est l’auteure de Fashionopolis, Gods and Kings et le best-seller du New York Times Deluxe. Elle a commencé sa carrière en écrivant pour la section Style du Washington Post et, pendant quinze ans, elle a été correspondante culturelle et de mode pour Newsweek à Paris. Elle est actuellement rédactrice en chef de Vogue Business et contribue régulièrement à la section Style du New York Times. Dans cet épisode, Dana reviens sur son parcours, sur la génèse de son dernier livre Fashionopolis et on parle des solutions pour une industrie de la mode plus responsable."Le système de la mode aujourd'hui c'est le même système colonialiste qu'il y a un siècle en arrière.""On produit 100 milliard de vêtements par an et 60% contiennent du polyester."" C'est le coton qu'on a créé dans un laboratoire qui consomme beaucoup d'eau. Le coton organique c'est une plante qui nécessite que très peu de ressources. Le coton peut pousser dans des terres très pauvres. C'est le coton transgénique créé par Monsanto qui demande beaucoup d'eau car pour un rendement six fois supérieur à du coton bio il faut 6 fois plus d'eau."Ce que vous allez apprendre dans l’épisode :Le parcours de DanaL'impacte de notre indutrie sur la planète et les gensComment elle a fait son enquête pour son livre FashionopolisComment on déconstruit notre modèle basé sur l'exploitation de l'homme par l'homme pour le profitComment les marques doivent communiquer sur leurs démarches responsablesComment le client final peuvent agir pour une mode plus responsableLe besoin de transparence des marquesLa mode après le Covid19Le role des journalistes pour une industrie plus responsableQu'est ce qui rend Dana optimiste pour la suite"Les industrie leaders ne veulent pas changer. Tant que le système fonctionne et gagne de l'argent, ils ne changeront pas."

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10 Aug 2021

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TGOS-Episode 114-Dr. Dana Thomas

Calvin W. Pennywell Jr.

Dr. Dana Thomas is a dentist whose objective is to maintain, if not better her patients' ability to smile. Her experience as a young girl inspired her to provide the same treatment to others who not only need it as patients, but everyday people. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/calvin-w-pennywell-jr/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/calvin-w-pennywell-jr/support


7 Aug 2021

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A Tribute to Alber Elbaz with Christine Vachon, Christopher Petkanas and Dana Thomas

A Different Tweed: Fashion Conversations with Bronwyn Cosgrave

On April 24th, the fashion designer, Alber Elbaz, died in Paris. He was 59 and the cause was Covid-19. This episode is a tribute to the women’s fashion designer who rose to fame when - after a stint designing ready-to-wear at Guy Laroche - Pierre Bergé appointed him to be a creative director at the House of Saint Laurent. Following his short tenure at Saint Laurent, Alber Elbaz went on to resurrect the house of Lanvin. He reigned there as creative director for 14 years and the fashion world fell in love with the modern femininity he channeled into the long dormant brand.  Special people talk about Alber Elbaz including the award-winning independent film producer, Christine Vachon. She worked with Alber Elbaz when he was Senior Designer at Geoffrey Beene in New York and Mr. Beene asked him to supervise the making of Tom Kalin’s short film, Geoffrey Beene 30. Christine produced the film with her partner at Killer Films, Pam Koffler. Christopher Petkanas - the author of Loulou & Yves: The Untold Story of Loulou de la Falaise and the House of Saint Laurent - weighs in on how Alber Elbaz made the leap from Guy Laroche to Saint Laurent where he was charged with rejuvenating Rive Gauche women’s wear. The author Dana Thomas assesses Alber’s contribution to fashion and - how just prior to his passing he had launched A-Z Factory. This was his own fashion house that was size-inclusive, seasonless and technically innovative.


30 Apr 2021

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Dana Thomas, Author of Fahionopolis, The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes

Heart Stock Radio Podcast

Dana Thomas is the author of Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes. Thomas began her career writing for the Style section of The Washington Post, and for fifteen years she served as a cultural and fashion correspondent for Newsweek in Paris. She is currently Editor-at Large for Vogue Business, and a regular contributor to The New York Times Style section. Hear her story and the impacts of fast fashion on this episode. Heart Stock Radio is a production of KBMF 102.5 and underwritten by Purse for the People


25 Apr 2021

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Dana Thomas on Challenging the Morality of an Entire Industry: Examining the sustainable fashion movement and how to get on board

Beyond Style Matters

In this episode, investigative fashion and culture journalist Dana Thomas, author of the eye- opening best seller “Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes,” sits down with Jeanne to discuss the importance of sustainable fashion, how it’s changing the industry and how we can all contribute to the movement by simply altering our consumer habits. To see more of Jeanne Beker, head to shoptsc.ca/StyleMatters.


19 Apr 2021

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The High Cost of Cheap Clothes with Dana Thomas

Factually! with Adam Conover

Clothes today cost a fraction of what they cost our grandparents — but why, and at what cost? Journalist and author Dana Thomas joins Adam to break down how fast fashion has made the industry explode into a one-trillion dollar industry, how dismal the working conditions are in many overseas factories, and how to shop and dress more sustainably. To check out Dana’s newest book Fashionopolis, visit http://factuallypod.com/books.  

1hr 6mins

31 Mar 2021

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The Future of Fashion with Fashionopolis Author Dana Thomas

The Futurist Podcast

Best selling author Dana Thomas shares her insights into the future of the fashion industry. Having began her career in the hallowed offices of The Washington Post, Dana has applied the hard nosed journalistic styles she learned there to the fashion industry. Never afraid to ask hard questions, Dana has been obsessesd with tugging at the threads of the industry’s murkier side. The result is a trilogy of books, culminating in her most recent Fashionopolis, which we discuss at length in this podcast. The best part of Dana’s work is that she gives us tangible evience that there is hope yet for the failing fashion industry and that there is still a chance we can change its environmental and human impact on our planet. 


3 Sep 2020

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Dana Thomas on How Covid-19 Is Transforming the Fashion Industry

At a Distance

Fashion journalist Dana Thomas, author of the book “Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes,” discusses how the pandemic promotes a more conscious approach to dressing, why overproduction remains the clothing industry’s biggest problem, and the environmental damage caused by the binge-and-purge cycle of “fashion bulimia.”


27 Aug 2020

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Sustainability In The Time of Covid 19 with Journalist Dana Thomas

REV On Air - Sustainable Stories

We speak to journalist and author of the amazing book Fashionopolis Dana Thomas about how fashion is being impacted by Covid 19, and where we might be on the other side of this pandemic. We also talk about the rise, and perhaps now the fall, of fast fashion, and why we should be thinking about what we purchase and where from, particularly in the lead up to Fashion Revolution Week. 


8 Apr 2020

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044 Dana Thomas - Fashion's Leading Investigative Journalist

Fashion Your Seatbelt

Dana Thomas is a dyed in the wool, true blue journalist. She lives it, breaths it and consumes it every day. She is the Woodward and Bernstein or the Ronan Farrow, if you will, of the fashion industry. Her deep dive, investigative books into the inner workings of the fashion world have earned her the respect of her peers and I am sure, when she comes knocking, a few shivers of fear down the spine of at least a couple of CEOs during her career. In 2007 she published the New York Times bestseller, "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster" which explored the dark side of the multi-billion-dollar business and exposed the hidden secrets that luxury brands didn’t want to have see the light of day. Then in 2015 she published “Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano”. In that book, Thomas explored how two of the most creative and influential designers of the past 30 years cracked under the pressure of the 24/7 incessant demands of a business built on always coming up with the next big thing, must-have accessory and the designer as superstar approach to creating a global fashion powerhouse. And now Thomas is back with another timely and on-point book called “Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes”. This time she examines the damage wrought by the global clothing industry and the role that sustainably, accountability, fair trade and transparency must take if the world of fashion wants to stay viable in the coming decades as the needs of the consumers and the climate both change. After a year in Paris working as a model, Thomas moved back to the United States to start her award-winning career by cutting her teeth in journalism writing for the Style section of The Washington Post. She then returned to Paris and was, for fifteen years, a cultural and fashion correspondent for Newsweek in the city of light. Her work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, and Architectural Digest, just to name a few. And in 2016, the French Minister of Culture named her a Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters. I met up with Thomas in her home in the 7th arrondissement in Paris. There, surrounded by her collection of rare and out of print fashion books, with her dog Daisy at her feet and her daughter Lucie studying in the next room, we talked about her new book, her life long love of fashion and her ability to spot a seminal story before anyone else.


20 Mar 2020