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Episode 1: Lucas Sin, Junzi Kitchen (New York, NY)


Lucas Sin, founder of Junzi Kitchen (based out of New York City, New York) shares his devotion to food exploration and design, walking us through his design-thinking and scientifically-driven approach to curating the perfect dish, his trips to find inspiration in regional Chinese dishes, and his mission to changing the perception and narrative of Chinese American food.  Lucas started his culinary journey as a 16 year-old in an abandoned newspaper factory in Hong Kong, and then went on to graduate from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut - where he met his co-founders for Junzi Kitchen. Now, Junzi Kitchen has five total locations, and Lucas has channeled his energy into developing additional ventures, which include: 1. Nice Day, a way to order Chinese American classics aimed to combat the decline of mom-and-pop Chinese restaurants in America 2. Distance Dining, a fusion-based tasting menu that can be delivered straight to your door featuring partnerships with other NY eateries 3. Hand-crafted chili oil in a charity partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lucas was also just honored under Forbes 2020 Food & Drink 30 under 30 list! Listen in to see how he made it happen.

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5 Apr 2021

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Episodio 21: Lucas sin gorra, clubes de barrio y el batido de coco

Aislados El Podcast

Les dejo el  Capítulo número 21 de Aislados Pero Con Internet. Un proyecto sale cada semana juntos a Lucas Lauriente, Lucho Mellera y Victor Nanutria. Vamos a estar hablando de cómo vivimos la cuarentena y otras cosas. Espero que les guste! Por favor comenten , compartan y suscribanse al canal así cada vez mas gente lo ve y nos motiva a seguir metiéndole.


14 Oct 2020

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Lucas Sin - Junzi Kitchen

The Line

On today’s show, I welcome Lucas Sin, Eater Young Guns Class of 2019 and Forbes 30 under 30 and the chef/partner in Junzi Kitchen. Lucas opened his first restaurant when he was 16, in an abandoned newspaper factory in his hometown of Hong Kong with the help of friends and support from his family. While obtaining a degree in the Cognitive Science and English departments, he also hosted a popup out of his dorm and cooked at multiple restaurants in New Haven. In the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute he met his future Junzi Kitchen business partners and incubated the concept. In 2015, Junzi kitchen opened in New Haven and now has 3 additional locations in New York City. The company also has a new concept called Nice Day, which was born out of the pandemic and is focused on honoring classic American-Chinese classics. Nice day is currently incubating inside of a Junzi location, while they plan to launch its own brick and mortar location soon. In this episode we talk about pop-ups, not knowing what goes into opening a restaurant, the rapid growth of Junzi Kitchen and the past present and future of American-Chinese food.Heritage Radio Network is a listener supported nonprofit podcast network. Support theLINE by becoming a member!theLINE is Powered by Simplecast.

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25 Aug 2020

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Chef Lucas Sin

Inner Wealth

Our host, Nicole Cacal, catches up with Chef Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen. Their conversation took place in early 2020, just as New York City and the rest of the United States was entering quarantine. They discuss the ways Lucas has applied Design Thinking to Junzi during the pandemic and how operating more as a startup has kept his restaurant at the forefront of innovative dining options during a particularly challenging time for the foodservice industry.—Chef Lucas Sin on LinkedInNicole Cacal on LinkedInForbes Ignite WebsiteForbes Ignite on InstagramForbes Ignite on LinkedIn


29 Jul 2020

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S2E3: How I Became a Culinary Director with Lucas Sin

The New School Podcast with Christine Hong

When I first met Lucas Sin, he was running a pop up restaurant every Friday night in the basement of a Yale dormitory. Little did I know he would go on to design the entire food menu for the successful chain of fast-casual restaurants, Junzi Kitchen. Junzi Kitchen’s mission is to update the American understanding of Chinese cuisine and has been dubbed “the sweetgreen of Chinese food” by Vogue magazine. Since starting Junzi Kitchen, Lucas has been named on Forbes 30 under 30 and Eater Young Guns, which names the future leaders of the restaurant world. In this episode, we talk about how he developed an interest in food, how he helped launch a successful restaurant chain, and what his day to day is like as a culinary director and chef. To learn more about Lucas Sin, check out our show notes at https://www.thenewschoolpodcast.com/episodes/s2e3-how-i-became-a-culinary-director-with-lucas-sin--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


18 May 2020

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Lucas Sin on Chinese Cuisine in the United States

NCUSCR U.S.-China Insights

What can food teach us about history, immigration, and international relations? For Lucas Sin, chef and culinary director of Junzi Kitchen, food is a window into a larger world, one where Chinese and American culture and history collide, mix, and transform. From four-thousand-year-old noodles to Nixon’s 1972 'chopstick diplomacy,' from the suburbanization of Americanized Chinese food to the modern proliferation of regional and fusion styles, Chef Sin discusses the evolving landscape of Chinese cuisine in the United States, and its ability to change perspectives by sparking connections between people. Lucas Sin opened his first restaurant when he was 16, in an abandoned newspaper factory in his hometown of Hong Kong. Despite spending his Yale undergraduate years in the Cognitive Science and English departments, Lucas spent his weekends running restaurants out of his dorm, known as Y Pop-up. After stints at Michelin 3-star Kikunoi Honten in Kyoto and Modernist Cuisine in Seattle, he is now on a mission to revitalize Chinese cuisine in the United States as the chef and culinary director of Junzi Kitchen.


7 Nov 2019

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Lucas Sin with Junzi Kitchen

Weekly Welcome

Lucas Sin, Culinary Director of Junzi Kitchen, a chain of Chinese fast-casual restaurants, joins us to share his upbringing in Hong Kong, his takes on regional Chinese cooking, as well as his opinions on the ever controversial word in the modern culinary world ― "authentic."A graduate of Yale University, Lucas met the Co-Founders of Junzi in New Haven, Connecticut. With a mission and purpose to change the perception and narrative of Chinese food, he set out to do exactly that.Lucas started his culinary experience running a pop-up as a 16 year-old in an abandoned newspaper factory on the outskirts of Hong Kong and hasn't looked back since.


7 Oct 2019

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Episode 41: Changing the Narrative of Chinese Food in America with Chef Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen

Food Without Borders

Chef Lucas Sin of Junzi Kitchen opened his first restaurant at the age of 16 in an abandoned newspaper factory in his hometown of Hong Kong and then ran a pop-up restaurant out of dorm at Yale University. With Junzi Kitchen, he aims to update the narrative on the modern Chinese everyday food experience in the United States.


19 Sep 2018