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Engaging with a World in Turmoil: Bob Rae


The UN was created partly to prevent war yet war's the one thing it hasn’t been able to prevent. Still despite its flaws, Canada’s ambassador to the UN, Bob Rae says it's a good place to start. Rae makes an impassioned plea for engaging with a world in turmoil.


12 Jan 2023

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Bob Rae and the cascade of crises

The Paul Wells Show

As Canada’s Ambassador to the UN, Bob Rae is not afraid to speak his mind, even when it’s not clear whether the government stands behind him. In this episode, he talks about the role of the UN in an age of mounting skepticism towards global institutions, his reputation for being outspoken, and dealing with the "cascade of crises" taking place around the world. He also challenges Paul on a column he wrote in 2020, questioning Rae’s appointment to his current job. Please take five minutes to complete this podcast survey for a chance at a $100 gift card.


26 Oct 2022

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What war, energy and climate change mean for Canada’s economic future – Bob Rae, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations


Today we welcome special guest and Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, The Honourable Bob Rae to the program. Mr. Rae joins host Pamela Ritchie for a wide-ranging conversation on the impacts of war, today’s energy crises and climate change. Mr. Rae speaks about Canada’s role on the world economic stage. He says today’s current issues on trade, food production and immigration all affect our global economy. The former Premier of Ontario offers tools and strategies needed to further support Ukraine. He also discusses the current situation in Iran and how Canada should continue to draw global attention to what’s happening in the Middle-Eastern country. Recorded on October 18, 2022. At Fidelity, our mission is to build a better future for Canadian investors and help them stay ahead. We offer investors and institutions a range of innovative and trusted investment portfolios to help them reach their financial and life goals. Fidelity mutual funds and ETFs are available by working with a financial advisor or through an online brokerage account. Visit fidelity.ca/howtobuy for more information. For the second year in a row, FidelityConnects by Fidelity Investments Canada was ranked the #1 podcast by Canadian financial advisors in the 2022 Environics’ Advisor Digital Experience Study.


20 Oct 2022

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Bob Rae, CEO Clear Captions - Push to the edge of what you’re capable of

Brave Feminine Leadership

Together Bob Rae and I discuss the lessons he absorbed from his mother as the corporate executive - painting an exciting vision far from his coal mining hometown. The hard work and customer ethics from his entrepreneurial father and the benefit of his psychology degree in understanding and leading people. Bob moved often to chase growth and stretch himself to the edge of his capabilities, his advice in this regard is a must listen. We also discuss the power of having and being a good sponsor. Listen to why he has executives who have followed him from company to company. With over 30 years of success in technology, telecommunications and services business, Bob Rae is the CEO and President of ClearCaptions, a US based phone captioning company that today is a nationwide company in the US serving hundreds of thousands of hard-of-hearing consumers. Bob and I were lucky to meet on life’s journey, when he was a highly valued client of mine years ago. I thank him for adding his voice to this conversation.


23 Sep 2022

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Bob Rae on Friday’s violent attack on his friend, author Salman Rushdie

The Current

We talk to Bob Rae about the implications of Friday’s shocking violent attack on author Salman Rushdie. Rae is Canada's Ambassador to the UN, and also one of Rushdie’s friends. We also listen back to Matt Galloway's conversation with Rushdie, from Aug. 2021.


15 Aug 2022

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The Global Exchange: The Hon. Bob Rae on the UN

The CGAI Podcast Network

On this episode of The Global Exchange, Colin Robertson speaks to the Honourable Bob Rae about diplomacy, multilateralism, the rules-based international order in the context of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.Participant's bio:Bob Rae is the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations in New York. Mr. Rae served as Premier of Ontario from 1990-1995, and interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada from 2011-2013. In October 2017, Mr. Rae was appointed as Canada’s Special Envoy to Myanmar, and, in March 2020, he was named by Prime Minister Trudeau to be Canada’s Special Envoy on Humanitarian and Refugee Issues. Bob Rae is a Privy Councillor, a Companion of the Order of Canada, a member of the Order of Ontario, and has numerous awards and honorary degrees from institutions in Canada and around the world. In addition to several government reports, he is the author of five books.Host bioColin Robertson is a former diplomat and a senior advisor at the Canadian Global Affairs InstituteRead, Listen, WatchBob Rae on the United Nations and the State of the World: https://www.cgai.ca/bob_rae_on_the_united_nations_and_the_state_of_the_world"Putin’s War: Truth and Consequences" by Bob Rae – https://www.policymagazine.ca/putins-war-truth-and-consequences/George Orwell: https://www.orwellfoundation.com/the-orwell-foundation/orwell/books-by-orwell/Sorry, I don't speak French by Graham Fraser – https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/55857/sorry-i-dont-speak-french-by-graham-fraser/9780771047671Putin's People by Catherine Belton – https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780374712785/putinspeopleSeize the Day by Geoffrey Pearson – https://www.amazon.ca/Seize-Day-Lester-Pearson-Diplomacy/dp/0886292174Murder in Provence – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14728056/Recording Date: 2 May 2022Follow the Canadian Global Affairs Institute on Facebook, Twitter (@CAGlobalAffairs), or on LinkedIn. Head over to our website at www.cgai.ca for more commentary.Produced by Charlotte Duval-Lantoine. Music credits to Drew Phillips


23 May 2022

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Bob Rae on Orwell's Politics and the English Language, totalitarianism and genocide

The Biblio File hosted by Nigel Beale

Bob Rae is a Canadian diplomat, lawyer, former Premier of Ontario, and former interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. A Rhodes Scholar and graduate of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, he is currently Canada's Ambassador to the United Nations. He has been elected to federal and provincial parliaments 11 times (between 1978 and 2013), and reveres the English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic George Orwell.    Because of this I invited him to engage in a conversation with me about Orwell's essay "Politics and the English Language."  Politicians have always abused language. Current political tensions have only ratcheted this up, here in Canada and around the world. It needs to be called-out, because, as Orwell reminds us, getting rid of bad habits in the use of language encourages clearer thinking, and to think clearly is a necessary first step toward political regeneration, something that we need big-time in 2022.    During our conversation we discuss: stale imagery, lack of precision, meaningless words, quotes from Alan Sandison's book George Orwell: After 1984, the use of cliche, Orwell's contradictions, the word "totalitarian," ramifications of using the term "genocide," U.N.-speak, the definition of "recent," and much more, on this, the most recent installment of The Biblio File Book Club.


9 May 2022

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The Bridge: Encore Presentation - Bob Rae On Negotiating With A War Criminal

The Bridge with Peter Mansbridge

An encore presentation of an episode that originally aired on April 4th. A special episode featuring an exclusive interview with Canada's Ambassador to the United Nations, Bob Rae.  At issue: whether its right to negotiate with a proven liar and war criminal, in this case, Vladimir Putin.  Why do it, and if you do, why trust him?


12 Apr 2022

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Your Turn -- Was Bob Rae Right or Wrong?

The Bridge with Peter Mansbridge

Lots of reaction to Bob Rae's appearance on The Bridge this week -- most felt Canada's Ambassador to the UN was bang on about negotiating with a war criminal, but not everyone. Also this week, your thoughts on the behaviour of MP's in the House of Commons, Covid, and more.


7 Apr 2022

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Bob Rae On Negotiating With A War Criminal

The Bridge with Peter Mansbridge

A special episode featuring an exclusive interview with Canada's Ambassador to the United Nations, Bob Rae.  At issue: whether its right to negotiate with a proven liar and war criminal, in this case, Vladimir Putin.  Why do it, and if you do, why trust him?


4 Apr 2022