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21 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Arthur Christmas. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Arthur Christmas, often where they are interviewed.

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21 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Arthur Christmas. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Arthur Christmas, often where they are interviewed.

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168. Arthur Christmas

The Ink N' Paint Club Podcast
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It's no Christmas movie left behind as we talk about Arthur Christmas.




Apr 09 2020



Arthur Christmas

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Merry Christmas! To celebrate the holidays this week we reviewed an underappreciated Christmas film, Arthur Christmas.  From the animation studio Aardman comes a delightful film directed by Sarah Smith with the voice talents of; James McAvoy, Ashley Jensen, Bill Nighy, Hugh Laurie and Jim Broadabent.

Does this film deserve to enter the Christmas canon and become a classic Christmas film to be watched with milk and cookies every year?

Dec 23 2019



Is Arthur Christmas Awful?

Your Favourite Film is Awful
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In this episode, we've invited Julie the Chwismas Viking Queen on to defend Arthur Christmas (2011),

How will she fair?

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Dec 22 2019



Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (1992) and Arthur Christmas (2011)

Film Stories with Simon Brew
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In the latest episode of Film Stories with Simon Brew, two festive films that each faced particular challenges to bring to the screen.

Home Alone 2 (1992) proved to be a tricky shoot, and the movie would have a direct knock-on for another film as well. 

Meanwhile, 2011's Arthur Christmas saw Aardman design the entire film in Bristol, before it was animated in America. And it'd have a touch of Paul Greengrass about it.

Stories of both are discussed in this episode.

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Dec 16 2019



090 CHRISTMAS (The Muppet Christmas Carol, Black Christmas 2006 and Arthur Christmas)

Sudden Double Deep
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Ho Ho Ho you filthy ho-bags!

Our Christmas episode covers Brian Henson's classic Charles Dickens' adaptation, The Muppet Christmas Carol (starring Michael Caine). We also covered the 2006 remake of Black Christmas/ Black Xmas AND Arthur Christmas (starring James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Laurie, Imelda Staunton and Ashley Jensen).

Have a massively happy festive season from Ben, Jeanette and Daryl. Thank you for listening!

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Dec 12 2019

1hr 42mins


2.29 Arthur Christmas

Married to the Idea
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Welcome to the end of 2018, and the end of Season Two! We wrap up with a wonderful and underrated holiday movie, Arthur Christmas. We hope you find the simple beauty and heartfelt message within that we did, and make it part of your viewing list next Christmas. See you in 2019! *NO SPOILERS - We want you to enjoy it like we did: without spoilers.*

Dec 31 2018



Episode 141: Holiday 2018 with Arthur Christmas and Trading Places

Geekdown Podcast
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No days off for the Geekdown as we bring you your annual holiday hang, checking out the 2011 animated flick Arthur Christmas and the 1983 role-reversal comedy Trading Places.

We also talk about Netflix puling back the curtain a bit, recommend The Holiday Calendar, recommend stationery and give out a present or two. If you need to get away from your family for 90 minutes, come see us.

Happiest of holidays, friends! Thank you for your continued support (either via,, or just by listening) and we'll be back with you in the new year.

Theme music by Rob Gasser (, licensed under (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Dec 24 2018

1hr 31mins


#13 - Christmas Special - "Arthur Christmas" (2011)

Thicc & Butter Movie Podcast
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Happy Holidays!! In the episode, we talk about an underrated Christmas film "Arthur Christmas", and talk about out Christmas traditions! We hope you have/had a wonderful holiday season!


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Dec 23 2018



SIP Episode 33: Arthur Christmas

Second Impressions Podcast
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Emma does a first impression of Danica's favourite Christmas movie! Does Arthur Christmas live up to Danica's hype? We discuss important questions like the North Pole's time zone and how #millennialsanta would find a date. Twitter: @impressionspod Instagram: @secondimpressionspodcast Email:

Dec 16 2018



Episode 90: Arthur Christmas

Feelin' Film
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It's all about Santa's extended family and a modern Christmas for our holiday episode this year and we hope this episode finds you smiling as much as we did during the 2011 British adventure comedy, ARTHUR CHRISTMAS. 

Arthur Christmas Review - 0:00:50

The Connecting Point - 0:40:48

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Dec 24 2017