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Nehemiah House, Madurese Outreach, San Francisco Homeless Showers, Poipet Ministry

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YWAM Philippines runs a treatment program for victims of physical or sexual abuse, the shower ministry of YWAM San Francisco, outreach to the Khmer people in Cambodia, YWAM Frontier Missions shares some encouraging stories the multiplication of the Gospel, and more on this episode of the YWAM News Show. Thank you for checking out this, the 117th episode of the Youth With A Mission News Show, I’m your host, Bill Hutchison. You can contact us, subscribe to future episodes, leave comments, and find links to all the stories we talk about on the show notes for this podcast at ywampodcast.com/117 … Stories: Create International Madurese Outreach Report Create International has brought the Gospel to the unreached by making top quality films in the local languages and culture of people groups that have little witness. The media that they have created help workers in North Africa, the Middle East, and Indonesia. One of the exciting stories to come out of Create International is the story of Madurese … Watch this video on YouTube. You can read more about the Create International ministry over at the YWAM Frontier Missions web-site, ywamfm.org, or on the Create International web-site, createinternational.com. Nehemiah House – YWAM Phillipines YWAM Nehemiah House In 1996 YWAM in the Philippines started the first Nehemiah House to provide a Christ centred treatment program for female victims of physical or sexual abuse between the ages 7-18. Currently they operate two homes, one in Cagayan de Oro City and in Malaybalay City, both of which are located on the island of Mindanao. When the girls get rescued out of their situation they are often very hurt, confused, often sick, and have very little in the way of belongings. The program at YWAM Nehemiah House helps to bring healing and love to the girls. The centre can help as many as 50 girls at a time at their two homes. There is plenty of opportunity for you to go and help with the Nehemiah House in the Phillipines. There are chances to work with the girls and also around the property. At one of the homes  there is a farm that is planted with palm and fruit trees, this year a team from Germany volunteered and taught the girls self defence, and there are many other opportunities if you want get involved. You can check out their web-site at ywamnhi.org to find out more, including how you can volunteer or support their ministry. YWAM San Francisco Shower Ministry One of the ministries that YWAM San Francisco is engaged in is providing showers for some of the many homeless in the Tenderloin … Watch this video on YouTube. Find out more about the YWAM San Francisco ministry at ywamsanfrancisco.org. UofN Poipet Ministries Since 2016 Youth With A Mission has been working in Poipet, which is just inside the Cambodian border with Thailand. They work to help the Khmer people there through their various training programs and ministries … Watch this video on YouTube. You can find out more about their ministry, including how they are working to influence the seven spheres of society, on their web-site, uofnpoipet.com. YWAM Paris Connect Youth With A Mission in Paris, France has recently launched their Property Project … Watch this video on YouTube. Visit ywamparisconnect.com to see how you can get involved. YWAM Toowoomba Mercy Campaign YWAM Toowoomba in Australia has a desire to use their “arts as a voice for the voiceless – to bring faces, names and stories to the attention of the public that may otherwise go unheard, and to speak God’s love and promises over injustices around the earth.” Their vision is to see vulnerable people groups rescued by the love of God, both physically in circumstance and spiritually through Salvation … Watch this video on YouTube. Visit ywamtoowoomba.com to find out more. YWAM Blantyre Malawi Ministry Youth With A Mission is running an exciting ministry in Blantyre, Malawi … Watch this video on YouTube. You can find out more about the ministry of YWAM Blantyre on their web-site, ywamblantyre.com. YWAM Frontier Missions – Multiplying Story Groups YWAM Frontier Missions has released an encouraging stories about how telling our stories, and the stories of God’s truth, leads to the multiplication of the Gospel … Watch this video on YouTube. YWAM Frontier Missions has many exciting opportunities to serve and learn. You can find out more at ywamfm.org. Training FIS – Foundation for Intercultural Studies – Nepal Starting at the end of September the Foundations for Intercultural Studies course will be running in Nepal. The FIS is a course run by YWAM Frontier Missions designed to train you to go out into the missions Frontlines. This course actually takes it a step further as it is actually run on the Frontline… The thing that makes this Foundations for Intercultural Studies stand out is their Homestay Program where students live with a local family in a traditional Nepali village. During the time you will be able to learn ways to share the Gospel in a culturally sensitive way, both theoretically and practically. You will help to plant fellowships of believers that are able to multiply by themselves. The course includes a four week lecture phase when you will stay at a hostel to learn about intercession and how to act within the culture, and then you live eight weeks with a local family in a traditional village. Those twelve weeks are followed by a field trip to Delhi and Varanasi to visit people who are practising both Disciple Making Movements and culturally effective ministry in their daily life. The field trip is followed up by an outreach where you will continue living with a host family while living out what you have learned during the lecture phase and field trip. The course runs from September to May, and you can find out more at ywamfm.org. Member Care Seminar The next Missionary Care Foundations Course will be running from November 3 – 23 in Lucatin, Slovakia. This course is designed for leaders, member care workers and people interested in member care. It will empower you to help others throughout their missionary journey. It’s meant for people who would like to: support the YWAM workers in your location to thrive and grow in their personal lives and in their ministry enable YWAMers to start well, move safely through difficult transitions and finish strong help YWAMers who face challenges, stress or crisis avoid seeing staff leave prematurely see your staff and teams be all God wants them to be Some of the things that you will learn are: The seven care support systems for missionaries The missionary life cycle – entry, transitions, reentry, closure Resolving conflicts listening and coaching skills Helping others in grief and loss Trauma, depression, suicide Caring for families, third culture kids, and singles in missions Risk and contingency plans more … You can find out more on the Member Care Europe Facebook page. YWAM Tyler Urban Missions School YWAM Tyler is looking for 12-people who want to see God transform urban areas of the world and join their Urban Missions training school … Watch this video on YouTube. The Urban Missions Training School will be launching in October and you can find out more at ywamtyler.org. Feedback ywampodcast.com/117 Subscribe ywampodcast.com/subscribe If you liked the program, tell a friend. If you didn’t like it, tell a friend anyway … Watch this video on YouTube. The post Nehemiah House, Madurese Outreach, San Francisco Homeless Showers, Poipet Ministry first appeared on YWAM Podcast.


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