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121 - Check In with Justin Martindale

Sincerely Fortune

Fortune and comedian Justin Martindale catch up on some of the latest pop culture news, shows to watch, scooter accidents and more!  Thanks to our sponsors: Thanks BetterHelp.  Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/fortune Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play.


16 Jun 2021

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Justin Martindale - HoneyTwink

The HoneyDew with Ryan Sickler

My HoneyDew this week is Justin Martindale! Justin returns to Highlight Lowlights about his Hollywood twins days, his blacklisting, and his DUI. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE and watch full episodes of The Dew every toozdee! https://www.youtube.com/rsickler SUBSCRIBE TO MY PATREON, The HoneyDew with Y’all, where I Highlight the Lowlights with Y’all! ALSO, you now get audio and video of The HoneyDew on Mondees, ad-free at no additional cost! It’s only $5/month! Sign up for a year and get a month free! https://www.patreon.com/TheHoneyDew SPONSOR: EXPRESSVPN Secure your online activity by visiting ExpressVPN.com/HONEYDEW TODAY! That’s ExpressVPN.com/HONEYDEW and you can get an extra three months FREE!

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24 May 2021

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Ep 49 - Justin Martindale is Here to Help with Your Herpes (but Not Your Revenge)!

This Might Help with Matt Braunger

Justin Martindale is a strong-jawed “Store guy” like myself (half of this is true for me). We’re both Comedy Store performers here in LA, we’re both tall guys, but only Justin is cool, and gay. He’s recently returned from a somewhat rough gig performing in the deserts of Palm Springs so we’ve caught him at a particularly hilarious time. Justin has always cracked me up, always been a cool dude, and always had a both a good sardonic side and a good heart (to me, the best kind of combination). Whew! That’s a long sentence (but necessary). This was a fun one. Also, the calls this week are NUTS.THE CALLS:1) A guy with real dating trouble has found a lady he really likes! The problem: She has herpes. What to do?2) A man’s wife has asked for divorce. He asks: What’s the best way to take revenge? (!!)3) Justin wants to know what to do about his “shitting” dog, and how he should approach his position of authority at a new job. Help! Thanks, like, and subscribe. You’re helping people with herpes when you do!Call Matt and ask a question 323-763-0228New episodes arrive every Thursday via The Laugh Button.For advertising opportunities email advertise@thelaughbutton.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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6 May 2021

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602 - Justin Martindale - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

SPONSORS: - Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play - Go to https://Whoop.com and use code "Yourmom" for 15% off - Go to https://squarespace.com/MOM for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MOM to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. - Go to https://www.expressvpn.com/YOURMOM to get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free - Head to https://policygenius.com/ to save up to $1,055 per year on your home and auto insurance rates -Go to https://Nutrafol.com and use promo code YMH to save 20% off your first month’s subscription plus free shipping JEANS UP!! Tom Segura and Christina P start off this week's episode of YMH by discussing Orson Welles' famous Paul Masson champagne commercial, Zac Efron in 17 Again, taking pictures with fans, and Bert Kreischer's birthday present for Tom. Christina also shows off the birthday cake she had specially made for him. They watch videos of a guy showing off his dad bob, a remix of the Indian bee attack from a couple weeks ago, and a clip of Tom's early stand-up. They read listener emails from a girl who went on a date with Tony Johns, and another who cleaned up bodily fluids at Disneyland. Justin Martindale is a comedian and the host of the "Glitter and Garbage" podcast. He joins the Main Mommies to discuss TikTok, life as a gay man, the doctor who insists having sex with men doesn't make you gay, and hooking up with straight guys. Tom and Tina help Justin create a Grindr profile, and show him videos of YMH All-Star RPC, "Horrible or Hilarious" videos, and Christina's TikTok curations for this week.

2hr 16mins

5 May 2021

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Do We Owe Lindsay Lohan an Apology? With Justine Marino and Justin Martindale

Shady Shit

The age-old question remains - did we Britney Lilo or did she destroy herself? Should we have tried to save her from the press, her parents and cocaine?  Why has everyone else in her Kitson crew been able to make a comeback and she hasn't? The duo behind the Glitter and Garbage Podcast, comedians Justine Marino and Justin Martindale join Casey to discuss the many ups and downs and jail stints of our favorite red head. SPOILERS! Did Lindsay walk so Billie could run?  Do we need to be worried about Noah and Miley?? Did Lilo fat shame Justin??? WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!  This episode is a dang journey.  Produced by Dear Media.


16 Apr 2021

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6/26/2020. Comedian JUSTIN MARTINDALE joins. Marriage Equality Anniversary & moving forward, PRIDE flags, Catholic Lesbian Fired, Dr. Rachel Levine, Catfish Comedy & more.


11 Mar 2021

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Justin Martindale - Giant Meat

Dumb People Town

This week Justin Martindale comes to town to hang with Daniel, Jason and Randy. The first story is about a wild night at the best dinner. The second story is about one man's quest to give the fire department something to do. The final story is about the WORST kids tv show. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 Feb 2021

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Justin Martindale

The Late Night Podcast with Stuart and Luke

Stuart and Luke interview comedian Justin Martindale. They talk about their mutual love of shit talking, being out on stage, and how we all treated Britney Spears. Enjoy! Go buy Stuart’s album Dandy Man - available everywhere! Listen to Luke on Bill Burr Presents The Ringers wherever you stream comedy! Follow Justin on Twitter @justmartindale & IG @justinmartindale Follow the show @TheL8NightShow Follow Stuart @stuartbthompson Follow Luke on Twitter @LukeDoesStuff & IG @helphelphelphelp

1hr 7mins

10 Feb 2021

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Real Housewives Threesome & Justin Martindale

Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

Hilarious comedian Justin Martindale returns to get into all of the hottest topics. Including when he was let go from the E! Network several times, Demi Lovato’s ex fiancé calling paparazzi to snap his sadness, and a woman claiming Brad Pitt catfished her. Why are all the men so young for “the oldest bachelorette in history”? Did a threesome with a stripper take place while filming Real Housewives of Atlanta? Kristin Cavallari has a new boyfriend and we both know him. Plus more!  See Heather Live! Sponsors: Firstleaf Wine Club That’s six bottles of wine for only five dollars a bottle and free shipping Sleep Number Smartbed Apartments.com Bulldog Online Yoga use code juicy & you’ll automatically get fifty percent off after the thirty day free trial you’re already getting!  Allstate Identity ProtectionSupport the show: https://www.patreon.com/juicyscoopSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 27mins

15 Oct 2020

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85 - Cults and Things (with Justin Martindale)

Sincerely Fortune

Fortune catches up with comedian Justin Martindale to talk about the nxivm cult and the documentary about them, “The Vow.” They also give their most recent TV recommendations and how to stay sane right now. 


30 Sep 2020