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S3 EP9 Dot Dot Dot with Joshua Coombes - Hairdresser To The Homeless

DO Lectures podcast with Gav Thompson

In 2015, Joshua Coombes was walking home from his hairdressing salon in London when he stopped to talk to a homeless man and ended up giving him a haircut on the street that would change Joshua's life. Joshua has since gone on to take that very simple idea of giving a homeless person a little bit of free help and turned it into a movement #DoSomethingForNothing and has recently written a book about how this little act of selfless generosity can help change lives. Gav & Joshua have a (rather sweary) chat about the simplicity and power of this idea, the complex issue of homelessness and how we are just a few poor choices from ending up on the receiving end of one of his haircuts. This is a powerful story told by a passionate and charismatic maverick hairdresser and activist.  Please do have a listen, leave a review and subscribe. Thank you Please buy and read Joshua's book "Do Something for Nothing" and join the movement


24 Sep 2021

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81: Do Something For Nothing with Joshua Coombes

Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget with Margaret Josephs

Joshua Coombes is a British hairstylist, humanitarian and inspiration. He is the founder of #DoSomethingForNothing - a social media movement that encourages and inspires people to connect their skills and time to those who need them. I’m 2015 he offered a person experiencing homeless a haircut and the impact this simple act had was immediately clear. He knew at this moment he could positively impact people’s lives by offering free haircuts on the streets of London, to those experiencing homelessness in the capital. By posting these emotional and transformative images on his Instagram he started a social movement . His mission has grown internationally with Joshua’s story being featured in National Geographic's series 'The Story of Us' with Morgan Freeman released on Netflix internationally. Joshua has now written his first book which shows that through the simple act of a haircut, readers are taken on a geographical and emotional journey into the lives of people experiencing homelessness in different cities across the world. Do Something for Nothing explores themes of love, acceptance, shame, and perseverance while inviting us to see ourselves in one another and dissolve the negative stigmas surrounding homelessness. Additionally, 100% of the author's proceeds will be dedicated to future not-for-profit art projects to amplify the lives of isolated people. This episode is so inspiring and helps cut through the negative stigma of those experiencing homelessness and if you take away one message it’s that a simple act of kindness can have power beyond measure.


11 Aug 2021

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4: Joshua Coombes

Stories that Matter

Do Something for Nothing: Five years ago, Joshua Coombes began offering haircuts to men and women who were sleeping rough on the streets of London. He has since travelled the world continuing to do this, whilst sharing his experiences on social media amplifying the lives of people who are all too often invisible. This episode was produced by Matthew Shaw, with his own music and original compositions. http://www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk/


10 Aug 2021

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Do Something For Nothing with Joshua Coombes

The Curious Life

Joshua Coombes is the founder of the #DoSomethingForNothing movement, that encourages people to contribute their skills, time or simple acts of kindness to people who need it most. This is something that Joshua himself, has been doing for many years now. In 2015, quite by chance, Joshua met a man who was living on the streets, and they shared a long and meaningful conversation. As a professional hair stylist, Josh happened to have his scissors and clippers with him and on the spur of the moment, offered him a haircut. That moment transformed Joshua’s life in the most monumental way.This one moment of connection on the streets of London to the streets of the world, sparked a movement and Joshua has continued to offer his time and skills to people living on the streets across the globe. This isn’t about Josh though, and he would be the first to say so. It’s about the incredible stories of human connection that he shares with each individual.By sharing these transformational stories through social media and now through his beautiful book Do Something For Nothing, Joshua's aim is to destigmatise the issue of homelessness and advocate for social change.In this chat, Josh shares some of the poignant stories he has encountered along the way and the lessons he has taken away from them. It’s a moving discussion, delving into the themes of homelessness, love, inequality, shame and resilience.His work is truly inspiring and takes him around the world, amplifying the voices of some of life’s forgotten people. Josh is an incredibly humble, down to earth human, doing wonderful things for the global community.You can find Josh and take in some of his incredible work @joshuacoombes and @dosomethingfornothing and www.dosomethingfornothing.orgIf you liked this ep, please share it with your friends and follow us @thecuriouslifepodcast.Thank you to Julie Reynolds of @audiolemonade for her excellent editing and voice over work, as always. Find Julie yourself at www.audiolemonade.com


16 Jul 2021

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190: Catching up with Joshua Coombes

Hit The Streets with Valerie Jardin

This week Valérie shares a new conversation with her good friend Joshua Coombes, founder of #DoSomethingForNothing. Many of you are familiar with Josh and his work, as well as the photo documentary project I did on the streets of NYC and Paris a few years ago. We published two ebooks together as a way to support Josh’s work. Today, Josh has a new book titled Do Something For Nothing: Seeing Beneath the surface of homelessness, through the simple act of a haircut.


10 Jun 2021

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Joshua Coombes // Styling on the streets, storytelling and starting #DoSomethingForNothing

Seize the Yay

You may have heard me speak about Joshua Coombes in #yaysofourlives a few days ago and I’m so thrilled to say not only has his book Do Something for Nothing launched in Australia this week, he’s also joined us on the show for today’s episode. If you missed my intro on Monday, Joshua is a British hairdresser who took his skill onto the streets to give free haircuts to the homeless and, together with his passion and skill for storytelling, has created a global movement of kindness, connection and humanity.His new book shares stories as well as before and after images of people he’s met from all over the world showing the confidence, hope and joy he brings them from taking a moment to connect. For people who often feel invisible and misunderstood in society, he’s shining such an important light on homelessness and helping break down the stigma it’s still surrounded by. He’s also encouraging us all to do something for nothing – for him, it’s by giving free haircuts but he insists that we all have a skill or talent we can share for free with others. I found him so fascinating and his stories even more captivating! Note: you’ll notice the audio changes about half way through when his airpods died with a bit of clicking just beforehand, so apologies for the glitches, but we still managed to have an amazing conversation across the globe so I’m pretty chuffed with that. I hope he makes you smile as much as he did for me!BUY JOSHUA'S NEW BOOK HERE+ Follow Joshua here+ Announcements on Insta at @spoonful_of_sarah+ Join our Facebook community here

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2 Jun 2021

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Joshua Coombes  | Do Something for Nothing: Seeing Beneath the Surface of Homelessness, through the Simple Act of a Haircut

Free Library Podcast

In conversation with Britt James, founder of Philly Unknown In 2015, British hairstylist Joshua Coombes hit the streets of London with a pair of scissors and an extraordinary idea-that giving free haircuts to those who are experiencing homelessness could do more than simply change their outward appearances. He began posting their photos before and after their haircut and personal stories on Instagram in an effort to remove the stigmas many associate with homelessness. Through this mission's worldwide attention and success he founded the #DoSomethingForNothing movement, which seeks to inspire people to donate their skills and time to those in need. Full of never-before-seen photos and writing, Coombes's book urges us to find our shared humanity through universal themes of acceptance, love, and perseverance. Books available through the Joseph Fox Bookshop (recorded 5/30/2021)


1 Jun 2021

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Homelessness, Drug Addiction and "Do Something for Nothing" with Joshua Coombes

It's Cool to Care

In this episode we meet with one of the greatest do-gooders out there, Joshua Coombes. We dive deep into the stereotypes of homelessness and its connection with drug addiction as well as the ongoing debate about organisations ‘enabling’ homelessness through handing out free essentials. Joshua also talks about his new book consisting of different stories from the streets called 'Do Something For Nothing'.


24 May 2021

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Joshua Coombes: Do Something For Nothing

Watching America

It started with one haircut.“One evening in the spring of 2015, I was on my way to a friend’s house after work. I didn’t make it. I walked past a man who was homeless at the time. I would often stop to speak with him … but this time was different … I remembered that I had my tools in my backpack and asked if he’d like his hair cut. In the hour that followed, he told me his story. The next time we met, he introduced me to some of his friends. Before long I was heading out whenever I could, giving haircuts throughout the streets of London.”That’s an excerpt from the book “Do Something For Nothing” by Joshua Coombes. Today on Watching America, we hear from Coombes about the impact a haircut and a conversation can make.Explore how you can make a difference with whatever skills you have at dosomethingfornothing.com

21 May 2021

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15. SPECIAL EPISODE: Homelessness, Connection and ‘People of the Pandemic’ with Joshua Coombes

The Worldwide Tribe Podcast with Jaz O'Hara: Stories of Migration

This episode is another absolute treat.This week’s guest is ‘Hairdresser to the Homeless,’ Joshua Coombes. After years of living parallel lives working to destigmatize and unpick the stereotypes around some of the most marginalised of society, it’s been a long time coming that we record this episode together. Josh started a hashtag and global movement called Do Something for Nothing after he began cutting hair for people living on the street and sharing before-and-after photos on Instagram, using them as a vehicle to share people’s stories. We talk about shame, trust, patience and pain and some of the amazing people he has met on the street over the years.We also share the project we’ve been working on together over the last few months. It’s called People of the Pandemic and it’s a global portrait series amplifying the stories of the every day heroes getting us through COVID-19. It’s something we truly believe in to set new foundations for the future, and we’re very happy to share it with you!This episode is a collection of some of our learnings both individually and together over the last 5 years. It’s a really important and personal one to me,  so I hope you enjoy it. Artwork by https://www.milla-adler.com/Support the show (https://www.justgiving.com/prism-worldwidetribe)


22 May 2020