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S14:E3 Dr. Raymond Moody and Shelley Discuss God and Huna

Healing Arts with Dr. Shelley Kaehr

In the 14th Season of Healing Arts, Shelley introduces a new segment called Book Talk featuring her older books that have been released on Audible. This week she discusses Origins of Huna: Secret Behind the Secret Science Foreword by Raymond Moody: https://www.amazon.com/Origins-Huna-Secret-Behind-Science-ebook/dp/B003A4I9N8 Order on Audible: https://www.audible.com/pd/B08VS42JTL/?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-234958&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_234958_rh_us She also mentioned Huna Basics: https://www.amazon.com/Huna-Basics-Shelley-Kaehr-ebook/dp/B018OJZ9XG Order Huna Basics on Audible: https://www.audible.com/pd/B08R554PCW/?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-229783&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_229783_rh_us Part 2 Best of Healing Arts Podcast Shelley picks her favorite interviews from the past two and a half years. Today Shelley welcomes her friend world renowned Near Death Experience pioneer Dr. Raymond Moody to discuss his book God is Bigger than the Bible! https://amzn.to/3x1zjQbShelley and Dr. Moody will also discuss his other recent release Making Sense of Nonsense: https://amzn.to/3doR04lDr. Moody is best known for his international bestseller (and one of Shelley's FAVORITE books of all time) Life After Life https://amzn.to/2QbZaEm Visit Dr. Moody online: https://lifeafterlife.com/ Originally aired April 17, 2021  Watch on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/c/PastLifeLadyPLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Thank You in advance!  Visit Shelley online: https://pastlifelady.comWords and images copyright © 2023 by Shelley A. Kaehr, Ph.D. Products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always check with a medical professional for your health concerns. By accessing and using this website and its related goods, services, and other connected sites, links, and resources, you agree and accept that Shelley A. Kaehr and any other party involved with creation or management of this site is not liable for any damage or loss in any form arising out of your access or use of this site and its related content and services. You accept all responsibility for your interpretations, decisions, uses, actions, and consequences resulting from your access to this site and its related content in all forms.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/healingarts/message

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22 Jan 2023

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840: Dr. Raymond Moody - How My Near-Death Experience Research Impacted My Personal Understanding of God

The Shaun Tabatt Show

I'm honored to welcome Dr. Raymond Moody back to the podcast to discuss how his personal understanding of God has changed over the course of his life and research into near-death experiences. Related Resources: God is Bigger Than the Bible Making Sense of Nonsense: The Logical Bridge Between Science & Spirituality Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed "Near-Death Experiences" The Shaun Tabatt Show is part of the Destiny Image Podcast Network.


12 Jan 2023

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826: Dr. Raymond Moody - Making Sense of Nonsense - How Nonsensical Thinking Can Help Us Understand the Logical Bridge Between Science & Spirituality

The Shaun Tabatt Show

New book alert! Randy's and my new book Stories of Heaven and the Afterlife: Firsthand Accounts of Real Near-Death Experiences is now available in paperback and Kindle. What do the whimsical writings of Dr. Seuss have in common with near-death experiences? The answer is that nonsense writing and spiritual experiences seem to defy all logic and yet they both can make a powerful personal impact. In Making Sense of Nonsense, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Raymond Moody shares the groundbreaking results of five decades of research into the philosophy of nonsense, revealing dynamic new perspectives on language, logic, and the mystical side of life. Resources for this episode: Making Sense of Nonsense: The Logical Bridge Between Science & Spirituality Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed "Near-Death Experiences" The Shaun Tabatt Show is part of the Destiny Image Podcast Network.


11 Nov 2022

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E211 - Dr. Raymond Moody - Near-Death Experiences

Grief Dreams Podcast

Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D. is a world-renowned author, lecturer, and psychiatrist whose seminal work, Life After Life, changed the way we view death and dying. He is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading expert on near-death experiences. Visit Dr. Moody online at www.lifeafterlife.com In this episode we talk about his research on near-death experiences (NDEs), similarities of NDEs to grief dreams and end-of-life dreams and visions, his grief after the death of his mom and friends, taking on the characteristics of his deceased friend, and his grief dreams of his grandmother and friend.  You can find more about Grief Dreams here: Our website – www.griefdreams.ca Instagram and Twitter - @Griefdreams Facebook – Grief Dreams Podcast Page and Grief Dreams Group Looking for ways to support the podcast? You can help support the Grief Dreams Podcast in a few ways: 1) Become a Patreon supporter (monthly financial support) https://www.patreon.com/griefdreamspodcast 2) Buy us a Coffee (one-time financial support) https://www.buymeacoffee.com/griefdreams 3) Subscribe to the podcast (on the platform you listen) and give a review. This improves our online visibility. 4) Support the topic by sharing the podcast or website. We appreciate any support that contributes to raising awareness on the topic.


16 Oct 2022

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Near Death Experience: What It Reveals About Consciousness and Life After Death | Raymond Moody

Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler

Have you wondered what really happens during a Near Death Experience? Are they purposely only NEAR? Does it mean we have MORE of an impact to serve in this this world? Our amazing guest today, Raymond Moody is a philosopher, psychologist, physician and author, most widely known for his books about life after death and near-death experiences. In this episode I dive into WHAT an NDE is, and WHAT can we learn from them? HOW they happen, HOW do they change us, and WHO is on the other side waiting for us? There is a plethora of UNTOUCHED information we can learn from NDEs, but it begs the question, DO we have the level of consciousness to fully understand them? Tune in! Learn more about Raymond Moody: http://www.lifeafterlife.com To find out more visit: https://amzn.to/3qULECz - Order Michael Sandler's book, "AWE, the Automatic Writing Experience" www.automaticwriting.com https://inspirenationshow.com/ ……. Follow Michael and Jessica’s exciting journey and get even more great tools, tips, and behind-the-scenes access. Go to https://www.patreon.com/inspirenation For free meditations, weekly tips, stories, and similar shows visit: https://inspirenationshow.com/ We’ve got NEW Merch! - https://teespring.com/stores/inspire-nation-store Follow Inspire Nation, and the lives of Michael and Jessica, on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/InspireNationLive/ Find us on TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@inspirenationshow 

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5 Aug 2022

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175. Raymond Moody – Life After Life: The Original Investigation Revealing Near Death Experiences

School for Good Living Podcasts

Raymond Moody has a Ph.D., he’s also a medical doctor, a world-renowned scholar, lecturer, and researcher. And he’s widely recognized as the leading authority on near-death experiences, as he coined the term. He’s the bestselling author, the bestselling author of many books, including Life After Life, Glimpses of Eternity, The Light Beyond Coming Back, and … Continue reading "175. Raymond Moody – Life After Life: The Original Investigation Revealing Near Death Experiences"The post 175. Raymond Moody – Life After Life: The Original Investigation Revealing Near Death Experiences first appeared on School for Good Living Podcasts.


24 May 2022

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756: Dr. Raymond Moody - Why I've Spent My Life in Pursuit of Understanding the Afterlife

The Shaun Tabatt Show

Many would say Dr. Raymond Moody is the father of near-death experience studies as his wildly popular book Life After Life paved the way, creating much of the language we use today to discuss afterlife encounters. In this conversation, we take a broad look at his personal journey and look at how much of his life's work culminates in his book Making Sense of Nonsense: The Logical Bridge Between Science & Spirituality. Also, be on the lookout for Randy Kay's and my new book Real Near Death Experience Stories: True Accounts of Those Who Died and Experienced Immortality which releases in early April and is available for pre-order right now on Amazon. The Shaun Tabatt Show is part of the Destiny Image Podcast Network.

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30 Mar 2022

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NLS 030: Life After Life and Near Death Experiences (NDE) with Dr. Raymond Moody

Next Level Soul with Alex Ferrari: A Mind, Body & Soul Podcast

Dr. Raymond Moody, Ph.D., MD is a world-renowned scholar, lecturer, and researcher, and is widely recognized as the leading authority on near-death experiences.Dr. Moody is a best-selling author of twelve books, including Life after Life and Reunions, which have sold over 13 million copies worldwide.Life after Life is the groundbreaking, bestselling classic, now available in a special fortieth-anniversary edition includes a new foreword from Eben Alexander, M.D., author of Proof of Heaven, and a new afterword by the author.Raymond Moody is the “father” of the modern NDE (near-death experience) movement, and his pioneering work Life After Life transformed the world, revolutionizing the way we think about death and what lies beyond. Originally published in 1975, it is the groundbreaking study of one hundred people who experienced “clinical death” and were revived, and who tell, in their own words, what lies beyond death.A smash bestseller that has sold more than thirteen million copies around the globe, Life After Life introduced us to concepts—including the bright light, the tunnel, the presence of loved ones waiting on the other side—that have become cultural memes today, and paved the way for modern bestsellers by Eben Alexander, Todd Burpo, Mary Neal, and Betty Eadie that have shaped countless readers notions about the end life and the meaning of death.He has also authored numerous academic and professional articles on near-death experiences and the relationship of language to consciousness. Dr. Moody continues to draw enormous public interest with his ground-breaking works on the near-death experience and other transpersonal aspects of grief and the dying process.

Dr. Moody has enlightened and entertained audiences all over the world for over four decades. He offers a variety of lecture/workshop presentations on the topics of: life after life experience , near-death experiences, death with dignity, life after loss, surviving grief & finding hope, visionary encounters with departed loved ones, the healing power of humor, the lossof children, language and consciousness, and catastrophic tragedy causing collective grief.Dr. Moody is the leading authority on the ”near-death experience”— a phrase he coined in the late seventies. Dr. Moody’s research into the phenomenon of near-death experience had its start in the 1960’s. The New York Times calls him “the father of the near-death experience.”Enjoy my conversation with Dr. Raymond Moody.

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18 Feb 2022

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Dr. Raymond Moody | 1-12-22

Frank Morano

Dr. Raymond Moody, philosopher, psychiatrist, physician and best-selling author gives us a glimpse at the after-life & near death experiences. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


12 Jan 2022

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🎄Christmas Special 🎄 The Research and Experiences of Dr. Raymond Moody

Let's Talk Near Death

In 1975, Dr. Raymond Moody coined the term near-death experience in his book Life After Life (https://amzn.to/3m7MxHs). For half a century, he has researched some of life’s greatest mysteries. As both a PhD in philosophy and an MD, he has had a strong interest in how medical realities intersect with the ineffable realm of philosophy. Throughout his five-decade career, he has explored themes related to the transpersonal aspects of death, dying and grief. In his book Glimpses of Eternity (https://amzn.to/3m54p5K), he discusses the phenomena of shared-death experiences. He writes about his inquiry into past lives in his book Coming Back and shares methods for evoking the dead, from Ancient Greece to modern times, in his book Reunions (https://amzn.to/31Rv3Z1). He is also the author of God is Bigger Than the Bible (https://amzn.to/3oWVAwM), and is one of the leading authorities on Life, Death and Experiences in between. For more about Raymond Moody, visit: https://lifeafterlife.com

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25 Dec 2021