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148. #CropCareConvos: Micron size matters: pro tips for spraying w/ Mark Ledebuhr ft. Charlie McKenzie


We spend lots of time assessing how effective our spray treatments are. But how often do you consider how efficient your spray program is? Does every application achieve maximum coverage and ensure product viability? The kinds of products you're using to apply agricultural inputs make a big difference. From low volume mists (atomizers, foggers) to hydraulic sprayers. What is best in what situation? What about when applying biopesticides which are living organisms? And what about nematodes? In this #CropCareConvos episode, Bobby Shearer gets into all of that and more with Charlie McKenzie of #LeadersTalkCrops and their guest, Mark Ledebuhr of Application Insights LLC. What is the most costly misconception growers have about fluid delivery systems? Mark says it's the "spray and pray" mentality. We agree! You must find out what you don't know. Assess your coverage with water-sensing papers. R&D doesn't have to be complicated. How much of your spray is wasted? Biofungicides for roots: use low-pressure watering wands. Nematodes: remove all filters, use a large spray nozzle and low-pressure. Beauveria works well in hydraulic sprayers. Botanigard and Cease: hydraulic sprayers or cold foggers Bacillus subtlis: consider the K-22 BIOpulse fogger Get as good as you can with the equipment you have before trying to upgrade, but never lose the "constant improvement" mindset. So many insightful gems in this podcast! Be sure to check out Mark's book at www.sprayer101.com/airblast101 Until next time, #StartCleanStayClean w/ #CropWalk #IPM


5 May 2021

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25: Charlie McKenzie: Founder of CropWalk

The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

https://www.linkedin.com/in/charliemckenzieipm/ https://www.cropwalk.ag/


5 Apr 2021

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Charlie McKenzie - Host of Crop Talk and Founder / Director of Relationships at Cropwalk

Under The Canopy

In this episode, I got to talk with the host of CropTalk and Founder of Crop Walk, Charlie McKenzie! He has a lot of great insight regarding pest management, pathogen controls for commercial agriculture. Look for him on Linkedin, where he has videos online that unique, helpful and to the point. It was great to sit down and learn more about him and his company!  Also check out his podcast, Crop talk for some more great conversations!


30 Sep 2020

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107. #CropCareConvos: Best Practices for Thrips Biocontrol w/ Dr. Rose Buitenhuis and Charlie McKenzie


Tips and tricks for successful thrips biocontrol from extraordinary experts on this #CropCareConvos episode. 👍🏼Dr. Rose Buitenhuis (Vineland Research Innovation Centre) and Charlie McKenzie (#CropWalk) share insights into ordering, receiving, applying, scouting for, and supporting populations of the common #biocontrol agents used to manage #thrips. 👍🏼Rose and Charlie discuss quality control of biocontrol shipments with Bobby Shearer. They offer their best biocontrol advice to growers in this 3rd installation of a special 4-part thrips management series by #CropTalk. This one's a #podcast. The previous two were videos (with different guests). So, #LetsTalkCrops ! 🌱🎙🎧 Check out www.CropTalkMedia.com/watch for the webinars in the series (and lots of other quality content)!

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9 Sep 2020

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97. Moving from Pre-Harvest to Post-Harvest supplies w/ Kyle Barnett & Charlie McKenzie


On this special episode of CropTalk, Charlie McKenzie and Kyle Barnett (#KyleTalksAgTech host) talk about Kyles career move from Hort Americas to WestRock, from a focus on Pre-Harvest supplies like substrates, fertilizers and LED lighting to a new focus on Post-Harvest supplies like tags, labels, clamshells, and all sorts of unique packaging solutions for grow operations everywhere


30 Jun 2020

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29. Finding Patience in the Short and Long Term w/ Charlie McKenzie


A different understanding. It’s what you get when you step back and give a problem some space to breathe. From growing to pest management, finding the patience to step back and see the bigger picture before acting almost always results in a better long term outcome than making a rush decision. On this solo episode, Charlie McKenzie shares his journey of learning that patience can bring clarity and a holistic solution for most any situation.


9 Jul 2019

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09. Three Personality Traits You Need In Your Next Pest Scout w/ Charlie McKenzie


Your pest control program is only as good as your worst scout. Your scout is your eyes, your ears, your nose in relation to your crops, so why aren’t more growers more committed to hiring great ones? On this special solo episode, host Charlie McKenzie talks through the 3 personality traits he’s found are common to every great pest scout.


4 Mar 2019

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Welcome to CropTalk, the Podcast For Today’s Agricultural Business Leaders w/ Charlie McKenzie


Our host, Charlie McKenzie, shares his passion for connecting with other growers in this kickoff episode of the CropTalk podcast. Charlie talks about why podcasting is important to the modern agricultural business leader and how he sees the CropTalk podcast as a tool to influence and innovate across the industry.


19 Nov 2018