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Phil Libin - The Future of... Presenting


Phil Libin is Silicon Valley royalty thanks to Evernote, the notetaking app that’s used by millions around the world. Speaking at TBD recently about mmhmm, his latest product, Phil is clearly passionate about improving the video communication space (imagine yourself hosting SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ or a newscaster, but it’s Zoom and you’re in your PJs). Perfectly timed with an attention-ravaging pandemic, Zoom fatigue and an accelerated trend of remote working, mmhmm has gained millions of fans around the world in a short space of time but where to next? mmhmm is just one of the products to come from All Turtles, Phil’s product studio. In this episode we discuss a lot more than Zoom fatigue…About Phil: (@plibin)Phil Libin is co-founder and CEO of All Turtles, a mission-driven product studio, and mmhmm, a new app that makes video communication more clear and compelling. Previously he was Managing Director at General Catalyst, and before that he was co-founder and CEO of Evernote, which he grew to become a beloved product for hundreds of millions of users.Find out more about mmhmm and Phil here.ABOUT MOUTHWASH: Mouthwash season two begins July 5, for more information, check out mouthwashshow.comThanks to Shell for supporting the show, and to Ecologi for planting a tree for every listener! TBD Conference will return in 2022. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


13 Sep 2021

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mmhmm app, distributed work and why timing is everything with founder Phil Libin

Technori Podcast

Phil Libin, founder of video communications app mmhmm,  joins the show with Scott Kitun. Previously the founder of Evernote, Phil shares his thoughts on how timing is everything in entrepreneurship - it certainly was the case with Evernote (the iPhone changed the game for digital note-taking) and has taken hold with mmhmm. After mmhmm's $5 million seed round led by Sequoia Capital early on in the pandemic, investors realized emphasis on video communications wasn't a short-term fad, but an evolution of the workplace, culminating in mmhmm's recent $100 million round led by Softbank Vision Fund. Phil and Scott talk about looking at remote work instead as "distributed work" and why we need to transform the idea of how we get work done. Finally, Phil shares his thoughts on being a "rigorous optimist" as an entrepreneur (focusing on progress you can make yourself) and how he landed on the mmhmm name instead of something more conventional and boring.  Featuring: Phil Libin (@plibin) founder at mmhmm Host: Scott Kitun (@kitun) CEO at TechnoriMore to explore: Subscribe for free to Pitch Reviews where Scott Kitun breaks down startup pitches with the added hook that you can invest whether you’re accredited or not. About Technori: Technori helps you understand businesses with founder interviews, investing conversations and sussing out the good and bad from startup pitches. 


9 Sep 2021

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95: Phil Libin – Arrivals and departures: forging new roads with a technology trailblazer

Change Makers: Leadership, Good Business, Ideas and Innovation

Joining Michael is US entrepreneur, Phil Libin, Co-Founder & CEO of mmhmm. Phil was born in the USSR and lives in the USA, completing the story of arrivals and departures from Leningrad to the Bronx to Arkansas. From going on to capitalise on the smartphone revolution as CEO of the software sensation Evernote to powering better productivity in the pandemic, this is the story of someone who has followed his own path.  Phil is forging a new way forward for the future of work with his venture which aims to break out of, what he calls, the narrow overheated bubble that is built up in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this conversation he asks why anyone would be asking how to get back, when back wasn't amazing. He’s on a mission to bring optimism to his workforce, and shares how he has been inspired by Star Trek to build a better world. It's perhaps for this reason that business author Tim Ferriss described Phil as an “awesome guy, hilarious and just amazing, amazing.”


3 Sep 2021

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#425 - Phil Libin

Greatest Music of All Time

Formerly the CEO of Evernote, Phil Libin is co-founder of the product studio, All Turtles,  who have just launched Mmhmm, a new app that makes video calls more clear and compelling. Phil has a conversation with Tom about what he believes is the most profound global change we are currently undergoing: a permanent shift to remote working for 1 billion people. This episode is brought to you by Lumie, the original inventors of wake-up lights, whose Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB wake-up light mimics a natural sunrise and sunset. Shown to improve quality of sleep and to boost productivity in clinical trials, this remarkable device also features high quality audio with DAB+ radio, Bluetooth speakers, USB port and a selection of over 20 sleep/wake sounds. The Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB can transform the way you start and end your day, especially if you struggle to wake up in the morning and/or get to sleep at night - it certainly did for me. Go to lumie.com to find out more. This episode is brought to you by Modal Electronics, who make beautiful, innovative and powerful synthesisers. You can enjoy vibrant wavetable patches with their ARGON8 series. You can produce state-of-the-art analogue-style synth textures with their COBALT8 series. Go to modalelectronics.com to check out their incredible array of synthesisers.


12 Jun 2021

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Developing Fantastic Products (with Phil Libin)

The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

How do you know an idea is the right one to take action on? How do you sift the really good ideas from the mediocre ones? Phil Libin has been a part of and led a number of companies that have created products that changed the way people work. (Evernote is one of my favorite tools of all time.) His most recent company All Turtles is the mission-driven product development studio behind the video service Mmhmm. In this interview, Phil discusses his philosophy of product design, how to know when it’s time to act on an idea, and some of the best advice he ever received.


3 May 2021

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with mmHmm founder Phil Libin

The OMR Podcast International – Go inside the minds of the biggest names in digital and tech

Phil Libin joins the OMR Podcast International this week discussing all things mmHmm (save user figures) and speaks at length about remote working, revenue generation for startups, how he came to be CEO despite a complete lack of formal training and looks back at his time at Evernote, dissecting growth strategies, the role of luck in Evernote's rise and why he considers it his life's work.


27 Apr 2021

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Mmhmm Making Video Communication More Clear and Compelling with Phil Libin

Startup Grind

Phil Libin is the Founder and CEO at mmhmm, the app that allows you to level up your remote presentations, making high-quality video content in minutes. To date, Phil has raised over $30M for the company from an incredible investor base including Sequoia, Kevin & Julia Hartz, Tony Fadell, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and Brianne Kimmel. Prior to mmhmm, Phil was a Managing Director @ General Catalyst and prior to his time in venture, Phil most famously founded Evernote, where he led the business with phenomenal success, as CEO for over 8 years.Libin is the latest high-profile executive to leave San Francisco. He now says remote working will be a "massive and profound" change.----Render Capital wants you to apply for their 2021 Render Competition! The Render Competition invests $100,000 into eight early-stage startups each year to help them scale their solution and attract future investment. Learn more about the Render Competition and apply today at render.capital/competition/startupgrind(Interviewed by Startup Grind's Chris Joannou). 


23 Apr 2021

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#17 Phil Libin | Remote work, mmhmm and the blending of digital life and real life

Soaked by Slush

The pandemic has arguably accelerated the onset of many future trends, not least for the rise of remote work and daily human interaction through live streams and video conferencing. Phil Libin, the creator of Evernote, has founded a new company called mmhmm (pronounced “mmhmm”), which aspires to add a fresh layer of fun on top of the usefulness of video calls, or what he refers to as “fuseful.” Phil Libin believes that the real world will increasingly fuse with the digital, and both will have to adapt accordingly. If this is the case, Phil sees no reason not to make our new digital existence more enjoyable than what it might be replacing, or at least providing an alternative to. What do you think?Expect to learn:What does Phil mean when he says ‘real life’ can be improved through digital life?How does Phil think about how the interaction between digital products should be designed?Why “Move Fast and Break Things” is not a good philosophy in Phil’s opinionWhat is the future of our work life and employment, and how should Founders plan ahead?1:00 Introduction 3:00 More on mmhmm5:00 Phil’s philosophy of “fusefulness”6:35 What is IRL+?7:50 What’s better in the virtual in contrast to IRL?12:00 How to design interactions into digital products14:45 What makes for good quality in online products?18.15 Comparing mmhmm to Evernote22:10 How has Phil’s entrepreneurial process changed with age and experience?25:00 The importance of taking care of yourself27:?? Why “move fast and break things” is a bad mindset27:45 Cheat codes for building great products30:20 The future – should Founders lean into hybrid mode? 34:30 Standards of recruitment and employment in the future, including remote workHave a listen, subscribe, rate, hate – whatever you feel like, mate. New episodes with the most interesting people in the world, every Thursday!---Check Soaked by Slush out at:Twitter: https://twitter.com/soakedbyslush/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soakedslush/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soakedbyslush/Soaked by Slush website: https://www.slush.org/soaked/Slush website: https://www.slush.orgShoot us a message or feedback: soaked@slush.org


15 Apr 2021

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20VC: Evernote & mmhmm Founder Phil Libin on Why We are Beginning a Multi-Trillion Dollar Restructuring of the World, Why Shortcuts are the Biggest Mistakes Startups Make & The Future of Video and The Unbundling of Zoom

The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

Phil Libin is the Founder and CEO @ mmhmm, the app that allows you to level up your remote presentations, making high-quality video content in minutes. To date, Phil has raised over $30M for the company from an incredible investor base including Sequoia, Kevin & Julia Hartz, Tony Fadell, Instagram's Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and Brianne Kimmel. Prior to mmhmm, Phil was a Managing Director @ General Catalyst and prior to his time in venture, Phil most famously founded Evernote, where he led the business with phenomenal success, as CEO for over 8 years. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Phil made his way into the world of startups, came to found Evernote and how that led to his founding of mmhmm, most recently? 2.) How would Phil describe his management style today? How has it changed over time? Why does Phil believe shortcuts are the greatest mistakes startups make? What does Phil believe you can vs cannot take shortcuts on? What have been some real world lessons there? 3.) What were Phil's biggest takeaways from his time in venture? How did it change his operating mindset? Does Phil believe there is an incentive misalignment between founder and VC? Why is Roelof Botha the best board member Phil has worked with? What makes him so special? 4.) How does Phil think about the unbundling/verticalisation of Zoom? How does he predict the market evolving? How does Phil see the differing usage patterns between consumer and business? Why does Phil believe more can be learned from looking at similarities and not differences? 5.) What does Phil believe are the two classes of mistakes when scaling startups? What have been Phil's biggest lessons on acquiring and retaining the best talent? How does Phil create an environment of dissent where anyone can bring their entire self and beliefs to the table? Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode Phil’s Favourite Book: Kafka on the Shore As always you can follow Harry and The Twenty Minute VC on Twitter here! Likewise, you can follow Harry on Instagram here for mojito madness and all things 20VC.


25 Jan 2021

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Running Businesses and Remixing Reality with Phil Libin

Talking Too Loud with Chris Savage

Formerly, Phil was the CEO and co-founder of Evernote, the popular note taking tool that helps executives, entrepreneurs, and creative people arrange their ideas. Currently, his startup, All Turtles, is based in San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo, but every position they have available is global. Phil discusses the early days of Evernote and how All Turtles came to be. Links to learn more about Phil Libin:Phil on LinkedInPhil on Twittermmhmm LinkedInmmhmm Twittermmhmm InstagramAll Turtles LinkedInAll Turtles TwitterAll Turtles PodcastFollow us:twitter.com/wistiaSubscribe:wistia.com/series/talking-too-loudLove what you heard? Leave us a review!We want to hear from you!Write in and let us know what you think about the show, who you’d want us to interview on future episodes, and any feedback you have for our team.Relevant LinksTechCrunch article about mmhmm


8 Dec 2020