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TAFTB 008 - John Fell Down

Tuesdays Are For The Boys

Hank Aaron is THE GOAT. Meehan got hit with the world. Super Bowl, NFL betting, and a smattering of Georgia Politics.

1hr 25mins

2 Feb 2021

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Modern Lovers Rock and Roll Party! with John Fell Ryan, James Masente, and Pam Grady

Rock and Roll Party!

This week we dive into the wonderful but shortly lived Modern Lovers. Pam Grady reads a postcard from Jonathan Richman, James Masente plays Where Are They Now, and John Fell Ryan sheds light on the theory the Jonathan Richman was electrocuted. Then we take a closer look at the influential demos that went on to serve as the only Modern Lovers album. Plus, Adam talks about why his personal version of the album was his favorite. Join the party of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2891107117648561/


9 Nov 2020

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The Kubrick Series Uncut: John Fell Ryan

The Kubrick Series

Ryan is the writer and editor of a blog devoted to visual analysis and image cataloging of The Shining called KDK12.  He produced screenings of The Shining Forwards and Backwards, Simultaneously, Superimposed, a digital re-edit of the film. 


25 Jun 2020

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#29 - John Fell

The Less is More Podcast

In this episode John and I talk about his upcoming album Revelations, as well as the current state of country music and how its evolved over the years. Also if you scratch the surface you can find a whole world that resembles the older day of the Nashville sound. We also talk about Johns new album Revelations, the recording process, collaborating with other musicians, songwriting, and how often his band actually practices.


21 Jan 2020

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John Fell - episode 16

Harvey at the Undisclosed Location

John Fell is a noted drummer, drum gear guru, photographer, motorcycle aficionado, co-founder of Main Drag Music, in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He’s worked with an array of bands and individuals including The Isolator, Miami Sound Machine, Perfect Strangers, Kid Congo Powers of the Cramps, Gun Club, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Fell_(drummer)


18 Sep 2018

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Indy In-Tune #199: John Fell

The Indy In-Tune Podcast

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8 May 2015

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2012 - John Fell

Digital Marketing Conference's Podcast

Social media - What it is and what it’s not (including B2B)


17 Jul 2012