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4/20 Wed Hr 3: Phil Collins' ex wife is apparently not an easy lover...

Colleen & Bradley

PLUS: What's your favorite part of the chicken? AND CSI: Easter egg delivery


20 Apr 2022

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No Jacket Required - Phil Collins: Episode 38

Spin It!

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? We sure can! James and Connor are taking on Phil Collins' most successful solo record: No Jacket Required! It's a more upbeat outing than his first two records, with peppy dance pop anthems like Sussudio, I Don't Wanna Know, and Who Said I Would alongside the occasional power ballad like Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore. We'll figure out why this Honorary Texan looks so wet on the album cover, which famous musician fired him from a drumming gig, and why he might have anonymously taken on the role of a chocolate-peddling ape. This actor, Genesis drummer and frontman, and newly-inducted Spin It Legend has plenty of surprises in store, and we won't even require that you wear a jacket. Su-Su-Sussudio!  Keep Spinning at www.SpinItPod.com! Thanks for listening!

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1 Apr 2022

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Lloyd Ryan Drummer & Teacher - (Matt Monro - Brotherhood of man - Teacher to Phil Collins, Ralph Salmins etc..)

Percussion Discussion.

Percussion Discussion - Episode 80 - Lloyd Ryan Joining me today is Lloyd Ryan  Lloyd is a british drummer and drum teacher, he has an incredible career behind him having played for some of the biggest names in British showbusiness.  Join Lloyd and myself as we chat about his beginnings as a young drummer, throught to working his way up to work with such iconic names from the 70's and 80's , such as Matt Monro, Tony Christie, The Brotherhood of man, Gene Vincent and PJ Proby.   also joining this impressive list are 3 great British Comedians, Tommy Cooper, Bob Monkhouse and Bobby Davro.  We also touch on the remarkable list of Lloyd's former drum students, including Phil Collins, Ralph Salmins, Graham Broad, Derrick Mckenzie & John Coghlan!!! Lloyd obviously has the midas touch when it comes to teaching!  Many thanks to lloyd for inviting me around to his teaching studio - it was a total pleasure to sit and chat for the best part of an hour. Please feel free to share this video all I ask in return is for a like for


26 Mar 2022

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62. Mike Lord and Tom Roche Discuss Phil Collins, Testify

You, Me and An Album

Mike Lord and Tom Roche — co-hosts of Tabletop Genesis — take a busman’s holiday from their own podcast to have a Genesis-adjacent conversation on this podcast. Mike, Tom and Al discuss Phil Collins’ seventh solo album, Testify — an album that Al had never explored despite being an ardent Genesis and Phil Collins fan. Mike explains why he recommended this album to Al, despite its less-than-glowing reviews, and Tom discusses his own journey with the album. The whole crew reveals where they would rank Testify among Phil’s albums.Some assorted notes:I criticized Phil for having a lyrical theme that was too close to that of a big hit by The Police. Then I referred to “Every Breath You Take” as “Every Step You Take,” which was a far greater offense than the thing I was criticizing.I could not find a link to the Toyota Avalon commercial with "Can’t Stop Loving You." In my searches I did, however, learn that Taylor Swift did her own cover version in 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6FXmdoGut8I recommended a couple of YouTube channels, so here are the links!Tim Pierce: https://www.youtube.com/c/timpierceguitarLeland Sklar: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs5yDeiOgkyRZGZGphlSbIwAnd here is the episode where Lee tells the story about playing on Leo Sayer’s version of “Can’t Stop Loving You.” It starts at 16:26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I74es0kSFlw&t=1062sFollow Tom and Mike on Twitter!Tom Roche is @burningfirebushMike Lord is @zorknappTheir Tabletop Genesis podcast is on Twitter, too! Follow them at @GenesisTabletopThe show also has a Facebook page (Tabletop Genesis) and a website, http://tabletopgenesis.com/, where you can get the podcast, take their polls and learn more about the program.(To the tune of Follow You, Follow Me) You can follow them, will you follow me…Al is on Twitter at @almelchiorBB, and this show has accounts on Twitter and Instagram at @youmealbum. Be sure to follow @youmealbum to find out in advance about upcoming guests and featured albums for this podcast.Al has recently launched You, Me and An Album: The Newsletter. You can subscribe for free to get Al’s monthly posts, but paid subscriptions give you access to weekly posts and much more. Please consider trying a paid subscription as it also helps to support this podcast! https://youmealbum.substack.com1:16 Mike and Tom join the show3:01 Al and Mike explain how this episode came to be6:47 Tom hadn’t listened to Testify much before preparing for this episode8:53 Al didn’t even know Testify existed until several years after its release9:49 Al wonders if he can evaluate Testify fairly and enlists Tom and MIke’s help16:40 Mike and Al consider whether they would have liked Testify 20 years ago17:54 Phil Collins’ albums often reflect his mood at the time he records them18:47 Testify has a different sound than Phil’s other albumsReactions to the album’s tracks (slightly out of order)20:14 Wake Up Call26:37 Testify30:38 Come with Me35:47 Don’t Get Me Started40:34 Swing Low44:28 It’s Not Too Late50:46 This Love This Heart53:08 Driving Me Crazy57:55 The Least You Can Do1:00:27 Can’t Stop Loving You1:06:58 Thru My Eyes1:09:31 You Touch My Heart1:11:36 Tom, Mike and Al consider how to re-sequence the album1:13:48 Tom, Mike and Al determine where they’d rank Testify among Phil’s albums1:22:24 Mike was pleasantly surprised at his Twitter feed’s reaction to us doing this podcast

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27 Feb 2022

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Should Phil Collins Take a Bath?

Never Loved Elvis

In this weeks episodes, the lads debate who should represent the letter "G" in the Hall of Fame... amongst other things they also discuss the bathing habits of Phil Collins.Follow us at:Instagram @neverlovedelvisFacebook @neverlovedelvispodTwitter @neverlovedelvi2Email @neverlovedelvispod@gmail.comThe good thing is all the social media addresses are different. You really have to WANT to get in touchIIIIIIIPlease get in touch


27 Feb 2022

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Phil Collins - Testify

Broken Records - The Search for the Worst Album Ever

Grab the coffee and the sleeping pills, this week's Broken Records is going to be a long one. Steve and Remfry are back, continuing their quest to find the worst album of all time, and today they have found the foolproof insomnia cure that is Phil Collins 7th solo album Testify, released on the 11th of November 2002.  Listen, we don’t want to hate too hard on Phil Collins, lord knows he’s had enough pops taken at him over the years. Particularly in the 90’s, when, after his commercial peak in the 1980’s, he was kicked from pillar to post (metaphorically speaking) by the likes of Noel Gallagher, U2 and even some random barman. Yes, Phil Collins in this era was the antithesis of cool Britannia, but he looked like he was going to have the last laugh when he hooked up with Disney at his lowest ebb and ended up a Golden Globe and Oscar winner after his work on the Tarzan soundtrack. You go Phil! You’ve proved all the haters and naysayers wrong! You’ve still got it! Now go make a cracking new solo album under your name and your rehabilitation will be complete… oh. Oh well. Testify was that album, and it’s fair to say that it killed the career renaissance of Phil Collins stone dead before it really even got started. Instead of the massive yacht pop bangers or atmospheric slow jams that he made his name on, Phil seemed incapable of creating anything on Testify that wasn’t pure, middling, bland, pop nothingness. Testify is just under an hour, but feels like it stretches time like a Matrix movie as song after song of paper thin, flat, uninspired and uninspiring noodling drag by. Phil, you fucked it mate, and the worst thing is, you made Noel Gallagher look like he was right about you. Shame that. Phil Collins - Can't Stop Loving You (Official Music Video)Phil Collins - Wake Up Call (Official Music Video)U2 Drunk - dissing Phil Collins - Billboard Awards 1992

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20 Feb 2022

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Philip Bailey & Phil Collins: ”Easy Lover” (A Banger of Bangers)

Bill and Frank's Guilt-Free Pleasures

No guilt or shame here: this is the banger of bangers. No matter what you feel about Phil Collins (and we love him!), there is no denying the greatness of this song. Special thanks to Chris Newkirk for giving us his thoughts (36:52). You can find us @bandfguiltfree on Instagram and Twitter. You can also find us on Facebook. Email us at bandfguiltfree@gmail.com Links:  The original video: https://youtu.be/JkRKT6T0QLg The Philip Bailey & Kenny Loggins version: https://youtu.be/QJye1RuG4wc Our Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6mrqxjmitcYMBkSQtxl4eC?si=a92bff5aa8814833


23 Jan 2022

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Benny Sings on Phil Collins' "Face Value" (1981)

Heat Rocks

This week, we talk to producer/singer Benny Sings about Phil Collins' solo debut album, Face Value. We get into the incredible drum fill of In The Air Tonight, it's iconic use on Miami Vice, and the real life issues Collins was going through when making this album.More on Benny SingsCheck out Benny's new album MusicWith The Vibrant 'City Pop', Benny Sings Stakes His Claim For The Masses (NPR)Twitter | InstagramMore on Face ValuePhil explaining the origins of In The Air TonightIn The Air Tonight on Miami ViceCheck out Chris Molanphy's episode of Hit Parade on Phil CollinsShow Tracklisting (all songs from Face Value unless otherwise indicated)This Must Be LoveDronedBenny Sings: Sunny AfternoonPhil Collins & Phillip Bailey: Easy LoverOne More NightIf Loving Me Is EasyDronedHand In HandI Missed AgainBehind the LinesIn The Air TonightI'm Not MovingIn The Air TonightIf Leaving Me Is EasyI'm Not MovingGino Vanneli: Love & EmotionFrank Sinatra: Only the LonelyPaul McCartney: Say Say Say


2 Jul 2021

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Gifting with U2, Madonna, Phil Collins, and the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Sign Off: A Frameworth Podcast

Many people know Frameworth for our work in Sports Marketing, but it's not uncommon for a sports marketing company to take a detour with a project in a different industry. This is because the ideas which work well in sports often work well in entertainment fields such as music, movies, etc. Join us this week for a behind the scenes look at how we managed to secure a project supplying the VIP gifts for worldwide concert tours for artists such as U2, Madonna, Phil Collins, Black Sabbath, and more! We also dig into how this got us on the path to co-author, market, and publish Eddie Shack's biography.


10 Jun 2021

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Favorite Spiritual Formation Bible! - The Abide Bible with Phil Collins

Theology Curator with Kurt Willems

SUBSCRIBE VIA ITUNES | SPOTIFY | GOOGLE | STITCHER | AUDIBLE Echoing Hope: How the Humanity of Jesus Redeems our Pain is available right now. It is a manifesto about how the life of Jesus offers hope as it intersects with the real pain of the world and in our lives. Email Kurt feedback as well! In this episode, Kurt chats with Phil Collins, the director of Taylor University's Center for Scripture Engagement and the editor of the Abide Bible. GIVE THE SHOW SOME LOVE 1) If you would be so kind to hop on iTunes (or your feed of choice) and leave Theology Curator a review there, that would be amazing. The more reviews we can get will lead to greater visibility in iTunes. And I (Kurt) LOVE reading your comments! 2) Also, please consider hitting up Theology Curator’s online tip-jar through Patreon (think Kickstarter for ongoing content creators). For $5 per month, or more, you can make a direct impact on this show. Financial partners like you really do make this all possible! Through Patreon, you make a tangible difference in this show’s sustainability and quality!


20 May 2021