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Exceeding Capacity with Samantha Hensel: Episode 3–On Being Fans of On Being ft. Rebecca Sexton

Exceeding Capacity

On this special episode of Exceeding Capacity, Samantha Hensel opens up conversation with Rebecca Sexton. A photographer, writer, teacher, and student, Rebecca Sexton brings her small-town-raised sensitivity to her studies of the self, the body, nature, and intuitive questioning. Rebecca and Samantha share common ground within aspects of their up-bringing and artistic concepts, but are lucky to have crossed paths both attending the San Francisco Art Institute to receive their MA and MFA’s. It doesn’t stop there when they stumbled across their mutual love for Krista Tippett and her highly-recognizable podcast, On Being. Through the lenses of two inspired artists, this episode features conversations of the importance of conversation, and how it takes form in present time in it’s many different faces. Samantha and Rebecca touch upon the transactional nature of conversation in contrast to deeper thinking and humanity, inspiration and the inspired, turning inward and into grounding, in reflection of On Being with Krista Tippett as well as their own artistic practices. From both perspectives, they respectfully seek to keep these conversations alive, and pay homage to a key-inspiration for the humble beginnings of Exceeding Capacity.Find Rebecca Sexton and her work at:https://www.rebeccasextonphotography.com/and @what.becca.sees on instagram!More on the On Being Project, and On Being with Krista Tippett:www.onbeing.orghttps://onbeing.org/series/podcast/Stay updated by following along @hensel.studio on Instagram!Exceeding Capacity with Samantha Hensel is a podcast that dives into the inner landscape of ourselves in a time of obsession of the external reach beyond ourselves. Samantha Hensel, the host and creator seeks to create and continue conversation and ask the questions around this deep inner work through the lens of: art, philosophy, poetry, and storytelling. Frequent guest speakers that include artists and deep thinkers will welcome new perspectives, and expand the breadth of how we think about our inner worlds, as well as how we express our conscious selves through the visual arts, through communication and conversation, and through interaction. Exceeding Capacity seeks to do just that, to open up past the point of what we may thought our minds are capable of containing.

30 Apr 2019