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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lydia Fenet. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lydia Fenet, often where they are interviewed.

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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lydia Fenet. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lydia Fenet, often where they are interviewed.

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S01 EP04 You are the Most Powerful in the Room - Believe it and Step into It! Lydia Fenet

Driven For Good with Dana Roefer
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Last summer a friend make a book recommendation on social media for “The Most Powerful Woman is YOU”, I was intrigued and trust this friend greatly, so I purchased the book. I am so glad I did… as you’ll hear in this interview the book truly changed my life in the moment I needed it most.

Lydia Fenet is full of wisdom, grace, and style, and honestly someone so real and authentic that you want to hang out with her all day. Her real life is full of fancy auctions, art, and high-society New York City events, but you would never know it.

Jun 03 2020



1042: Gaining Financial Confidence with Author Lydia Fenet

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
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LYDIA FENET knows how to drive a negotiation and ask for what she wants - something that may feel challenging to do right now. As Global Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships and Lead Benefit Auctioneer at Christie’s Auction House, Lydia has led auctions for more than six hundred organizations and raised over half a billion dollars for nonprofits globally.

She was named one of New York’s most influential women by Gotham magazine and has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Crain’s, and has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Town & Country. She is the author fo the widely acclaimed book, ‘The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You.'

Learn more about Lydia at

May 13 2020



#17 Lydia Fenet: From an intern to the most powerful woman in the room

Chasing The White Rabbit
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  • Lydia Fenet is a MD at Christies Auction house, listen to how she wiggled her way into an internship with the top auction house in the world, 
  • The story of how she parlayed the internship into creating her own department, 
  • How Lydia got the confidence to renegotiate her salary, 
  • Her authentic sales approach that has lead to raising over $500M for non-profits,  
  • The insights that led to her book, The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You

Apr 16 2020



Lydia Fenet on Becoming the Most Powerful Woman in the Room

And She Spoke
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Picture an auctioneer. If you’re like most people, you just pictured an elderly, bespectacled British gentleman, with a gavel in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other. Not a 20-something woman in a brightly colored dress with heels et al. That’s where Lydia Fenet comes in. Lydia is the Global Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie’s in New York by day and auctioneer extraordinaire by night. Lydia’s incredibly inspiring story began when she interned at Christie’s as a 21-year old. She quickly rose through the ranks creating her own brand of auctioneering, one that didn’t make her feel like she needed to fit into an old British man-shaped mold. She embraced her natural sense of humor, her femininity and learned to walk up on stage and command millions of dollars. All by the time she was 24. Tune in to today’s episode to get a behind the scenes look at the glamorous life of an auctioneer, her book, and her recent TV and film deal, but more importantly, to learn from Lydia’s journey of learning to draw her confidence from within.

Here’s a peek at what else you can expect:

  • How Lydia was introduced Christie’s Auction House

  • How her tenacity finally got her a job there Lydia’s advice for young women at their first jobs

  • The series of events that led to her TV and book deal

  • Her experiences being one of the few women in a male-dominated field

  • How humor and femininity became Lydia’s best friends

  • The importance of being authentic

RESOURCES This Week’s Joy:

Lydia has three kids and nothing brings her more joy than spending time with them. Even if that means just falling asleep with them after a long day at work.

This Week’s Hustles:

Lydia believes every day is a hustle and that you are your own biggest tool to get things done.


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Apr 15 2020



The Most Powerful Person Is You (with Lydia Fenet)

The Stacking Benjamins Show
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Lydia Fenet has a job where she commands attention for a living. As lead benefit auctioneer at Christie’s auction house, she has to quickly and effectively command a room. Today she'll show YOU how to sell your abilities to any group. We'll discuss how she broke into auctioneering, which is a tale of persistence, grit, and selling. Then we'll discuss her first auctions, and when she finally found success. While mirroring success helped her first begin the process of working as an auctioneer, it was something altogether different that finally separated her from the pack. Not only that, we'll talk about negotiations, demanding what you're worth, and more.

Plus, what do you have in common with professional athletes? It turns out that during this crisis you may have a TON in common with them. Namely, some of the questions they're asking currently about their money sound awfully familiar. We'll cover which questions those might be. AND, we'll also uncover yet another benefit of the relief package, more help with student loans. Sadly, this particular help isn't widely known, but we're helping to get the word out on today's show.

Of course, we'll also throw out the Haven Life line AND share some of Doug's after-Easter trivia. Stay safe, everyone!

Apr 13 2020

1hr 11mins


Lydia Fenet: The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You.

Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose
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Lydia Fenet teaches us how to command a room and sell your way to success with our confidence in ourselves and our value.

Lydia Fenet is a global managing director for Christie’s Auction House and is the lead benefit auctioneer. 

She has two roles in her company: she spends her days in the office securing large-scale global partnerships for Christie’s and she spends her nights on stage raising money for non-profits around the world. 

Lydia is also the author of the book “The Most Powerful Woman in The Room Is You.” 

Read the rest HERE.

Mar 09 2020



Lydia Fenet, auctioneer and Global Director at Christie’s Auction House: “I realized I was making a third of what everyone else was making.”

Skimm'd from The Couch
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Note to self: always bring a gavel to future meetings. Lydia Fenet always has one in her purse. She’s the Global Director for Strategic Partnerships at Christie’s, and the company’s lead benefit auctioneer. Even if you can’t carry a gavel around, she sat down with us to tell us how to apply our own “strike method” and command a room.  

In this episode, Lydia shares how to start networking, even when you don’t know anyone in your industry (7:29), how she collects herself before a big negotiation (23:40), and how to get your boss invested in your career (24:52).

You can also pick up a copy of Lydia's book for more of her career advice.

Mar 04 2020



Your Working Life with Lydia Fenet

Your Working Life with Caroline Dowd-Higgins
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Lydia Fenet shares wisdom for all women about tapping your authenticity to become the most powerful woman in the room.

Nov 11 2019



Episode 34: Lydia Fenet – Managing Director and Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie’s

Habits and Hustle
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Lydia Fenet serves as the Managing Director and Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie’s, where she’s raised more than half a billion dollars for nonprofits globally. Fenet gets into how she’s able to balance her position at Christie’s, speaking to corporations on “Selling”, all while raising family. 

She gives insight into how important she believes conversation is during the art of selling. Lydia shares some awesome nuggets about what sets her apart from other auctioneers and how certain unique techniques helped her own the stage. 

Youtube Link to This Episode
Her Book: The Most Powerful Woman In The Room Is You
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Oct 22 2019



191110 Lydia Fenet - The Most Powerful Woman In The Room Is YOU

Tell Me Your Story
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191110 Lydia Fenet - The Most Powerful Woman In The Room Is YOU by Richard Dugan

Sep 25 2019

1hr 7mins