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03 Let's Play The Credit Game - Richard Moxley, Credit Expert & Author

Bread And Honey - The Money & Personal Finance Podcast

In Episode Three, Join Grace & Patricia as they chat to Richard Moxley, Author & Credit Expert. Richard loves using his knowledge of credit to help Canadian’s understand their score and achieve their financial goals.   After seven years of working as a Mortgage Broker, Richard finally had enough of watching the average Joe forced to pay thousands more in excess rates and fees, all because no one had taught them the rules of credit. From here, he wrote the best-seller The Nine Rules Of Credit, followed by The Credit Game. He wrote these books to guide Canadian’s on how they too can fix their credit, sharing industry secrets and insider tips, so you too can improve your score too. We dissect the credit score and try to understand this sometimes mysterious three-digit number. Learn what is a credit score? How does it work? How do we improve our score? Credit scores have been around for a long time and they provide our lenders with a snapshot of our credit history and helps them to decide whether they will lend to us. Your credit score is unique to you. Powered by Marble Financial. You can find all our podcasts here: https://www.mymarble.ca/breadandhoney Find out more about The Credit Game & The Nine Rules of Credit here: https://creditgame.net/ Music by: LightBeats


11 Jan 2021

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Special Episode - Deferring Your Mortgage Payments in Canada - Richard Moxley, Credit Expert & Author of The Credit Game

More Money Podcast

Due to the tanking stock market, mass job layoffs, and the pandemic, many Canadians are finding themselves in a situation where they are no longer earning an income (or now have a reduced income) and don't have an emergency fund. If you don't have any new money coming in and you don't have any money saved up, what can you do? Recently it was announced that some lenders, including the big banks, in Canada will be providing mortgage borrowers the opportunity to defer their mortgage payments. To explain more about what this actually looks like and what this could do to your credit score, I'm joined with credit expert and author Richard Moxley for this special timely episode. More info about mortgage deferrals: Make sure to support Richard and grab a copy of his new book The Credit Game: https://amzn.to/2y5UjeA


2 Apr 2020

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The Credit Game with Chad Robinson & Richard Moxley

The Practical Broker

The Credit Game With Richard Moxley Hi! I’m Chad Robinson and this is the first-ever episode of the Practical Broker, we have brought aboard Richard Moxley author of the book The Nine Rules of Credit, and The Credit Game Richard Moxley is one of Canada's leading authorities on personal credit. After seven years as a mortgage broker, he had had enough in watching people forced to pay thousands of dollars in excess fees and rates, all because no one had taught them the basic rules of credit. He plunged into the field and has since developed a program to educate North Americans on how to save money and strengthen one's credit rating. Today's podcast covers how Richard Moxley got his footing in the mortgage industry, how he's made his mark, and how he had used the knowledge he's learned over the years to help others through his two books, The Nine Rules of Credit and The Credit Game. Show Notes Click here for the Show Notes. Resources TransUnion Canada - https://www.transunion.ca/ Equifax Canada - http://equifax.ca/ The Credit Game Book - https://creditgame.net/the-credit-game/ The Nine Rules of Credit - https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1770402411/ The Credit Game - https://www.amazon.ca/Credit-Game-Rules-Ever-Canadian/dp/B081D9SW18/ Richard Moxley on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Richard-Moxley/e/B00J6Z8804 Richard Moxley on Audible - https://www.audible.com/author/Richard-Moxley/B00J6Z8804 Best Interest Mortgages - https://bestinterest.ca/


11 Feb 2020

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284 – Rules to Master Your Credit with Richard Moxley

Debt Free in 30

On today’s show we have a first time guest, Richard Moxley, who explains how to win at the credit game.  He explains why the credit score you buy is not the same one your lender uses, why age matters, and what practical steps you can take to rebuild or improve your credit.


8 Feb 2020

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EP125 Adulting 101: Learn How to WIN at the Credit Game with Richard Moxley

Young Money with Tracey Bissett

Richard Moxley is the founder of The Credit Game, an organization helping Canadians improve and fix their credit scores. He is a best-selling author and recently published The Credit Game: Rules Every Canadian Must Know to Win. He began his career as a mortgage agent before transitioning to help people get out of debt. Richard is a sought-after professional speaker and has been featured in The Globe and Mail, CTV, Global TV, and CBC Market Report. He was the Financial Literacy Leader of the Year in 2015 and 2016 and studied finance and economics at Mount Royal University. Richard joins me today to explain how you can win at the credit game - and have some fun along the way. He shares the basis for his recent book and highlights why it is vital to continue to learn about your finances. Richard shares why you should take responsibility for your credit report and how you can get a free copy of your credit file. He highlights the factors that affect your credit score, who might use your credit score, and why your score may fluctuate or change quickly. “The credit score itself is just a by-product of what is happening on your credit report.” - Richard Moxley This Week on Young Money: The inspiration for writing The Credit Game Putting a focus on the action steps to take to always have good credit Why continued learning about finance is vital How Equifax and TransUnion create credit scores Why you should take responsibility and check your credit file How to get your credit report How active credit, credit limits, and keeping a balance/debt affect your score Who uses your credit report, including those you wouldn’t expect Why your credit score fluctuates or changes quickly Key takeaways: Your credit score is just a by-product of what's happening on your credit report Try not to focus only on the number It is important to fix any errors on your credit report Know that it is your responsibility Your credit score moves and changes  Resources Mentioned: Equifax TransUnion Connect with Richard Moxley: The Credit Game The Credit Game: Rules Every Canadian Must Know To Win The Credit Game on Facebook The Credit Game on Instagram The Credit Game on Twitter The Credit Game on LinkedIn Rate, Share & Inspire Other Young Millionaires-in-the-Making Thanks for tuning into the Young Money Podcast - the advice show for young millionaires-in-the-making! If you enjoyed this week’s episode, head over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a rating and review. Visit our website to learn how easy it is to leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Don’t forget to share your favorite episodes on social media!  Subscribe to the Young Money Podcast on iTunes so you never miss an episode and reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, our LinkedIn Company Page, or by visiting our website.


4 Feb 2020

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How To Play the Credit Game, with Richard Moxley

The MapleMoney Show

Did you know that closing a credit card can actually hurt your credit score? Or that your bank may not be reporting your credit information to both of Canada’s credit bureaus? In this episode, I’m joined by Richard Moxley, credit expert and author of the book, The Credit Game. Richard explains why it is so important to monitor your credit on a regular basis, and he also busts a few credit score myths along the way. You can find the show notes for this episode at https://maplemoney.com/richardmoxley Our sponsor, Borrowell, is on a mission is to help Canadians feel great about their credit. To do it, they’ve taken a product that was once $23/month, and made it completely free. To get a copy of your free credit score, credit report, as well as ongoing monitoring every month, head to https://maplemoney.com/borrowell


13 Nov 2019

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213 How to Play the Credit Game - Richard Moxley, Credit Expert & Author of The Credit Game

More Money Podcast

I think we can all agree, the world of credit and credit scores can sometimes feel like a bit of a mystery. That’s why I’ve got credit expert and author of  Richard Moxley on the show to finally make sense of things for all of us. Now, part of the reason there’s a lot of mystery in the credit industry is because the two credit bureaus in Canada, Equifax and TransUnion, aren’t completely transparent and like to keep private a lot of information surrounding how they score consumers when it comes to credit. Luckily, Richard has taken it upon himself to try to find out some of their hidden secrets and test things out so he can help consumers like you and me, and of course share everything he knows in his latest book The Credit Game. For full episode show notes, visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/213


13 Nov 2019

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008: How Credit TV Makes Understanding Credit Easy With Richard Moxley

I Love Calgary Real Estate

Tanya Appel talks with Richard Moxley, founder of and credit expert with eCredit Fix and Credit TV. (more…)


20 May 2017