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129: SELL your products and services through stories | Dexter Moscow

The Content Queen Podcast

Storytelling and marketing is what I have spoken about A LOT in the last 23 weeks of the year. NOW we are up to the next level. Storytelling and selling! Using storytelling to sell within our business. I have called in an EXTREMELY experienced selling expert and storyteller, Dexter Moscow who shares with us formulas, tips and strategies around selling through storytelling! You don’t want to miss this one! If you LOVED the episode, make sure you share this on your Instagram stories and tag us @contentqueenmariah and @dexter.moscow. KEY EPISODE TAKEAWAYS 👇 The three elements to storytelling to sell The 4 E’s of storytelling and selling How you can sell through your content How to use storytelling to sell to an online audience SHOW RESOURCES 👇 CHECK out Dexter on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dexter.moscow CONNECT with Dexter on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dextermoscow DOWNLOAD our STORYTELLING FREEBIE - https://sales.contentqueenmariah.com/storytelling CHECK out the blog for this episode (uploaded every Thursday) - www.contentqueenmariah.com/blog Find out more about how to WORK WITH US - www.contentqueenmariah.com Connect with us on INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/contentqueenmariah ABOUT THE GUEST Dexter Moscow has a considerable amount of practical selling experience that comes from his many years appearing in front of the camera on QVC The Shopping Channel selling £millions of products for major technology companies and other notable retailers. In addition to his on screen appearances, for 16 years he worked behind the camera as their Chief Guest Trainer coaching and training guest presenters and celebrities to excel at the art of ‘selling on telly’. In effect selling to an invisible audience. This experience of, how to create a compelling selling proposition, informs his approach to sales coaching and communication in the corporate arena. The same processes and frameworks he used when coaching others how to sell on TV are the same when we are seeking to get our message across. Dexter has written a book on the subject called Stand Up and Sell that enables those who follow these tried and tested processes to be more effective in their sales and presenting activities. If you like this episode, don't forget to share it to your Instagram stories and tag me @contentqueenmariah! Other than that, enjoy - chat next week 💕


13 Jun 2022

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RealTalk #16: Dexter Moscow - The Voyage Without My Father

RealTalk with Keith Sconiers

In today’s episode, I talk with Dexter Moscow an entrepreneur and author of The Voyage Without My Father, a book about his journey of healing from losing his father when he was 10 years old. In our conversation, we discussed ways we can work through the grief and pain of losing a loved one. A lesson he learned after breaking down emotionally 35 years after the loss of his father.What I appreciate about Dexter is his commitment to helping others live better lives, which is shown not only in his book about his father but also through his work as a mentor and coach to others in their professional careers.To learn more about Dexter, follow him at:LinkedIn: Dexter on LinkedInFacebook: Dexter on FacebookWebsite: Learn about Dexter MoscowEmail: dexter@dextermoscow.co.ukPlease subscribe to the podcast and the YouTube channel to be the first to hear of new releases and exclusive content.Thank you!!!Follow us on YouTube: https://bit.ly/30g3EyR


22 Apr 2022

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S3 Ep14: Livestream Shopping Is Expanding Hugely; We Speak To Video Coach Dexter Moscow

Influence Global Podcast - shining a spotlight on influencer marketing

In this episode we are talking livestream shopping with Dexter Moscow, video coach and author of Stand Up and Sell. Dexter has worked with many well known brands and been a former guest presenter for many years on the shopping channel QVC, a brand that now generates over $9bn in revenue. Big E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba have realised the value of influencers not as mere promoters but highly successful sales drivers. In 2020 Alibaba said it was recruiting 3m influencers, 100k in the first year and Amazon too have requested similar numbers to launch their Amazon influencer programme. Dexter talks about some of the qualities it takes to be a good sales person in a live environment. Some influencers like BeautybyCarla now promote themselves as Amazon Influencers, so what does the future hold for this rapidly growing area. I started by asking Dexter about how he started out in his career. @thebcma Presented by @gordonglenister Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:ONE Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


17 Aug 2021

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#79 - Dexter Moscow, How to Cope with Death and Loss of a Loved one.

Love-Listen-Talk-Repeat Podcast with Wendy Capewell

INTRO Dexter Moscow is a TV presenter, author, and business coach teaching people how to present themselves with impact. At 10 years of age, Dexter’s father died. of coronary thrombosis,  He didn’t understand when he was told his father had ‘gone’ He talks about the tragedy of not being allowed to be at his father’s bedside, to be able to say a real goodbye. This is happening now during this pandemic- not being able to be there. The feelings that come up are those of regret, anger and guilt at not being there for their loved one. We go on to talk about grief and losing a loved one, and how we cope with it. It’s not something we ever get over – instead we learn to cope with it. BIO His In his new book, a Voyage Without My Father, author and coach Dexter Moscow, seeks to help people who have experienced the death or loss of a parent when they were young. His mission, to highlight the ways it can adversely affect their entire lives when left unprocessed and offer strategies for overcoming its debilitating grip. Written for men in particular, Dexter relates his personal experience of growing up without the guiding hand of a loving parent. He explores the ways the trauma negatively impacted his life and relationships and shares the mechanisms he’s used to put this ever-present spectre to rest. Why men in particular? Because men don’t talk about such things. Dexter has a passion for people and a desire for results that led him to the role of senior trainer at QVC, where he coached business owners on how to successfully sell their products to an invisible audience. Roles ranging from Sales Director to Equity Partner; Head of Training to Business Owner taught Dexter many valuable lessons. Leading him to understand his client’s problems to help them deliver business-winning pitches, presentations and control their prospecting conversations. This and myriad training methodologies that have been put to the test over decades inform Dexter's unique approach to coaching helping others to gain the most when communicating with colleagues, teams, clients, and customers. Dexter recently celebrated his 51st wedding anniversary, has identical twin sons, and four grandchildren.  Business name is Audience Dynamics. CONTACT DETAILS / LINKS Website url www.dextermoscow.co.uk Linkedin url https://www.linkedin.com/in/dextermoscow/ Facebook url - https://www.facebook.com/Dexmoscow Twitter url https://twitter.com/dextermoscow Instagram url  https://www.instagram.com/dexter.moscow/?hl=en ABOUT WENDY CAPEWELL Wendy is a Psychotherapist, Coach, Public Speaker, and Author. She helps people who are stuck either in their personal, professional or relationships, get to the root of the problem which is holding them back, let go - and move forward into a happier more successful life.   Connect with Wendy Here...... Facebook - CLICK HERE Linked in - CLICK HERE Website - https://www.wendycapewell.co.uk/ Book –‘From Surviving to Thriving in a Romantic Relationship’- Link to Amazon Email – info@wendycapewell.co.uk Email me if you would like to receive my newsletter. which contains my latest news, articles and special offers. If you have enjoyed this show then please leave a review.


12 Aug 2020

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Business Matchmaker® TV Season 1 Dexter Moscow

Payal Walker Business Matchmaker®

Interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs who lead through values


31 Jul 2020

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"The Difference is YOU" with Dexter Moscow of Audience Dynamics (London, UK). GBD29

FLP, the Finance Leadership Podcast

"We could communicate by email but the pendulum is swinging back. People want face-to-face communication" Our "Human Intelligence" work inspires our December episodes and our guest for the first of them is Dexter Moscow. He shares his depth of insight into how professionals and their teams can rise above the hum of the tech to positively impact and motivate others. Dexter talks to AICPA & CIMA (UK)'s Kyle Hannan about why he loves seeing the lightbulb come on when people finally 'just get it'. OUR GUEST: Author, speaker, and business-influence coach Dexter Moscow has worked closely with Lego, has been QVC's Chief Guest Trainer for the last 16 years, and currently consults with one of the biggest accounting organisations there is. Author of new book "The Moscow Method", Dexter works via audiencedynamics.co.uk WE DISCUSS: the disruptions caused by the cutting out of the 'middle-man" in this new age of disintermediation. What it "disintermediation"? The 3Es +1 formula for building positive, personal impact. The 4 elements of influential presentations. How to create trust by understanding the individual. How to welcome the risks and the rewards of stepping outside of the 'professional gloss'. WE MENTION:  The seminal and influential book by Dale Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Simon Sinek "Start With Why" TED Talks . Dexter's book "The Moscow Method". FREE NEW 'HUMAN INTELLIGENCE' eBOOK. As the workplace changes, we’ll find ourselves partnering with robots and artificial intelligence which will make our human skills even more valuable. In this eBook, you’ll find practical guidance from more than a dozen experts on problem-solving, leadership, emotional intelligence and workplace dynamics to start you on your development journey. Fill out the form here to receive your eBook instantly. == MORE ABOUT OUR PODCAST ==  YOUR COMMUNITY. Interviews with our international experts are recorded by different members of the AICPA & CIMA team from our offices around the world. While the sound quality may vary, the insights will always be consistently useful. DON'T MISS OUT. Get our shows every week, automatically and free. Share them easily with colleagues and friends by using the icons on the media player.  TAKE IT FURTHER. Find related CPD/CPE resources at the AICPA Store and the CGMA Store. STAY CONNECTED. Follow #GoBeyondDisruption, @AICPANews and @CIMA_News on social."  PERMISSIONS ©2018 Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA & CIMA). All rights reserved  ===CAN'T SEE THE LINKS? TRY THESE=== * See the Go Beyond Disruption Homepage at https://www.aicpa-cima.com/disruption.html. * Find out more about Dexter at www.audiencedynamics.co.uk * Skill up with our AICPA Store at  https://www.aicpastore.com/GoBeyondDisruption * Also available via the CGMA Store at  https://www.cgmastore.com/products/disruption?utm_source=disruption-podcast&utm_medium=podcast&utm_campaign=cgmastore&utm_content=show-notes


5 Dec 2018

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EP033 - How to be a Master Influencer in Business with Dexter Moscow

Be Your Best In Business with Ian Luckett

Today, we are fortunate to speak with Dexter Moscow, he is a coach and an expert in consultative selling and influencing who has been in the business in the past 40 years and more. In this episode we cover how important it is that we effectively influence our customers, as well as how we do it BECAUSE at the end of the day, we don’t really want to sell to people, we want people to buy from us. We started this episode talking about how people these days hate being sold to and being manipulated into a selling situation. Dexter also shared what he learned while working as a TV presenter which includes understanding what the audience needs were so that we could create a presentation that matches with those needs. Dexter was also generous enough to share with us the key elements that make people buy which are: Trust Relevant Information Easy to buy and send back Emotional Connection He also points out how these days it is not enough that we are excellent at what we do, we also need to become a great communicator and understand how people perceive and choose to receive information especially when people have their preferences in communication, i.e. visual, auditory, and/or emotional. We also talked about the importance of having an emotional connection with our customers and prospects. We also covered the key things that helps us connect with our customers on an emotional level, which includes: Ask relevant questions. Establish a connection. Understand their need/s. (SELL on their needs.) Dexter shares how important it is to find out the market’s perceived needs, as it will help us as to what products and services should we offer. He also points out how important it is to listen MORE than we speak. We talked about the difference between COMMUNICATING and INFLUENCE as well as the rules of INFLUENCING which includes: Teaching something. Tailoring what we have to that particular need. Taking control! Lastly, Dexter discussed his new book The M.O.S.C.O.W. Method which he wrote to help everyone in the business world on how to sell without selling. It is a 6 stage process that covers: Prepare to present Structure the presentation Create the content Deliver the content Golden Nugget Round Question 1 – What would you tell your 25 Year Old Self? Accept disappointments in life as a lesson, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Follow your dream, cultivate your network, and seek for advice! Question 2 – What would you lecture at University today? Understanding Personality Types and What their Motivation Is Question 3 – What was your biggest investment or financial decision? My best financial decision is selling my estate agency, my biggest investment is in personal development. Guest Details To contact Dexter, feel free to e-mail him at dexter@audiencedynamics.co.uk Links and Resources Get Dexter’s book here:          http://www.moscowmethod.uk/ LinkedIN Account:                   https://www.linkedin.com/in/dextermoscow/ Quotes It is not enough that you are excellent at what you do, you really need to become a very good communicator and that means thinking about how people perceive information and how people receive information. –Dexter Moscow People hate being sold to, they hate being manipulated into what we feel is a selling situation. –Dexter Moscow We did not sell to them, they bought from us! –Dexter Moscow


14 May 2018