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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kyle Paxton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kyle Paxton, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kyle Paxton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kyle Paxton, often where they are interviewed.

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5. Neurology isn't just Strokes and Parkinson's it's EVERYTHING we do with Kyle Paxton, DPT

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Neurology may turn some people off when it comes to treating our patients. During this podcast we talk with Dr Kyle Paxton of Integrated Kinetic Neurology. He is a self proclaimed Ortho guy, but explains how important neurology is to everything we do that involves movement. Check it out, it's a great episode.

Website - www.ikneurology.com

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May 04 2020 · 41mins
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175: Dr. Ryan Foley and Dr. Kyle Paxton on Enhancing The Sensory System of an Athlete for Precision and Power | Sponsored by SimpliFaster

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Today’s episode features physical therapists, Ryan Foley and Kyle Paxton.  Together they run the continuing education business: “Integrated Kinetic Neurology”.

Dr. Ryan Foley, co-founder of IKN has worked with a number of high level athletes, and owns Evolve Physiotherapy.  He has studied applied functional neurology methods, specifically Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex, along with other applied neuroscience approaches to help get people get out of pain and improve function. Kyle Paxton’s successes and experiences with neurology based training interventions led him to the development of IKN, and Kyle has strategically shaped the techniques involved in IKN to ensure a practical and effective teaching process of neurology for performance and therapy interventions.

I always enjoy learning about the role of the nervous system in training.  As Kyle mentions early in this show “when you really think about it, everything is neurology”.  The nervous system is a very complex entity, however, and personally I’ve seen loads of “neural” training ideas that can get extremely complicated and involved, leading me to wonder how much the placebo effect is in play and how sustained the results are.

That’s where the practicality and dedication of Ryan and Kyle come in, and today’s show narrows neural training down to the specific sensory inputs of the body: proprioception, vestibular and ocular channels.   Without sensation, we can’t feel safe to move with power and grace, and if I’ve learned anything as a coach, it’s to value the sensory map of an athlete immensely in conjunction with their sport technique.  This valuable episode covers those points, as well as performance topics such as “dual tasking, isometric training integration, and more.

Today’s episode is brought to you by SimpliFaster, supplier of high-end athletic development tools, such as the Freelap timing system, kBox, Sprint 1080, and more.
Key Points

Ryan and Kyle’s backgrounds and interest in neurology and performance
The primary sensory systems that contribute to human movement and why they matter
The role of the eyes and intention in human performance
Why bracing the core doesn’t work with the performance principles of neurology
Ways to enhance isometric training using the hands, feet or eyes
“Dual Tasking” and isometric training
Why athletes might place their free hand on a muscle or body region subconsciously during an exercise
How to use the eyes and vestibular system to drive more tone into a body area
Any potential value in balance oriented sensory work prior to heavier strength training
“When you really think about it, everything is neurology”

“Sensory feedback both from an internal perspective and external perspective is what drives our ability to respond to the world around us”

“The sensory systems allow you to fully utilize the actual structure that you have”

“If you can start to understand that the proprioceptive system, the visual system and the vestibular system are the primary drivers of how our body can respond to the outside world, then it can really start to change the lens that you look at your programming through”

“When I think of the (core) versus the limbs, there is a lot more purposeful and intentional control to control my limbs in the real world, versus my (core) which is more subcortical and reflexive in movement control”

“The eyes allow us to maintain that smooth coordination through our hands and through our feet.  Whenever I’m doing any isometric work, or any kind of movement based work I typically have a lot of intention through my eyes and the target and I’m putting a lot of importance on how the hands are dissipating load through the limb and how the feet are dissipating load through the lower body”

“I don’t want a lot of noise in my nervous system when I’m trying to move in a particular direction”

“Isometrics really allow you to experience load in a safe ...
Nov 07 2019 · 1hr 5mins

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Dr. Kyle Paxton

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Dr. Kyle Paxton by Kokoro_MVMT
Feb 17 2019 · 1hr 14mins
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#88. Integrated Kinetic Neurology with Dr. Kyle Paxton

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It's time for another interview. This week I have on Dr. Kyle Paxton, PT and co-founder of Integrated Kinetic Neurology. I recently attended one of the IKN seminars and today we are going to share the information with you. What is IKN? Find out in this episode! 

1. Intro 


2. Sponsor: Eating Evolved (3:01) 

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3. Interview: Dr. Kyle Paxton (3:53) 

4. How did IKN begin? (9:33) 

5. Rethinking the Mechanical Model (16:50)

6. Concepts (22:12) 

7. Sponsor: Kasandrinos (26:15) 

Use the code ‘fullbodyfix‘ for 15% off 

8. How structural issues pair with pain (27:03) 

9. Tools from the seminar (31:18)

10. Case Example (34:34)

11. Get the info (42:06)



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Aug 27 2018 · 48mins

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MOTM #018: Dr. Ryan Foley & Dr. Kyle Paxton – IKN, Patient Buy-in, and Disrupting the Norm

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You guys always ask what continuing education courses I recommend, so here ya go! Brought on the boys from IKN (@IntegratedKineticNeurology) to provide you with some information about their courses, but more importantly to provide you with some information about themselves. If I’m gonna take a course I want to know that the person teaching it is legit, isn’t trying to pull a fast one, and genuinely cares about the content that they’re delivering. In this episode we of course go down the neurology and pain science rabbit holes, but we also explore the fairly uncharted territory that is opening a clinic AND starting a continuing education company as young therapists. Ryan’s accent is amazing, Kyle’s business savvy is impeccable, and you, my friends, aren’t going to want to miss this episode. Oh, and I’ll tell you how to save some money on registration. But ya gotta tune in to find out.

In this episode:

1:18 – Show starts
2:40 – Meet Dr. Ryan Foley
12:31 – Meet Dr. Kyle Paxton
17:28 Danny’s podcast with Kyle
19:28 You start to understand it’s not really about the techniques at all…
23:12 The three different IKN courses
24:12 Dan Fichter
34:53 Getting the brain and body into the most resourceful states to be able to handle stress
40:06 Paul Coker
41:57 Why the name Integrated Kinetic Neurology?
45:03 Starting a continuing education course and practice as a new grad
49:50 Ryan’s experience treating in Ireland
57:50 Our field needs more disruption
1:04:48 Upcoming IKN course dates
1:07:01 PINTNIGHT!!!

Contact Information

Instagram: @IntegratedKineticNeurology
Email: Ryan@ikneurology.com
Website: ikneurology.com

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Jun 04 2018 · 1hr 12mins
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Dr. Kyle Paxton & Dr. Ryan Foley

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In this episode, we're joined by Dr. Kyle Paxton (@kbpaxton) and Ryan Foley (@evolvewaterford) of integrated Kinetic Neurology (@integratedkineticneurology).   You'll hear about the development and philosophy of IKN, functional neurology, and the integration of IKN within the biopsychosocial model.  This was also an opportunity to plug their upcoming IKN Approach course at Vertex PT Specialists (@vertexpt) in Columbia, SC July 14-15th.  

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May 14 2018 · 36mins
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E83 | Starting a Continuing Education Course with Kyle Paxton

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On Episode 83 of The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast I sit down with Kyle Paxton to talk about starting a continuing education course.

Kyle is the owner of Arlington Performance Care and the co-founder of Integrated Kinetic Neurology.

IKN is a continuing education course that was born out of an understanding that there is no singular approach to healing the human body. They teach how to combine the most cutting edge techniques in the fields of neuroscience and movement, there can be immediate, and long lasting effects such as decreased pain, along with improved performance, function and quality of life.

On this episode we find out what it takes to get a course like IKN up and running.

Find out more about Kyle Paxton and Integrated Kinetic Neurology here.



May 08 2018 ·