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How To Be Lucky In Life with Maria Konnikova

Let It Be Easy with Susie Moore

Confidence is the single differentiator between people who get what they want and people who don't. In her recent book, my friend and NYT Bestselling author of The Biggest Bluff, Maria Konnikova, shows you what it really means when it comes to being lucky. Maria became an international poker champion in just a year, and the winner of over $300,000 in tournament earnings. She's a Russian-American writer with a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University. She's also a contributor for the New Yorker! The Biggest Bluff is, and it's NOT, a book about poker. In this interview, Maria and I discuss: - The balance between skill and luck - in everything. - The natural advantage you have if you pay attention - because most people don't. - When to reflect versus react - this can change your entire life! - How she managed her emotions - by tracking them in a spreadsheet! - How she takes less sh*t from people after learning poker, especially as a woman. - Whether or not you've read The Biggest Bluff, or understand poker at all (I don't!), you'll love this interview. And if you like it, please consider rating and reviewing the podcast on Apple Podcasts! This helps to get the message out to more people just like you. And be sure to click the "Follow" button to get notified of updates. Also, I'm hosting a free workshop that will show you how to further coach yourself through any of life's challenges. Check it out here.


24 Apr 2022

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Getting Conned with Maria Konnikova

The Rewired Soul

Episode Notes There's no shortage of documentaries, TV shows and series about real world stories of people getting scammed out of thousands or even millions. Today's guest is best-selling psychology writer Maria Konnikova to discuss why we get conned and how we can prevent it. We chat about what makes us susceptible to being conned and why we're naturally trusting of others. Follow Maria on Twitter @mkonnikova Get a copy of The Confidence Game Get a copy of The Biggest Bluff Get a copy of Mastermind Get a copy of Migraine Become a paid Substack subscriber at TheRewiredSoul.Substack.com and get early access to episodes! Get your free books by Chris here: https://bit.ly/3vkRsb6 Follow @TheRewiredSoul on Twitter and InstagramSubscribe to The Rewired Soul Substack Support The Rewired Soul:Get books by Chris Support on Patreon Try BetterHelp Online Therapy (affiliate)Donate


13 Apr 2022

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Maria Konnikova

Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo

In this episode, Ellen sits down with Maria Konnikova. Maria is an author, producer, and has a PhD in Psychology from Columbia University. They discuss the ways that chemistry can lead us astray, her latest book The Biggest Bluff, and how to turn a bad hand into an advantage. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


6 Apr 2022

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Poker, con artists and the psychology of risk and deception, with Maria Konnikova, PhD

Speaking of Psychology

Why do intelligent people give money to self-proclaimed psychics or get sucked into Ponzi schemes? Why are most of us so bad at judging risk? Journalist, psychologist and professional poker player Maria Konnikova, PhD, author of the “The Biggest Bluff” and “The Confidence Game,” talks about why anyone can fall for a con, the psychology of risk, and how her knowledge of psychology did—and didn’t—help her at the poker table. Links Maria Konnikova, PhD


23 Feb 2022

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I Sesión Club del Libro +D. "El gran Farol" de Maria Konnikova


En esta ocasión subimos la sesión informal que se mantuvo en la I Sesión del Club del Libro +D.Hilo del Encuentro con links y referencias, aquíhttps://foro.masdividendos.com/t/el-gran-farol-como-aprendi-a-prestar-atencion-dominarme-y-ganar-maria-konnikova/17250?u=jvas

1hr 53mins

15 Feb 2022

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What Professional Poker Taught Maria Konnikova About the American Dream

Just the Right Book with Roxanne Coady

In this episode of Just the Right Book with Roxanne Coady, Maria Konnikova joins Roxanne Coady to discuss her book, The Biggest Bluff, out now from Penguin Press.This week's sponsor:Talkspace. Get $100 off of your first month with code JUSTTHERIGHTBOOK. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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15 Jul 2021

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Episode 009: Courage and Cutting Your Losses with Dr. Maria Konnikova

The Decision Education Podcast

How do we decide when to play it safe, and when to take the risk? Award-winning author, journalist, and professional poker player, Dr. Maria Konnikova, talks with our guest host, Annie Duke, about how poker parallels uncertainty in life, the hidden downside of avoiding risks, how to decide what to do next professionally, and how her fascinating career trajectory resembles a constellation more so than a straight line. She also reveals what you often need besides smarts and hard work to get where you want to go.


13 Jul 2021

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31. Where Skill Ends & Chance Begins with Maria Konnikova

FOMO Sapiens with Patrick J. McGinnis

Not many people can say they became a professional poker player while researching a book, but in Dr. Maria Konnikova’s case, she can. In her latest book My Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win, journalist and award-winning author Konnikova explains how her research into the science between luck, skill, randomness, and the myth that hard work always leads to success led her to become an international champion poker player.Konnikova explores the significant overlap between the game of poke and the game of life and finds that it is often what determines success: skill and chance. When playing a game with incomplete information, while you cannot control the randomness of the shuffle, if you can identify where skill ends and chance begins, you can master the skills necessary to succeed. Dr. Konnikova explains how by learning to identify the difference between what is skill and what is chance, we hone our strategic thinking, learning to master what we can control and release what we can’t. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


10 Jun 2021

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#149 Maria Konnikova: The Champion of Poker We Need But Don't Deserve

Chasing Poker Greatness

Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast has become one of the most important and beloved humans in the world of poker in just a couple of years, the one and only Maria Konnikova. Maria is the New York Times Bestselling author of Mastermind, The Confidence Game, and the one that cements her lasting legacy in the poker world: The Biggest Bluff.Despite having been released only one short year ago, The Biggest Bluff is widely considered to be one of the Greatest Poker Books of All-Time and, in my humble opinion, will also go down in poker history as the most influential.A funny thing happened however, when Maria got her hooks into the world of poker…The world of poker got their hooks into Maria.Since beginning her poker journey Maria has since racked up over $300k in live MTT cashes and is now a mainstay at poker tournaments all around the world.In today’s conversation with Maria Konnikova, you’re going to learn:- The surprising internal nemesis Maria has to contend with regularly.-An awesome story that illustrates Maria’s rapid-fire progression as a poker player involving a true poker Villain.- Tactics that will help you do the things you know you really should but for some reason keep putting them off.- And much, MUCH more!And before you dive into my conversation with Maria, I want to take a second to let you know The Biggest Bluff paperback was released exactly one day ago and, if you haven’t yet devoured it cover to cover, you can grab your copy at all the regular places books are sold. You can also grab it by clicking through the link on Maria’s showpage at ChasingPokerGreatness.com.Now, without any further ado I bring to you New York Times Bestselling author, poker champion and champion of poker, the perpetually infused with greatness Maria Konnikova.New CPG Cash Game Courses!Preflop Bootcamp: https://bit.ly/Preflop-BootcampFish in a Barrel: http://bit.ly/fish-in-a-barrelNeutralize Flop Leads: https://bit.ly/2OkN8Yt

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9 Jun 2021

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Episode #158 Maria Konnikova

FranklinCovey On Leadership with Scott Miller

Pay Attention | Join Ph.D. and bestselling author of The Biggest Bluff, Maria Konnikova, and she dives into the thinking world of poker and connects the skills of understanding variables, applying data, and paying attention to the thinking world of business. Subscribe to the FranklinCovey On Leadership email newsletter and receive weekly videos, tools, articles, and podcasts to help you become a better leader. ow.ly/tH5E30kAxfj Being Open: Being open to new ideas, hobbies, and adventures will help you learn, challenge yourself, and grow. https://resources.franklincovey.com/blog/being-open Hidden-Resources Questions: https://pages.franklincovey.com/2021-Q4-NL-June8_Newsletter-Tool-Download.html


8 Jun 2021