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Seeking Justice and Liberation with Brittany Barnett

Fierce Lab

SIGN UP FOR THE APP Eager for more tools and resources to help you find your fierce? Now you can access additional content across the four content pillars using the Fierce Lab app. Premium subscribers get access to articles, guides, checklists, video content, and workshops as well as exclusive events for members only. In this episode, Tara speaks with Brittany Barnett, an attorney and author of A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, and Freedom. Brittany co-founded the Buried Alive Project and the Manifest Freedom Fund, which work to free people unjustly sentenced under outdated federal drug laws and to support justice-impacted people on their journey to becoming entrepreneurs. Tara and Brittany discuss her book, how she became a lawyer, the story of Sharanda Jones, and fighting for clemency. A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, and Freedom At the beginning of the episode, Brittany provides a synopsis of her book, a memoir of her life story where she addresses the injustice of the courts, genius languishing behind bars, and how the definition of freedom has evolved. Brittany says writing the book was an opportunity to tell the truth about racial injustice in America’s criminal justice system as well as inspire young girls to dream their biggest dream. Becoming a lawyer Even growing up, Brittany had always wanted to be a lawyer, but she was discouraged by the lack of representation of women of color in the legal field. Brittany never completely forgot her dream, though. She mentioned her desire to attend law school to a mentor and friend, who encouraged her to pursue her passion. Seeking further guidance, Brittany reached out to Christa Brown-Sanford, a Black female lawyer she had never met. Christa responded, motivating and encouraging Brittany throughout her journey. Sharanda Jones’ story While in law school, Brittany discovered Sharanda Jones’ story of incarceration. She took a Critical Race Theory course and chose to write her paper about the disparity in sentencing between powder cocaine and crack cocaine, which has led to a disproportionate number of people of color’s incarceration in federal prison. While researching, Brittany came across Sharanda Jones, a Black, single mother from the South who was serving her tenth year of a life sentence without parole in federal prison. Sharanda had been charged with a federal drug offense, her first ever conviction, that resulted in a natural living death sentence. Sharanda’s story was reminiscent of that of Brittany’s own family, so she decided to contact Sharanda and fight for her freedom. Clemency and Brittany’s nonprofit work Brittany was practicing corporate law and working pro bono at night on Sharanda’s case. She eventually found that the only route to Sharanda’s freedom was through clemency granted by the President of the United States. Brittany discusses the six-year journey it took to achieve clemency for Sharanda. Since then, Brittany has left her corporate law job, launched a nonprofit, and helped ten other clients receive clemency. With Sharanda and another client, Corey Jones, she co-founded the Buried Alive Project, which works to free people unjustly sentenced under outdated federal drug laws. She also started the Manifest Freedom Fund, under the umbrella of Buried Alive, which invests in justice-impacted entrepreneurs to help build sustainable liberation. Follow Fierce Lab on Instagram or LinkedIn for the latest updates. Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE, REVIEW, and SHARE Fierce Lab.


20 Jan 2022

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"A Knock at Midnight” by Brittany Barnett

All About Books

In her day job she moved billion-dollar deals. At night, she worked pro bono in near hopeless legal battles. As a successful young black-professional, Brittany Barnett used her talents and time to help those caught in the racial injustice of the courts. Her life story is told in "A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, and Freedom.”


11 Aug 2021

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Impeachment & The Road Forward After Acquittal + Criminal Justice Reform with Guest Brittany Barnett

Pod is a Woman

Brittany Barnett joins Pod is a Woman to discuss her criminal justice reform work, and Johnanna, Darienne, and Alejandra discuss the long term implications of Trump's acquittal.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


18 Feb 2021

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Brittany Barnett, A KNOCK AT MIDNIGHT

Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books™️

Brittany Barnett's book is "a memoir that shows how she came to understand injustice in the courts, how she discovered genius behind bars, and how this journey caused her definition of freedom to evolve.” Her book was Amazon’s "#1 Best Book of 2020." Zibby was utterly impressed by A Knock at Midnight and moved by her conversation with Brittany. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


23 Jan 2021

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Brittany Barnett: On Intentionality, Daddy's Wisdom, and Imagination that Creates Prison Reform

Casually Creative

Brittany Barnett's effortless wisdom comes from years of sitting at fishing holes and on front porches with her granddad and her father. These early and formative moments communicated to her a way to view the world that left her open to its possibilities, while acutely recognizing its challenges. Motivated early on to pursue excellence and not give up on a possibility simply because you can't see your desired outcome, Brittany has navigated through the halls of this country's most prestigious law firms and most hallowed centers of justice until she found her passion and her calling in a chance Google search that set her on a path to free those inequitably imprisoned, and to push for a more just and fair criminal justice system. By the age of 32, she had successfully petitioned for and won clemency for her client- clemency that came at the signature of then-President Barack Obama.  Motivated and bolstered by a singular vision- to fight for justice amidst the communities, cultures, and causes that the country often overlooks, Brittany has found herself at the forefront of the fight for criminal justice reform. After founding the Buried Alive Project alongside two former clients she had successfully freed from lifetime imprisonment, Brittany set out to free as many people from life imprisonment for non-violent drug offenses as possible. Her persistence led to the litigation of the release of an impressive 17 people in 90 days alongside her co-counsel. This jaw-dropping act has earned her headlines and international attention and acclaim that have catapulted her to the forefront of a much-needed conversation that often impacts and ravishes thriving and healthy communities and leaves their inhabitants fatigued and their children disconnected. As the author of the recently released book, "A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, & Freedom," Brittany's intensely personal memoir chronicles the stories of three of her clients and has been listed as an Amazon book of the month. In describing the book and its characters, Al Woodworth, of Amazon Book Review says it best as he writes that "their lives—including their crimes, their families, and their jail time—are rendered with such care and compassion that it is impossible to put this book down. It is also impossible not to root for Barnett and her clients as she fights to get them the justice they deserve, and never had. A Knock at Midnight is a profoundly moving memoir that reveals the incredibly racist world of the feds, the courts, and the laws that throw away people’s lives—for life." Casually Creative Twitter: @msbkb IG: @msbkb A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, & Freedom Essence Magazine Feature Good Morning America Feature --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/casuallycrtve/message

1hr 10mins

24 Sep 2020

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Ready for Trial with Dana McLendon - Episode 19: Brittany Barnett

Ready for Trial with Dana McLendon

Brittany Barnett is a lawyer who left a lucrative private practice in corporate law to fight for justice. In this episode, she tells how her own family experience guided her and how she ultimately knew the job she always wanted was not the job she needed.


21 Sep 2020

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Attorney, Philanthropist + Entrepreneur Brittany Barnett: Pivoting For Your Life’s Passion

Fridays with Flea Style

Brittany Barnett’s name has recently been in lights thanks to Hollywood fans like Kim Kardashian and Diddy. But the attorney known for recently freeing notable women in prison for unnecessary life sentences still sees herself as a small town East Texas girl. Do not miss this podcast that follows Brittany’s life story that starts with a normal childhood until her mom ends up in prison. That pivotal life moment charts the course for Brittany’s incredible and inspiring career path that spans from big wig corporate gigs to her life’s passion fighting for human rights.


27 Jul 2018

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Show 42...With special guest Brittany Barnett

Breakfast with Sis

Show 42 represents the first show of 2018 and begin with a world class inspiring story. Brittany Barnett is the founder and president of Girls Embracing Mothers. This non-profit is making a difference in the world by connecting incarcerated moms with their daughters helping to break the cycle of a life of drugs and prison. Brittany is an attorney fighting for the reform of our prison system. She is a Fellow at the SMU, Dedman School of Law that has taken her work all the way to the White House. Join us over breakfast and listen to the Highs and Lows and be inspired to begin the new year.


6 Jan 2018

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Get N Tha Game Ep 34: Buried Alive w/ Brittany Barnett

Get N Tha Game Podcast

Get N Tha Game Ep 34: Buried Alive w/ Brittany Barnett Brittany Barnett knows the definition of taking life's lemons and turning them into lemonade. In her early 20's, at a time in her life when she was just figuring out adulthood, the one person that was supposed to be there; wasn't. Brittany's mother went to jail. It was through this hardship that Brittany found the strength to help those who had been caught up in the system amplify their voices. As an attorney and criminal justice reform advocate, Brittany Gets N Tha Game to share how she was able to get an executive clemency order for 7 of her clients under the Obama administration, including the case of Sharanda Jones which made national news. If you have a loved one behind bars you MUST hear this episode!  Get involved! www.brittanykbarnett.com Follow us on Social Media: IG: @GetNThaGamePodcast Twitter: @_GetNThaGame Facebook: Get N Tha Game Podcast Be sure to Rate, Comment and Subscribe! 


20 Oct 2017