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The Global Party - Episode 73 - Vidya Vox

The Global Party

Episode 73 of DJ TNT and SOS's show, "TNT's Global Party".


16 Jan 2022

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15: Vidya Vox - Mainstream Pop, Indian Classical & A Really Unique Idea

How'd You Do It?

On this week's podcast we have a super interesting creator by the name of Vidya Vox. Vidya was born in Chennai, India and moved the US at the age of 8. She started her YouTube channel in 2015 uploading song mashups that mixed western pop, dance music and indian classic music. Vidya gained 1 million subscribers within the first year after her mashup of Major Lazer's "Lean On" and a Punjabi folk song went viral. Now, in 2018 Vidya's channel has 4.7m subscribers and over 450 million views. She swooped into our Castbox studio in Hollywood recently and explained where the idea came from, the challenges she's faced being an immigrant in the US and how she's managed to turn the channel into a full time job. Enjoy!


9 Aug 2018

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Vidya Vox on Becoming YouTube Sensation and Following Her Heart: TIT42

The Inspiring Talk

Vidya Vox shares her journey from being an immigrant kid in US going to psychology school to becoming YouTube sensation. She today amasses fan following of over 4.5 million subscribers with over 400 million views on her YouTube channel. Vidya is one of the top YouTube influencers coming from Indian origin. She is a singer and songwriter who flawlessly marries the western songs with traditional Indian classical and Bollywood songs in the form of cover songs and mashups. One can feel her amazing vibe and energy in every single song she has ever produced. Be it the costumes that she uses or the dance moves and facial expressions that she offers you can get simply enthralled with her performance. She is currently focused in creating more of her own original songs. She has released her own EP Kuthu Fire back in 2017 and since then she has never missed to leave her followers mesmerized with her originals. She has also been performing artist in YouTube FanFest India 2017.   Some Questions I ask Vidya: How did your Grandmother inspired you to follow your dreams? Who was the artist that you have grown up looking up to? How was your conversation with Mother like when you were leaving your job behind and following your passion in Music? How was that moment of uploading that first video on YouTube like? What your definition of success for the every song that you create? How do you prepare just before climbing up the stage for your live performances? Want to start your own podcast? I can help you launch your very own podcast right from coming out with idea to publishing episode number one. Join my SIX weeks long online group podcast coaching program. Read More.   Time Stamps: 03:53 Vidya talks about her family background, culture she comes from and her life as an Immigrant Kid in US. 06:51 She shares how her grandmother pushed her and her sister to learn music and how she is living her dreams through Vidya. 08:30 She expresses her love for AR Rahaman and the revolution he has brought in Indian Music. She has seen Beyonce as her idol as a kid. 09:43 Vidya shares about the transition from Psychology school to the new world of Musical career. Meeting Shankar Tucker and going on tour with his band. 13:57 Conversation that she had with her mother before moving to India to learn music and follow her passion in Music. 17:58 Challenges she had to go through as an Immigrant teenager including bullying, being teased about culture and food. 21:20 She shares the story of creating and sharing first mashup for her YouTube channel. 24:42 Why finding two perfect songs for mashup is a puzzle and how Vidya and team solves that in hour one. 27:10 Why numbers of views doesn't matters to Vidya anymore? 29:49 She talks how haters and negative energy that came from creepy guys on club inspired name for her latest original Tamil Born Killa.  31:39 Vidya shares about designing the awe-inspiring costumes herself for music videos. 34:41 How she deals with the pressure to deliver best song every single time. 36:13 What sort of responsibilities comes along with rising popularity and why it is necessary to live with those responsibilities. 39:50 Challenges she has been through in Musical career and lessons she learnt. 41:59 Why it is integral to surround yourself with people who encourages and pushes you to the limit? 44:03 Her message to those afraid of following their heart.    Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook Twitter Instagram   One Last thing.... It really means a lot to me if you could subscribe to this podcast and write a nice review as I love reading them and hear from you: Apple Podcast | Castbox | Stitcher | Android


18 Jun 2018

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Vidya Vox - Episode 131


This week, "The Prince" AJ Kumar brings you a special edition episode of Spinning Heel Kick Podcast. AJ Kumar makes a crossover into the music world to interview one of the most talented international superstars in the world today, Vidya Vox. Vidya discusses moving into the United States at a young age and having to face bullying, stereotypes, and becoming isolated from her peers. Vidya discusses how her love for music led her to chasing her ultimate dreams, and meeting the right people at the right team that supported her goals, and believed in her in becoming the superstar that she is today. This is all about going against the grain, and chasing your dreams and doing something in your life that you are passionate about and love rather than following what others "think" you should be doing.


2 May 2018

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Episode 48 - In Conversation With Vidya Vox

Desi Outsiders

We’re kicking off Season 4 with an exclusive interview with Vidya Vox where we accidentally damage her eardrums by singing along with her. We’re the new Desi Spice Girls now and Vidya is leaving her job as a solo artist to join us. That’s once she repairs her eardrums, of course. We discuss her journey from the age of five when she started training in classical Karnatic music and wasn’t the biggest fan of it, to how she almost became a doctor but then ended up being a superstar instead - basically, Vidya is living Meenal’s alternate reality.


12 Oct 2017

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Ep. 57: Vidya Vox – East-West Mashups on YouTube Mark the Beginning of Dreams Come True

Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.

Vidya Vox is singer/songwriter with her music videos on YouTube. Born in Chennai and raised in Virginia, Vidya learned Carnatic classical music from a young age. She earned her Psychology degree at George Washington University. During that time she started posting Bollywood + Western pop mashups on her YouTube channel, which grew in popularity and a number of videos have over 2 million hits. Vidya has performed at a number of amazing places including the White House. Today, she continues to make mashups but is also working on her own solo EP of original music.TWEET: Ep. 57: Vidya Vox - East-West Mashups on YouTube Mark the Beginning of #DreamsComeTrueBefore music was her thing, what did Vidya think would be her thing?With the success that Vidya Vox has experienced from her Youtube channel alone, it’s surprising to think that she began with a different dream in mind. Her first direction was not music, but medicine. She was working toward becoming a doctor until she got started then realized in a fairly short amount of time that music was a much deeper desire than she’d realized. The transition she had to make to be true to her dreams was significant and it didn’t come without some questioning from her family and friends. You can hear how Vidya made the transition and what she’s learned from it on this episode of Chasing Dreams.Making a change to pursue your dreams can be hard for family.When Vidya Vox decided that instead of pursuing her long-planned career in medicine she was going to pursue music instead, her family didn’t understand right away. She noticed that though they were supportive, they also had a “wait and see” attitude toward her music. But as she’s shown herself to be diligent and has persevered to create some amazing music videos that have been very successful on Youtube, her family has come around. If you’re interested in hearing how she dealt with her family’s resistance to her dreams, you should listen to this great conversation.TWEET: Making a change to pursue your #dreams can be hard for familyEverything falls into place if you focus on the art.For any creative who works to create something great, it’s hard to keep your eyes focused on the true art of what you’re doing. Things like success, feedback, resistance - all of them come into play at times and can mess up your mind. Vidya Vox says that what she’s discovered is that when she is able to refocus on the art of what she’s doing and stay in that place of focus, she’s able to create music that is more impactful and all those other things she was concerned about have a way of taking care of themselves. You can hear Vidya’s inspiring story on this episode of Chasing Dreams.There is no shortcut to hard work when chasing your dreams.OK, so you have a dream. So what? The world (and other people) are not going to lay out the red carpet that leads to the accomplishment of your dream. You’re going to have to work for it - and it will be hard work. Vidya Vox says that there is no shortcut to hard work. In fact, the work you put into the accomplishment of your dreams is part of what shapes them - because it shapes you in the process. You can hear how Vidya has applied the principle of hard work to the pursuit of her musical dreams on this episode of the podcast.TWEET: There is no shortcut to hard work when chasing your #dreamsOUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE:[0:59] Aimee’s introduction to Vidya Vox.[3:03] Why Vidya has moved to Los Angeles.[3:50] The most interesting place Vidya has performed.[6:44] How Vidya learned classical music and how it has morphed into her current ventures.[10:25] What Vidya thought she’d be doing before music became her thing.[11:18] The transition from med school to music - and how her family responded.[14:28] What would Vidya have done if her support system would have rejected her dream?[20:14] An artist Vidya wants to cover that she hasn’t done yet.[21:08] How Vidya chooses the songs that go into her mashups.[24:18] Be careful online: People can be great and they can also turn on you.[29:22] Vidya’s plans to record her own compositions.[30:10] The mashup that is Vidya’s favorite.[35:18] Vidya’s recommendation.GUEST RECOMMENDATION:There is no shortcut to hard work. To stick with it over the long haul you have to stay focused on why you started in the first place.RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:http://vidyavox.com YoutubeInstagramTwitterFacebookSnapchatGoogle Plus iTunes SpotifySoundcloudAimee J’s favoritesKuttanadan Punjayile - Kerala Boat Song (Vidya Vox English Remix) - (over. 3.5M) [Superwoman aka Lilly Singh commented]Justin Bieber - Sorry | Kandukondain Kandukondain (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover) - (over 3M)Chaiyya Chaiyya / Don't Stop MASHUP!! - INDIA EDITION ft Sam Tsui, Shankar Tucker, Vidya - (over 2.5M)Major Lazer - Lean On | Jind Mahi (Vidya Mashup Cover ft Ricky Jatt, Raashi Kulkarni, Raginder Momi) - (over 7M views)Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do | Hosanna (Vidya Vox Mashup Cover) - TWEETS YOU CAN USE:TWEET: Before #music was her thing, what did Vidya Vox think would be her thing?TWEET: Everything falls into place if you focus on the #art ~ Vidya Vox, on this episodehttps://youtu.be/fGndoxuiC7g


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