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098 Entrepreneurship Is Just Solving Problems with Courtney Williamson

The Empower Podcast with Emily Kennedy

Today we talk with an amazing founder, Courtney Williamson, Ph.D., who is the CEO and founder of AbiliLife. We talk about her mom having Parkinson’s lead to her entrepreneurship journey (solving problems), building a leadership mindset, and mental health as a founder. ABOUT COURTNEY / ABILILIFE AbiliLife is a bioengineering company developing products to improve the quality of life for Parkinson's disease patients. She invented the Calibrace+ back brace which is a brace specifically designed for Parkinson's patients to improve posture and balance while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. She also took 5 years of manufacturing and production experience to build an online course How To Manufacture A Physical Product in 90 Days to teach people how to make their dream product (link below!). [This episode was originally recorded in September 2020] FOLLOW OUR GUEST https://www.linkedin.com/in/courtney-williamson-ph-d-9960119/ LINKS TO WHAT WE DISCUSSED https://theheartofstartups.dropfunnels.com/90days/manufacture-in-90/ RATE & REVIEW If you enjoyed this episode, please go leave a rating or review on iTunes right now as it really helps grow the show. Rate & Review on iTunes! CONNECT WITH EMILY On Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn - @heyemilykennedy Sign up for the email newsletter: www.emilykennedy.org Music by: Taste the Vibe - “Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (Mungø Remix)” unedited, via Creative Commons


8 Jun 2021

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Quarentimes #5 - Courtney Williamson

Drinking Partners

“You used to see us out in public,” Ed announces as he changes up the Drinking Partners opening bit and welcomes back listeners. Another alteration for 2020? The Drinking Partners will accept contactless deliveries of Hennessy. A reunited and rejuvenated Ed and Day welcome Courtney Williamson, CEO and Founder of AbiliLife: “A company dedicated to designing and developing products to improve the quality of life for patients with Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases.” Ms. Williamson discusses her personal shift from pursuing a PhD to medical product design, which came out of a desire to assist her mother, who suffered from Parkinson’s. What started as a passion project with the support of Carnegie Mellon’s start-up incubator Project Olympus quickly developed into something more, which is detailed and examined throughout the podcast. An intriguing and uplifting interview, and one that joyously brings Ed and Day back into the studio. To learn more about AbiliLife, visit www.abililife.com. And stay tuned to hear more comedy on tap from the Drinking Partners!


12 Nov 2020

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Business as Usual: Who are the Women CEOs? With Courtney Williamson

TechVibe Radio

Join the Generation Fempreneur Summit to explore the experience of women in spaces of innovation. In partnership with Liftoff PGH everyday this week, Audrey Russo will interview Pittsburgh women about a different facet of invention, including product design, social barriers, the entrepreneurship ecosystem and local investment pipelines. Today's session: Who are the Women CEOs? With Courtney Williamson We welcome Founder and CEO of AbiliLife Courtney Willamson to discuss her experience as an entrepreneur in Pittsburgh. Williamson invented the Calibrace+, a specialized back brace for patients with neuromuscular diseases. The product has been prescribed by physicians at the Mayo Clinic, Emory, UPMC, and Highmark.


28 Aug 2020

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Rethinking the healthcare supply chain. ft. Courtney Williamson

What's Wrong With: The Podcast

Follow Courtney on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the episode listen to a quick recap and fact check by SOUR's Researcher and Design Strategist Yasmine Abuzeid.Created by SOUR, this podcast is part of the studio's "Future of X,Y,Z" research, where the collaborative discussion outcomes serve as the base for the futuristic concepts built in line with the studio's mission of solving urban, social and environmental problems through intelligent designs.Find out what today’s guest and former guests are up to by following What’s Wrong With on Instagram and on Twitter. Make sure to visit our website - podcast.whatswrongwith.xyz - and subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts so you never miss an episode. If you found value in this show, we would appreciate it if you could head over to iTunes to rate and leave a review – or you can simply tell your friends about the show!Don’t forget to join us next week for another episode. Thank you for listening!


21 Apr 2020

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Episode 1 | Courtney Williamson, CEO and Founder of AbiliLife

Caffeinated Innovation

On this episode, we interview Courtney Williamson, CEO & founder of AbiliLife, a company engineering products to improve the quality of life for neurodegenerative and elderly patients. The Caffeinated Innovation co-hosts, Pam Eichenbaum and Jenn Van Dam talk to Courtney about her path to entrepreneurship, the AlphaLab Gear program, and the future of the medical device market.


5 Jul 2019

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Women in Business with Courtney Williamson - Advice for Women & Female Entreprenuers

Women In Business By Devenee Schumacher

Its ABOUTTIME to share our brand story and who better then to hear from then our founder Devenee Schumacher. This episode is a direct interview with Devenee hosted by Ankur K Garg.


18 Jun 2019

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Ms. Spearman chats with Courtney Williamson

The Voices You Have Not Heard

Courtney Williamson, is the CEO and Founder of AbiliLife, a biomedical device company that engineers medical products to improve the quality of life for patients with spinal deformities and neuromuscular diseases.


27 Dec 2018

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338 Building a Lean, Effective Medical Device Company w/ Courtney Williamson

Going Deep with Aaron Watson

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4 Sep 2018