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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Gordon Jones. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Gordon Jones, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Gordon Jones. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Gordon Jones, often where they are interviewed.

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Being Where You Are with Sackeena Gordon Jones, PhD, MCC #248

Professional Christian Coaching Today
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Being where you are is tough when your personal vision is in the midst of turmoil. Can you relate? It's easy to become disoriented, discouraged, and paralyzed. But especially now, we need to be out and engaged. Both in conversations and productive work. With people and organizations facing turmoil. However, in order to be a sharpened tool, equipped with a strong grounding in who you are, you need a clear vision.

Be here:

* Examine your personal vision (who you are, where you are, where the Lord might move you next) so you can bring your whole self to what you do.

* Establish a fresh, personal vision for the coming season so you can move from the here and now into your promised future.

* Envision having peace with where you are so you can find purpose and live out a vision that inspires others.

About Sackeena Gordon-Jones, PhD, MCC

Skeena Gordon-Jones is an executive and leadership coach, speaker, trainer, and organization development consultant residing in Raleigh, NC. She works with leaders who want to realize their professional and personal potential and achieve both success and happiness. She holds the credential of Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Sackeena especially enjoys working with women and leaders who are intentional about bringing their whole life into harmony, while achieving meaningful professional and personal goals. She specializes in transformational coaching and strategic planning. She has coached leaders in the government and the private sectors, throughout five continents.

A leader in the coaching field, Sackeena has served as two-time president of the ICF Raleigh Chapter, leading the chapter to win the Internationally recognized ‘Breaking Barriers’ award. She is the current Chair of the NC Community Coaching Outreach, leading the chapter to win the inaugural international ‘Gift of Coaching’ award. Sackeena is also a professional coach trainer and serves as the director of the Business Coaching Certificate Program at NC State University.

In addition to her coaching experience and credentials, Sackeena has over 20 years of relevant executive-level business, leadership, and board experience in private, public, and non-profit sectors. She has worked with organizations and teams to deliver leadership and talent development focused on creating a sustainable culture of engagement, through leadership agility, emotional intelligence, coaching, and communication skills. She has completed advanced studies in leadership, strategy, change management, human development and behavior, theology, neuroscience of coaching, organization development, and Philosophy.

An avid student of Theology, Sackeena completed postgraduate studies in theology through Manhattan Bible College and Tabernacle Bible Institute, before serving alongside her husband, former Pastor of Bethel Christian Life Center and Director of Redeeming the Time Youth Ministries. Sackeena believes we should live on purpose and live fully. She also hosted a radio program “The Abundant Life”, based on John 10:10 “I have come that you might have a life to the full”.

When not working, Sackeena enjoys the beach, reading, and time with her family. Her favorite quote currently is “Moments Matter”.

Jun 30 2020



Gordon Jones

EIR Podcast
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Here is an audio interview with Entrepreneur in Residence Gordon Jones

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Jul 31 2019


Ep. 13: Health Cost Sharing Models – Dr. Gordon Jones (President and COO) – Universal Health Coin

Health Unchained Podcast
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Universal Health Coin was one of the books that actually inspired me to start this podcast. So it was a great pleasure to have the author of the book as a guest on the show.

Dr. Gordon Jones (President and COO) – Universal Health Coin (UHX)
Gordon's LinkedIn:
• Apache adventures and the US Army Airborne Division, and SC National Guard | Co-author of universal health Coin with Courtney Jones
• Entrepreneur in Residence at Startup life incubator - StartupLife Incubator in Augusta, GA: (Register your startup before October 8, 2018)
• What’s the most frustrating problem in healthcare?
• Inception of Universal Health Coin with Courtney Jones
• BUCAH: Blue Cross, United, Cigna, Aetna, Humana are the largest healthcare insurance companies which control much of the healthcare industry, along with the government.
• Health Cost Sharing Organizations (HCSO) is a semi-unregulated health coverage plan that individuals and families can join as community members (commonly faith-based organizations)
• UHX blockchain technology pivots from ETH to NEO to Stellar
• Positive experiences with IBM collaborations and the Think Conference
• Using IdentityMind for KYC/AML processes and soon to use Sovrin (identity management)
• Partnership with Teledoc to provide telehealth services to UHX users
• How do you protect patient privacy?
• Nancy Kassebaum co-sponsored HIPAA- meant initially for health data portability not privacy.
• Which healthcare industry stakeholders will benefit the most from blockchain technology?
• Tokenomics of healthcare and how users will interact with UHX.
• Future marketing plans for UHX will not boast blockchain or cryptocurrencies, advertising will be focused on health cost sharing and more affordable healthcare.
• Healthcare provider shortage due to wasted time performing data entry work.
• Philosophy about end of life care
• Roadmap – design and build the platform, build the decentralized health exchange and decentralized token exchange

Universal Health Coin Homepage:
Universal Health Coin book:
Decision to use Stellar:
“Blockchain Movement”:

Oct 01 2018

1hr 20mins


Episode 20: The Healthcare Technology Market & How to Know When It’s Time to Pivot Your Startup, with Dr. Gordon Jones

System Execution Podcast
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Dr. Gordon Jones is the Founder, President, and CEO of Lifelog Health. He is a Doctor of Health Administration, has spent 25 Years in Digital Health & Technology, and he has been involved with 15 startups in early adoption with over $200 million in new revenue created. He’s a multi-sport athlete, a world champion in beach ultimate, and is the father of five, the grandfather of one, the husband of one, and the son of two aging parents.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:
  • Gordon’s background
  • Why startups often have to pivot — and why Gordon had to pivot away from his original startup idea
  • Gordon’s thoughts on when to pivot your startup
  • The healthcare technology market and how it applies to Gordon’s company
  • How Lifelog Health creates the bridge between technology and the consumers (the healthcare industry) and why that bridge is necessary
  • The readings that the wearable technology records and how that information is utilized
  • How physicians deal with noncompliance from patients using the wearable
  • Why scaling will be easy for Lifelog Health
Ways to contact Gordon:

A transcript of this episode is available at:

Feb 08 2017



Episode 27: An update from Gordon Jones + a rip-roaring VDTBOM with Colin Raney

IDEO Futures
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We have all kinds of guests to kick off the first episode of the new year! Gordon Jones talks with Diego about his new role as the Founding Dean of the College of Innovation and Design at Boise State University. Then, Colin Raney joins us for an epic round of VDTBOM.

Jan 15 2016



Episode 6: Futures in Cambridge + Gordon Jones & the Harvard iLab

IDEO Futures
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This week the King Ship pod journeys to Boston for an innovation frenzy!

First, Diego was at Harvard Business School for the unveiling of the new IDEO Case.

Next stop was the MIT Media Lab, which was holding its annual Fall member meeting. The theme of the meeting was "Deploy", which of course resonates with all of the staff here at King Ship.

Our special guest this week was Gordon Jones, Managing Director of the Harvard Innovation Lab. Joe sat down to talk with him about whats happening at the i-Lab and his view of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. If you haven't heard Gordon speak before, this interview is for you.

Finally, our inspiration of the week touches on an HBR article that explores how Internet of Things might change business models and peeks into the Future of Transportation, via an awesome newsletter from Reilly Brennan.
Music: "Jimmy H. Boogaloo" & "Octopussy" by Juanitos with a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 France License

Oct 29 2014



030912 Gordon Jones, Guardian Watch Founder & Guest Host Globalspeak President Frank Baia

TAGTV Online - TAG Radio
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030912 Jones

Jun 24 2013