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SPaMCAST 718 - OKRs, The Good, Bad, and OMG, A Conversation With Luis Gonçalves

Software Process and Measurement Cast

Earlier this year I attended Agile 2022; It was a fantastic conference. One of the undercurrent themes was the use of OKRs (objectives and key results for the uninitiated) to enable agility, align organizations, and cure Covid. There is no such thing as a silver bullet, especially with the wide range of interpretations of what an OKR is and how to apply them. Luis Gonçalves retunes to the podcast to set us straight.   Luis’s Bio Luis Gonçalves is an Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author, and International Keynote Speaker. When consulting he works exclusively with Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Senior Leaders on the implementation of his game-changing "ADAPT Methodology". By following the "ADAPT Methodology" Executive Leaders will be able to transform their traditional project-oriented companies into modern digital product companies. OKR Guide: https://adaptmethodology.com/okr-guide-en Website: https://adaptmethodology.com/ Website: evolution4all.com  Podcast: https://adaptmethodology.com/podcast/ LinkedIn:  linkedin.com/in/luismsg Re-read Saturday News This week, Chapter 7 of Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins. While observing and facilitating might be the most prolific coach activities, at times teaching takes front and center. Teaching encompasses a wide range of behaviors, but the goal is always the same - to elevate the person or team you are teaching. Teachers are there to help PEOPLE to become better at something. Remember to buy a copy of  Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins (SPaMCAST Amazon affiliate line https://amzn.to/38G0ZD3) and read along! Previous Installments Week 1: Logistics and Introduction - https://bit.ly/3A1aNTe Week 2: Will I Be A Good Coach - https://bit.ly/3nzDAHg Week 3: Expect High Performance - https://bit.ly/3Rl4fFf Week 4: Master Yourself - https://bit.ly/3zL8t2n Week 5: Let Your Style Change - https://bit.ly/3Q8zHWa Week 6: Coach as Coach-Mentor - https://bit.ly/3QLcSIi Week 7: Coach as Facilitator - https://bit.ly/3AaP5KY Week 8: Coach As Teacher - https://bit.ly/3AURGdL A quick advertisement: Controlling work entry requires preparation and knowledge building to establish a path to control work entry (magic wands are normally not available), which is why Jeremy Willets and I have developed a work entry workshop. We recently delivered the workshop at the 2022 Path to Agility in Columbus, OH to rave reviews. Interested? Email us at tcagley@tomcagley.com or willetsjm@gmail.com Do you have questions that you would like Susan, Jon, Jeremy, Tony, or myself to answer?  Leave a voice message at 01.440.668.5717 or an email at spamcastinfo@gmail.com. Next SPaMCAST  The SPaMCAST will be on a three-week hiatus. We will be back with new programming on September 25. In the interim, I asked the SPaMCAST columnists (Jeremy, Jon, Susan, and Tony) for a couple of favorite columns they delivered. For the next three weeks, we will serve you the best of the best. 


28 Aug 2022

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Marketing e Cenas - Ep.60 - Luis Gonçalves - Desenvolvimento de Organizações

Marketing e Cenas

Um verdadeiro fanático por Desenvolvimento de Produto e Organizações, principalmente ligados à area do Software, neste episódio contamos com o Luis Gonçalves cujo trabalho nos quase 20 Anos de Carreira é mais do que reconhecido.  Temos a certeza que depois de ouvires o Luis falar vais certamente mudar bastantes processos operacionais dos teus Negócios!

3hr 29mins

15 Jun 2022

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IT Forum Líderes com Luis Gonçalves, líder da Dell Technologies na América Latina

IT Forum Líderes

Luis Gonçalves, líder da Dell Technologies para América Latina, fez sua transição de cargo do Brasil para a região no meio da pandemia. Além de todos os desafios já conhecidos que este momento trouxe para todos, o executivo teve que aprender a liderar um time descentralizado e com diferentes culturas de dentro de casa. Em entrevista ao IT Forum Líderes diretamente do Dell Technologies World, em Las Vegas, Luis contou quais seus pilares como profissional e como enxerga as principais diferenças e semelhanças entre o mercado brasileiro e latino. “Talvez possa soar um pouco clichê, mas eu gostaria que fosse uma reflexão profunda: sempre estar aberto para aprender. Sempre estar aberto que por mais êxitos que tenhamos alcançado, as circunstâncias, as possibilidades que se formaram à nossa frente, muitas das vezes, são derivadas do momento”, aconselha Luis.


4 May 2022

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SPaMCAST 670 - Adapt, Transform Your Whole Organization, A Conversation With Luis Gonçalves

Software Process and Measurement Cast

Luis Gonçalves and I talked about his new book introducing the ADAPT Methodology. We discussed why using a framework can help leaders stay relevant. Our conversation dovetails nicely into the Re-read Saturday focus on Project to Product. There is a lot of synergy between the ideas of Kersten and Gonçalves.  Luis’s Bio: Luis Gonçalves is an Entrepreneur, Best Seller Author, and International Keynote Speaker. When consulting he works exclusively with Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Senior Leaders on the implementation of his game-changing "ADAPT Methodology".  By following the "ADAPT Methodology" Executive Leaders will be able to assess the 5 main pillars of their organization by identifying gaps that are required for them to succeed as a modern and digital leaders. He has been successfully involved in the software industry since 2003 and his company blog https://www.adaptmethodology.com/ is considered a ‘must-read’ for everyone in the software development industry. Upcoming Events The Agile Online Summit!  Tom Henricksen delivers one of the most innovative online conferences. This year he has upped the bar again! While you can attend the Summit for free, there are a number of innovative options to learn even more from the Summit, the early bird pricing on those options is nearly gone. Please join the premier Agile Online Conference from October 25th to 27th, 2021, Register at https://bit.ly/3mplqIK Re-Read Saturday News  Chapter 1 begins Part 1 of Project to Product (there are 3 parts to the book). This part of the book introduces the Flow Framework, the core of the book. The graphic showing the whole model is the first thing you see when you open this part of the book which anchors the importance of the model for the rest of the book. Buy a copy today This Week’s Installment: Week 1: Foreword and Introduction - https://bit.ly/39gIt0A Week 2: Age of Software - https://bit.ly/2XYvqyI Next SPaMCAST  Next week, an essay titled, What is Agile. There are a few things that just need to be said. For example, just because you are doing ceremonies doesn’t make you agile and might just make you fragile. In addition, Susan Parente will bring her I’m Not A Scrumdamentalist column to the podcast.


26 Sep 2021

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There is no matrix - Organizing teams for the digital era with Luis Gonçalves, Founder of Evolution for All

Agile in Action with Bill Raymond

In today's podcast, I speak with Luis Goncalves, who shares how too many organizations still use an industrial age, matrixed structure. Luis shares how to re-think team structures and focus on value streams over projects.


18 May 2021

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12. O fim do tempo de graça - Luis Gonçalves

Ricardo Ferrer

Eventos Finais - Não basta apenas saber--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ricardoferrer/message


27 Jan 2021

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ART EM PAUTA! 10 - Luis Gonçalves (Fio da Navalha)


Nesse programa Iago Mattos conversa com o agente cultural responsável pela plataforma de arte e comunicação Fio da Navalha. 


9 Nov 2020

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Luis Gonçalves | Coaching Cristiano, Sporting Lisbon and leading a nation.

Callum’s Football Broadcast

Luis joins Callum for a fascinating insight into what it’s like coaching Cristiano Ronaldo, life at Sporting Lisbon and leading his home nation of Mozambique.


1 Nov 2020

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Dalevox - Semana Santa Amor Escrito com Sangue 5 - Pr Luis Gonçalves


Radio Show and Podcast


8 Apr 2020

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Dalevox - Semana Santa "Amor Escrito com Sangue" 4 - Pr Luis Gonçalves


Radio Show and Podcast


7 Apr 2020