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70 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joel Kahn. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joel Kahn, often where they are interviewed.

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70 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joel Kahn. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joel Kahn, often where they are interviewed.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Save Your Life With A Vegan Diet With Dr. Joel Kahn

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Cardiovascular disease is the global leading cause of death and was responsible for more than 15 million fatalities in 2016. 

What would you do to prevent yourself and your loved ones from becoming part of that statistic?

Today’s guest, Dr. Joel Kahn, says it’s as simple as plant-based nutrition.

Dr. Kahn is one of the world’s top cardiologists, a restaurateur, and is known as America’s healthy heart doc. He’s committed to making the world healthier through the preventative and healing power of plants.

He joins Dotsie and Alexandra to discuss the different factors that can lead to cardiovascular disease and the solutions to prevent or reverse early symptoms.

Tune in to hear what this vegan doctor has learned in his almost 40 years of practice, his advice for protecting yourself against fatal disease, and his tips for living a healthier lifestyle. 

What we discuss in this episode:

- What disrupts hormone patterns and influences our health?

- How Dr. Dean Ornish’s paper on getting rid of plaque through exercise and a plant-based diet has affected the views of the medical community

- The effects of inflammation and its connection to CVD, as studied and explained by Rudolph Virchow

- Why you need to include high sensitivity C-reactive protein in your routine blood work

- Sugar and Type II Diabetes: Why was Dr. Neal Barnard criticized for his statements in What the Health?

- Dr. Kahn’s diet advice, including using Chronometers and resources from Chef AJ and Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson

- Resources to live a healthier lifestyle, including Dr. Michael Greger’s book How Not to Die and his talk at Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group

- Follow Dr. Joel Kahn on Facebook at @drjoelkahn, on Instagram at @drjkahn, on Twitter at @drjkahn, and on his website at https://www.drjoelkahn.com/

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Oct 30 2020 · 1hr 1min
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ICP 97: Dr. Joel Kahn. MD- Lipoprotein (a), the Olive Oil Controversy & COVID 19 alt. remedies

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Editors note: This episode was recorded at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020, but was published in October 2020. 

ICP 97: Dr. Joel Kahn, MD- Lipoprotein(a), the Olive Oil Controversy & COVID 19 alt. remedies

Oct 17 2020 · 1hr 36mins

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Ep.27-Dr.Joel Kahn

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Dr.Kahn is a holisitic cardiologist, founder of Kahn center for cardiac longevity, author of several books including “The Whole Heart Solution”, has been featured on the Joe Rogan Experience, Dr.Phil and Forks Over Knives, and is the owner of Green Space Cafe. We look to shed some light on habits that can lead to improved physical and mental health and longevity.

Oct 12 2020 · 55mins
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Andrew Campbell & Dr. Joel Kahn, Functional Remedies

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Thinking Outside the Bud is a business podcast devoted to driving innovation in the cannabis space. During each episode, we speak with founders, investors, thought leaders, researchers, advocates, and policy makers who are finding new and exciting ways for cannabis to positively impact business, society, and culture. Have each episode delivered to your inbox by subscribing here: http://www.thinkingoutsidethebud.com/subscribe

Sep 24 2020 · 31mins
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Dr. Joel Kahn, MD FACC pt1

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Radiant Heart, Radiant Life

Joel Kahn, MD, known as "America’s Healthy Heart Doc",
is a preventive cardiologist and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine. In this 2-part interview, he discusses heart disease—the top risk for premature illness and death worldwide—and how it can be identified and reversed before it becomes a risk.
Sep 06 2020 · 26mins
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Joel Kahn, M.D., + Investing in Plant Proteins

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Hong Kong-based food scientist Dalal AlGhawas, Ph.D., shows us the world of plant-based venture capital, and Joel Kahn, M.D., fills us in on lipoprotein(a) and our hearts.
Aug 27 2020 · 54mins
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Dr. Joel Kahn Interview- We Discuss Aging, Collagen, Fasting, Diabetes and More!

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Joel Kahn, MD, is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and practices cardiology in Detroit. He passionately lectures throughout the country about the health benefits of a plant-based anti-aging diet inspiring a new generation of thought leaders to think scientifically and critically about the body’s ability to heal itself through proper nutrition. It was so much fun to shoot in his restaurant "Green Space Cafe" and talk with such a genuine, kind, incredibly intelligent person! 

Dr. Kahn's book, "The Plant Based Solution"


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Aug 05 2020 · 42mins
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A Conversation with America's Healthy Heart Doc, Dr. Joel Kahn

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How does a plant-based diet impact your cardiovascular health? What about oil and wine? In today's episode, we sit down with America's Healthy Heart Doc, Dr. Joel Kahn to find out.
Jul 23 2020 · 57mins
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Dr. Joel Kahn on Lipoprotein A - A Hidden Key To Lowering Risk Of Heart Disease

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In this episode, I am speaking with Joel Kahn, MD – one of the top integrative cardiologists in the world, founder of the Kahn Center For Cardiac Longevity, and author of numerous books, including his most recent book Lipoprotein (A), The Heart's Quiet Killer. We will talk about the role of lipoprotein (a) in cardiovascular disease.

Jul 18 2020 · 1hr 18mins
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#165 - A Plant-Based Diet Approach to a Healthy Heart & More · Dr. Joel Kahn (America's Healthy Heart Doc)

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It's no secret that the H.V.M.N. Podcast regularly features interviews from some of the top carnivore diet proponents out there. To name a few, our episodes with Mikhaila Peterson, Dr. Paul Saladino, Dr. Shawn Baker, and Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs have all clearly struck a chord with our community.

As an evidence-based podcast, we believe it is only fair to provide a platform that presents a different perspective in the "diet wars". Specifically, we have yet to have an in-depth discussion about plant-based diets and the science associated with a nutritional intervention many are increasingly adopting.

Dr. Joel Kahn, known as "America's Healthy Heart Doc", has been a plant-based cardiologist for many years and treated thousands of acute heart attacks during his career. If there is a single point both sides (whether you're a hardcore carnivore or vegetarian) can agree on, it's that poor nutrition is a core cause of a number of chronic diseases - which traditional standard of care is still slowly coming to grips with. Instead of treating sickness and symptoms, Dr. Kahn now actively works to prevent (and reverse) disease, through a holistic lifestyle that incorporates nutrition, exercise, and the application of cutting-edge therapies.

In Episode 165 of the H.V.M.N. Podcast, Geoff and Dr. Kahn discuss:

· How Dr. Kahn first got into cardiology and what led him to commit to a plant-based diet. History of the rise of highly-processed foods, nuances of corporate-funded research, and experimenting with a plant-based keto diet.

· The complicated ecosystem of fats, triglycerides, lipids, and lipoproteins in heart health. How should one think about cholesterol levels given all these factors?

· Dr. Valter Longo's "Fast Mimicking Diet" - Why go on a calorie-restricted diet that mimics fasting than actually intermittent fasting?

You can follow Dr. Kahn and his work below:

Website: https://www.drjoelkahn.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjkahn

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Jul 07 2020 · 1hr 37mins