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The Striker’s Tackle - Episode 5 Jamie Yates

The Striker’s Tackle Podcast

Jamie Yates talks us through his career and memorable days. Fascinating look back through his time at Rotherham United, Burton Albion, Boston United, Gainsborough Trinity and more.


8 Mar 2021

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The Beard Podcast with Jamie Yates

The Beard Podcast

On todays Podcast I had Jamie Yates Join me to share his experiences with me. A brilliant guy and a a great podcast. The biggest message I took from this is that you need to be the one who has to be committed to your recovery once you confront the issues you need to. #onefootinfrontoftheother Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/nick-minns/message


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 17 - An emotional and bouncing episode from the guys with guest fan Jamie Yates, after Everton win 2-0 at Anfield.

A view from the Bullens

Episode 17 - An emotional and bouncing episode from the guys with guest fan Jamie Yates, after Everton win 2-0 at Anfield.


20 Feb 2021

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Episode 273 - Jamie Yates talks MCU Phase 4, Wanda/Vision, and massive TV budgets

Mind Gap

This week the boys welcome back a true Mind Gap veteran the delightful Jamie Yates. Jamie is also the star of the penultimate episode of the critically acclaimed lockdown web series The Quarantine Files. She describes the unique experience of playing 5 characters while taking direction remotely on 2 computers and being filmed on a single iPhone. The meat and potatoes of this episode is Phase 4 of the MCU! It’s been a while since the dorks really tucked into this topic so Jamie kicks things off with hot takes on the Wanda/Vision series set to come out soon on Disney+. All of the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows and movies coming up in the next few years get a bit of time in the conversational sun. The talk of superheroes eventually leads to the rise of superhero sized budgets that TV shows are currently getting. With an upcoming Lord of the Rings series estimated to have a budget nearing $1 billion and many shows, including the upcoming Marvel shows, having $25 million per episode, Justin ponders if this is ultimately damaging to smaller budget productions. The show ends with a thrilling matchup in the throw-down between Scarlet Witch and Loki. While it starts out seemingly over before it began, the debate really makes this one a lot closer than any of the panel members thought it would be. Follow us on Twitch to hang out while we record our new episodes and stream video game sessions! We have MERCH now! Check out our YouTube channel for podcast episodes, video game live stream highlights, Doug Watches Awkward Videos, and Justin Plays Video games. Be sure to like and subscribe! Follow us on all of our social medias and other platforms!  https://streamerlinks.com/mindgappodcast

1hr 35mins

19 Nov 2020

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Episode 188 - Captain Marvel with Jamie Yates

Mind Gap

The wonderful and amazing Jamie Yates stops by on this week’s podcast to talk shop about Facebook and it’s unnatural nature, being a theater and band nerd, and Celine Dion, before providing a relatively spoiler-free breakdown of Captain Marvel because, you know, JUSTIN HASN’T SEEN IT YET! Things are wrapped up with a throw-down featuring Captain Marvel vs. Thor. Need a practical answer to a question? Ask your question on #AskPracticalDoug and be sure to tag Justin and Doug! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Spotify so you don't miss anything!  You can also watch the episodes get recorded and interact with Justin and Doug live on Twitch!

1hr 26mins

21 Mar 2019

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Episode 22 - Piracy in the Digital Age with Jamie Yates

Mind Gap

Actor, comedian, writer, and singer Jamie “Peapod Doodle Stink” Yates joins Justin and Doug to discuss the idea of piracy and copyrights in the digital age. Is it considered piracy if you download a picture from Google Images and view at your leisure on your computer? Is it stealing if you rip a song off YouTube and add it to your phone? If your grandmother records all the I Love Lucy episodes onto VHS tapes and gifts them on your birthday, is she a criminal? Our three heroes wade into the morally gray area to try to figure out where the line is when it comes to piracy. Things are wrapped up with a throw-down between Cyclops vs. Mr. Fantastic. Check out Jamie in the next Rough Writers sketch revue at The Chicago Sketchfest Comedy Festival at Stage 773 on Sunday, January 17 at 7:00pm! Click the link below for tickets: http://stage773.com/ChicagoSketchfestShows

1hr 11mins

14 Jan 2016