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30 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jim Martin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jim Martin, often where they are interviewed.

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30 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jim Martin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jim Martin, often where they are interviewed.

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"Self Care for Pastors" with Dr. Jim Martin of Harding School of Theology - Episode #95

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In this episode, Andrew is joined by Jim Martin, the Vice President of Harding School of Theology and creator of Godhungry.org. Jim is so encouraging and wise. In this conversation Jim offers Andrew tips on how to better care for himself. He says all humans have a life that is challenging and that is why he wants to encourage people and to be well in all stages of life. Jim wants people to know life is hard and it's okay to admit that in our family, our marriage, and our work. Jim is an active listener and engaging speaker. He seeks to use social media to do good rather than harm. Take some notes friends! Read more of his work on his website.

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Jul 07 2020 · 37mins
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Episode 21: Building A Winning Culture with Stony Brook University Associate Head Coach Jim Martin

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On this episode we are joined by Stony Brook University Associate Head Coach Jim Martin. Coach Martin shares with us a ton of insight on the philosophy of the Stony Brook team and how they go about their business as a Division 1 program.

May 26 2020 · 59mins

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Fishing Guide Jim Martin talks about Fishing The Famous McKenzie River in Oregon and other popular rivers in Oregon

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Jim Martin has been fishing  Oregon coastal and inland waters since he was 7 years old,  which means he has 50+ years of or accumulated fishing experience,  fishing tales,  jokes and stories to share.   Jim takes his job very seriously and wants to make every trip and fun experience for all.  

Jim is well respected on the river by both fishermen and guides as one of the most knowledgeable anglers on the river.   He was the first guide in Oregon to be sponsored by Cabela's and is also associated with Simms, Yetti and a number of other sporting goods companies.

Primarily Jim fishes from his Willie Driftboat because it can get into waters that hold fish that power boats can not get into.   His boat is equipped with all the latest gear and tackle including heaters for those chilly mornings.  Jim also provides all his clients with raingear,  the last thing Jim wants to have is someone cold and wet in the boat.

If you would like to contact Jim about booking a trip you can email him at Harmless711@aol.com or call him at (541) 954-9126.

Jim Martins Guide Service



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Apr 06 2020 · 38mins
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Episode 17: Jim Martin

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In this episode, Jedd Medefind digs deep with Jim Martin, Vice President for Spiritual Formation at International Justice Mission (IJM). Listen in to hear how IJM – among the most respected anti-trafficking organizations in the world – integrates practices of soul care and spiritual formation among its staff all over the world … and how you can do the same, both personally and in your organization.
Jan 23 2020 · 1hr 3mins

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Jim Martin and Susan Umlor on seeking justice through spiritual disciplines

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International Justice Mission is fighting to end human trafficking and slavery around the world. That work can make workers weary. IJM VP of Spiritual Formation Jim Martin and Director of Strategic Partnerships Susan Umlor share how creating spiritual rhythms aids in seeking justice in our lives and the lives of others.
Jan 14 2020 · 49mins
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Ep. 9 Does Crank Length Matter with Dr. Jim Martin

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Renowned cycling researcher Dr. Jim Martin from the University of Utah joins the podcast this week to discuss the implications of crank length on cycling. Dr. Martin's research on crank length was originally motivated by examining kid's standard crank length and attempting to find the optimal solution. Although his research on this topic was published in 2001, many people have strong feelings about specific crank lengths and how it affects cycling. Dr. Martin provides a colorful and detailed picture of the science behind crank length as well as multiple examples from his long career of working with national and world level athletes.

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Dr. Jim Martin Biography:

Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology, within the College of Health at The University of Utah and a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in biomechanics and muscle physiology. His research areas include neuromuscular function, biomechanics, physical activity, and performance modeling. Applications of these areas range from optimizing elite sport performance to facilitating physical activity in desk-bound office workers. He is an author on 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals and three book chapters which have been cited over 2000 times. He has been an investigator on research funding totaling approximately two million dollars. He is the sole inventor on one patent and a co-inventor on one other. He has served as a consultant to several sport organizations including the USA Cycling, Australian Institute of Sport, the English Institute of Sport, Canada’s Own the Podium, High Performance Sport New Zealand, and Oracle Team USA where he has worked with World and Olympic Champions. He holds a Bachelors's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Exercise Science. Dr. Martin’s publications can be viewed on his Google Scholar Profile. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, cycling, and woodworking
Dec 17 2019 · 1hr 1min
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5LQ Episode 395: Jim Martin

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In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins is joined by Jim Martin, vice president of spiritual formation at International Justice Mission (IJM). During their conversation, they discuss focusing on our identity as a child of God and building and maintaining intimacy with your family.
"We as an organization are focusing on this idea that the work that we are doing to protect the poor from violence, the weight of that rests on God's shoulders, not on ours.""How do we engage this work without being crushed by the weight of it?""How do I make sure that I am operating out of my deepest and truest identity - that I am a child of God?""I need things that are going to help me not take myself or my work so seriously.""For 20 years my primary identity was husband and father. Now that my kids are all out of the house it's a little disorienting.""Leadership in the home has boiled down to building and maintaining intimacy with my wife and my kids.""Be present where you are at and do what is in front of you with integrity and earnestness."
LifeWay Leadership Podcast Network
International Justice Mission
The Just Church by Jim Martin
Freedom Sunday Resources
Symbol or Substance by Peter Kreeft
5LQ Episode 358: Gary Haugen
This Episode's Sponsor:  Every church must be equipped to respond well in the initial stages of learning about instances of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. That is why the Southern Baptist Convention, LifeWay, and ERLC partnered together to create Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused. This training curriculum of a handbook and 13 videos brings together top experts from various fields to help volunteers and leaders understand and implement the best practices for handling the variety of abuse scenarios at church, school, or ministry. You can access this free training at ChurchCares.com.
Nov 26 2019 · 44mins
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Vital Signs Lesson 2: Wednesday Night Class with Jim Martin

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Lesson 2 in the Vital Signs Wednesday Night Series with Jim Martin. There are some vital signs that a church or person can reflect a real life in Christ. Join us as we visit I John. There is no better way to prepare for the upcoming year (2020) than to check you own vital signs.
Nov 14 2019 · 47mins
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Vital Signs Lesson 1: Wednesday Night Class with Jim Martin

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Lesson 1 in the Vital Signs series. There are some vital signs that a church or person reflects to show a real life in Christ. Join us as we visit I John. There is no better way to prepare for the upcoming year (2020) than to check you own vital signs.
Nov 14 2019 · 47mins
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RULES FOR RETROGRADES #2 The Toxin of Slim Jim Martin

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Episode 2: Tim and Dave discuss the toxins and falsities of Slim Jim Martin and touch on the ongoing response of the Tim/Trent feminism debate.

After almost three generations of radical popular culture, the fallow ground is now fertile for the cultivation—the re-flowering—of Christian culture.

The West is now ready for the RETROGRADE programme of recovery. 

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Oct 31 2019 · 1hr 35mins