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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Edwin Brady. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Edwin Brady, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Edwin Brady. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Edwin Brady, often where they are interviewed.

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Type Driven Development and Idris With Edwin Brady

CoRecursive with Adam Gordon Bell
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Edwin Brady is the creator of the Idris programming language and Author of the book Type-Driven Development with Idris and a computer science lecturer.  The book, the language and Edwin himself all seem to be chock full of ideas for improving the way computer programming is done, by applying ideas from programming language theory.  

In this interview, we discuss dependent types, type holes, interactive and type-driven development, theorem provers, Curry–Howard correspondence, dependant haskell, total functional programming, British vs American spelling and much more.  


Jan 29 2018



SE-Radio Episode 296: Type Driven Development with Edwin Brady

Software Engineering Radio - The Podcast for Professional Software Developers
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Edwin Brady speaks to Matthew Farwell about Type Driven Development and the Idris Programming language. The show covers: what a type is; static vs dynamic types in programming languages; dependent types; the Idris programming language; why Idris was created. Type safe printf modelling state in Idris modelling protocols in Idris modelling concurrency in Idris type driven development and how it changes the development process. Related […]

Jul 11 2017



Bonus Episode: Edwin Brady on Dependent Types And Idris

Code Podcast
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An unabridged version of the interview with Edwin Brady, the creator of Idris. Talking about the language itself, the concept of Dependent Types and the future of Type Systems.

Code Podcast Forum:

Episode produced by:
Andrey Salomatin
Michael Beschastnov

Edwin Brady

## Links

Type-Driven Development with Idris

Idris Tutorial

LightYear – Parser Combinator for Idris

Quantities – Type-safe physical computations and unit conversions in Idris

## Music

Mid-Air! @mid_air

Mar 02 2017



Functional Geekery Episode 54 – Edwin Brady

Functional Geekery
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In this episode I talk with Edwin Brady. We talk Dependent Types and Idris. We cover his background of getting interested in dependent types, getting up and going with Idris, how to participate to drive Idris forward, and much more.

Our Guest, Edwin Brady

@edwinbrady on Twitter


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About Edwin Brady
How Edwin got into software development
Alan Bundy
Edwin’s experience in industry before going for Ph.D.
Migrating code from Haskell to C++
How Edwin migrated from C++ to Dependent Types
Trying to write out data types in Python
Edwin’s preference between dynamic and static types
Type Driven Development
“Allowing more precision in types”
Being more explicit about assumptions up front
How does one get going with Idris
`printf` in C
Dynamic checks and what checks are required
“If you give the type up front you have a some hope of the machine figuring out the program for you”
Types as constraints similar and comparison to Prolog
Type Driven Development with Idris
“About taking types as the first thing you do”
Holes in Idris
Evolving code with help from evolving types
Edwin’s view of the Idris community’s adoption
shapeless library in Scala
Total Programs
What opportunities could people help participate in to move Idris forward
Idris’ backend plugin system
How to get up and running
David Christiansen’s M.Sc thesis
Jan de Muijnck-Hughes
Big Tech Day presentation in Munich
Idris on freenode
Idris mailing list
Idris on Github

As always, a giant Thank You goes to David Belcher for the logo design.

Jun 07 2016



Episode 2: Edwin Brady on Idris

The Type Theory Podcast
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In our second episode, we speak with Edwin Brady from the University of St. Andrews. Since 2008, Edwin has been working on Idris, a functional programming language with dependent types. This episode is very much about programming: we discuss the language Idris, its history, its implementation strategies, and plans for the future.

Sep 26 2014

1hr 32mins