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Today we are joined by Jonathan Malm. Jonathan is a creative entrepreneur and author who loves the church! His books, The Come Back Effect and Unwelcome, help churches get return guests, while his upcoming release, The Volunteer Effect analyzes why it is difficult to keep volunteers in the church. Jonathan also has several projects, including SundaySocial.tv and ChurchStageDesignIdeas.com that help churches have a greater creative expression. LINKS: Jonathan’s Website Sunday Social Church Stage Design Ideas The Volunteer Effect MUSIC:Opening Theme: written and performed by The Hand Lungs Additional music provided by Kyle Lee and Kyler Clapp


24 Aug 2020

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Episode 190: Discipleship and Social Media with Jonathan Malm

Nick Blevins Family Ministry Podcast: Children | Youth | Students | NextGen

In this episode, Jonathan Malm gives some practical steps and insight on utilizing digital platforms and social media for discipleship and encouragement. He also shares some of the foundation for a book he co-authored with next week's podcast guest, Jason Young, called The Come Back Effect, focusing on hospitality both for church on campus and online.Jonathan MalmConnect with Jonathan through Instagram or his Website.Ministry BoostCheck out our courses and register now at MinistryBoost.org.NotesSocial Media focus for churches: Social Media comes first Moving towards discipleship and encouragement (supports ministry) Season Kits for sermon series Focus on making it easy for the overwhelmed graphics person/team What are you seeing that churches should focus on in this season? Digital Discipleship If we don't have them in our services, we don't really have steps for them to follow Jesus Ministry looks different on social media, so our 35-minute sermons may not work on those platforms ***Discipleship happens over time; through social media, how do you help people take one small step toward Jesus? Create content that meets people where they are Examples of Digital Discipleship WINS: Instagram Carousels Questions with Deep content that is quickly digestible (topics below) Shame Loneliness/Isolation Fear/Anxiety A desire for influence/impact Anger/Forgiveness Selfishness Sadness Personal: Money, Diet/Exercise, Work Spiritual Disciplines (holiness, prayer, fasting, worship) Rather than starting something, church leaders maybe just jump on and watch/consume to better understand Gen Z The Comeback Effect: Expansion of the book Unwelcome Entirely hospitality minded Tendency to think about the “functional” things and the checklist Parking attendants, bright shirts for kids workers, etc. Instead, look for opportunities to connect with people and recognize the negative emotions people may be facing Understanding hospitality ONLINE When people come to church, it's like them coming into our house When we stream live, they are now welcoming THE CHURCH into their house We surrender control Don't prompt them to get coffee Affirm their potential situations and help people know they belong Showing diversity and values Action Items Check out Sunday Social, ChurchStageDesignIdeas The ComeBack Effect book One new digital discipleship Get Exclusive Content from this Week's EpisodeUse the form below to subscribe to my email list where you’ll get an email each Tuesday when a new podcast comes out. That email will also include something exclusive related to the podcast that’s not found in the post or in the episode. Subscribe | Share | Rate | CommentTo make sure you never miss a post, hit the subscribe button in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or Tune In radio. Keep your friends and co-workers up-to-date as well by sharing it with them via email or social media.Special Sponsor: HuddleUpThis episode is sponsored by ServeHQ. Stop using clunky and unsafe communication tools in ministry. With a new tool from ServeHQ, your email and text announcements can live alongside your team chats in one unified platform that’s built just for churches, with ease and accountability at the forefront. Go to servehq.church to find out more.


12 May 2020

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Talking Social Media with Jonathan Malm of Sunday Social: Podcast 280

Social Media Church Podcast

In this podcast, Nils Smith and Jonathan Malm talk about how social media has been changing through the years and what they see on the horizon for churches. Listen as they share their thoughts on integrating digital communication with physical engagement to better serve churches in 2020. These topics and more on this SMC podcast. Share your thoughts using the hashtag #SMCPodcast.


9 Jan 2020

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The New Metrics of Social Media Success with Jonathan Malm

The SundayU Podcast

Justin Dean chats with Jonathan Malm from SundaySocial.tv and got his perspective on The New Metrics of Social Media Success... specifically what your church should be monitoring and measuring online to determine if your social media efforts are successful.   Check out http://SundaySocial.tv for quality images and videos that you can post for your church.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sundayu/message


20 Nov 2019

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Why Worship Leaders Need to be Great at Hospitality - Jonathan Malm

Churchfront Worship Leader Podcast

In this episode, Jake has a conversation with Jonathan Malm. You may know Jonathan from sites like Churchstagedesignideas.com Sundaysocial.tv or some of his books, one of his most recent being The Come Back Effect. We chat with Jonathan about worship leaders and the crucial part they play in hospitality on a Sunday morning during the church service. How do guests feel? How do introverts feel? Is there anything we can do to help? We hope you like this episode and walk away with some of these questions being answered. Jonathan Malm Church Stage Design Ideas Sunday Social The Come Back Effect Communicating for a Change


19 Oct 2019

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Jonathan Malm

How'd They Do That?

EPISODE 11 (Jonathan Malm)In this episode, we sat down with Jonathan Malm. Jonathan is a blogger, innovator, and creator of the popular website, churchstagedesignideas.com.VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: https://www.htdt.org/podcast/jonathanmalmWHAT’S IN THIS EPISODE?00:47 – Introduction of Jonathan Malm01:00 – Youth Ministry Shout Out (Kelsie Morgan)1:40 – Jonathan’s back-story3:30 – Why stage design?8:04 – Why does stage design matter to student ministry?10:40 – Principles of stage design to keep in mind12:15 – Using color and lighting15:26 – Limitations are the “key to creativity”19:01 – Is buying “more expensive toys” the answer?19:38 – The biggest trends in church stage design22:13 – Things you shouldn’t do in church stage design23:30 – Church stage design hacks25:30 – More about Sunday Social28:22 – Building engagement through social media30:30 – Podcast sponsors31:37 – Lighting Round34:33 – Connecting with Jonathan36:09 – Final thoughts from Jonathan’s interview36:35 – Future episodes37:13 – HTDT Podcast sponsors37:25 - CreditsHOW TO CONTACT JONATHAN:@jonathanmalm - Instagramchurchstagedesignideas.comsundaysocial.tvRESOURCES MENTIONEDUnwelcome by Jonathan MalmThe Comeback Effect by Jonathan Malm


12 Feb 2019

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What If or Now What? with Jonathan Malm

Guys Like Us

Jonathan Malm, an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and creator of all things he does! In this episode we dig into this latest book, The Comeback Effect, How Hospitality Can Compel Your Church’s Guests to Return. We explore how we create a good church experience, which starts with the feeling of being welcomed, comfortable, and understood. Jonathan shares biblical scriptures highlighting the importance of this task. How can we take the walls and barriers down so God can speak to guests and through others? Jonathan takes us through his times in Texas to then picking his bags and moving to Guatemala as a missionary family. Jonathan has always been gifted and passionate about church staging, design, and the creative elements that bring new light in the space, which was taking off in 2008 when Jonathan was getting up and running. Now, we are seeing other shifts in the worship experience. Tune in to hear more about how “the feeling” can lift up the church, provoking desires for smart purposes, and how we can harness this emotion to bring others in for the journey.

25 Aug 2018

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Embracing the Future in the Church w/Jonathan Malm, Ep. 64

The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast | Church Communications, Marketing, and Social Media

The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast with Seth MuseChurch Communications and Social Media with a chuckle or two. In this week's episode, I talk with Jonathan Malm, author of Unwelcome: 50 ways churches drive away first time visitors and now, The Come Back Effect: How hospitality can compel your church's guests to return. We discuss the future of the church and some of the technology changes that growing churches are embracing and declining churches are not. He's a fun guy to hang out with, so don't miss this conversation!Links from the Show:More links found at www.sethmuse.com/64 Follow Seth on Instagram Join the Seminary of Hard Knocks Facebook group at sethmuse.com/group 88 Ideas for Church Social Media Posts


14 Aug 2018

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Season One Ep. 012 // Jonathan Malm on The Come Back Effect

Leading Second Podcast

Season One Ep. 012 // Jonathan Malm on The Come Back EffectFirst impressions matter greatly to our guests at church on the weekend. And leaders who lead from the second chair, we play a big part of that experience. Maybe bigger than we realize. In this episode, Christian creative and author, Jonathan Malm of San Antonio, TX, joins us for a discussion on “The Come Back Effect” — how to create a church atmosphere that will make people want to come back and why it’s important. As church volunteers and leaders, it’s easy to get stuck focusing on our function (ie. opening a door, waving, passing out a flyer), but what is far more important than our job and function is exuding our church’s culture. Culture and a feeling of belongingness is why people “come back.”Welcome to Season One of the Leading Second Podcast. This podcast releases every Thursday morning. SUBSCRIBECOMMENTLIKE & SHAREWe want you in our tribe! Stay connected to all Leading Second has to offer:Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/leading-second-podcast/id1352176626?mt=2Website: leadingsecond.comInstagram: instagram.com/leadingsecondFacebook: Leading Second Forum https://www.facebook.com/groups/1763432817304646Connect with Brandon StewartFacebook: facebook.com/brandonmstewartInstagram: instagram.com/brandonmstewartTwitter: twitter.com/brandonmstewartLeading Second is an extension of the Team Church tribe. For more information on Team Church Conference and One Day events, check-out teamchurchconference.com or search Team Church on Facebook.


2 Aug 2018

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Social Media For Church Needs A Facelift with Jonathan Malm

Church Media Guys Show with Dave Curlee & Justin Nava

We try so hard to use social media for church only to get no attendance boost on Sunday...so what’s wrong with social media?In today’s episode, Jonathan Malm stops by to enlighten us that it may not be the problem


17 Jul 2018