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Apologetics Interview With Pastor Alex McElroy

Cool Explorations: Explorations In God's Word

Apologetics Interview With Pastor Alex McElroy  alexrmcelroy.com proofforthetruth.org--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cool-explorations/message


2 May 2022

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Apologetics Interview With Pastor Alex McElroy

Cool Explorations: Explorations In God's Word

Apologetics Interview With Pastor Alex McElroy alexrmcelroy.com proofforthetruth.org--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cool-explorations/message


2 May 2022

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EP 013 Teaching to change lives with Alex McElroy

The Shepherd Revolution Podcast

In this episode I sit down with Alex McElroy, who is an international speaker, apologist, author, blogger, leadership advisor and former Pastor of Education. He has experienced and overcome significant challenges and setbacks in life; with the loss of his father and mother at a young age, drugs and alcohol abuse he found himself angry, depressed and lonely. But has changed his life around 180 degrees. Now he is a dedicated husband to his supportive wife of 13 years and a loving father to two beautiful daughters who inspire and push him to be a better man. Now he hopes to help others cultivate their own authentic relationship with God


25 Oct 2021

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Apologetics with Alex McElroy

Leader Talks with The MYC

Great conversation today with friend Alex McElroy talking about all things Apologetics.You can stay connected with him via facebook at @alex.mcelroy.33 or on his website at https://alexrmcelroy.com 


10 Aug 2021

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Bonus Episode: Isle McElroy talks Bagels and Books

Blind Date With a Book

Rachel was thrilled to have Isle McElroy on the podcast to chat about bagels and bookstores, plus cults and more. Their debut novel, The Atmospherians debuted in 2021. The Atmospherian is a satire which follows a cult to reform problematic men. (Please note that this episode was recorded using a different first name for the author.) Isle’s reading recommendations: Kids These Days by Malcolm Harris You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine by Alexandra Kleeman The Answers by Catherine Lacey Darryl by Jackie Ess All links today go to their favorite Houston, TX indie bookstore: Brazos. Check out Isle's novel, The Atmospherians, and connect with them on Twitter. You can find more about Blind Date for a Book on Twitter or Instagram as well. 


4 Aug 2021

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S2E5 - Monthly Book Club: The Atmospherians by Alex McElroy

Gratitude, But We Digress

As a new segment of Gratitude, but we digress, we'll reintroduce the lovely Juana to discuss our monthly book club; The Atmospherians by Alex McElroy. A satire about the extremes of social media, influencers, toxic masculinity, and body image, listen to discover what role we have to play in social media, and what we can learn from this book. Read along with us by following our here: https://bookshop.org/lists/dailyhuman-book-club Join our weekly clubhouse chats here: https://www.joinclubhouse.com/club/Dailyhuman --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


3 Aug 2021

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God's Purpose For Our Lives, With Alex McElroy

But What Does The Bible Say?

Welcome to the But What Does The Bible Say Podcast!  We're glad you joined us!  This week, we connect with Alex McElroy from Relentless Pursuit of Purpose, to discus God's purpose for our lives!Want to email us? We'd love to answer your questions!  Click Here!Or if you're on a platform that doesn't allow hyperlinks:rebuse@butwhatdoesthebiblesay.comFor "But What Does The Bible Say?" swag, click here!Water's Edge Church Links:Water's Wedge Church (WEC)WEC CommunityWEC GivingCoffee Time Q&A At The Water's Edge


24 May 2021

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Episode 13: LSHB's Weird Era feat. Isle McElroy

Weird Era

Isle McElroy is a nonbinary writer based in Brooklyn. Their debut novel, THE ATMOSPHERIANS, was named a NY Times Editors' Choice. Their second novel, PEOPLE COLLIDE, is forthcoming from HarperVia. Other writing appears in The NY Times, NYT Magazine, The Guardian, The Cut, Vulture, GQ, Vogue, The Atlantic, Tin House, and elsewhere. About The Atmospherians: Sasha Marcus was once the epitome of contemporary success: an internet sensation, social media darling, and a creator of a high profile wellness brand for women. But a confrontation with an abusive troll has taken a horrifying turn, and now she’s at rock bottom: canceled and doxxed online, fired from her waitress job and fortressed in her apartment while men’s rights protestors rage outside. All that once glittered now condemns. Sasha confides in her oldest childhood friend, Dyson—a failed actor with a history of body issues—who hatches a plan for Sasha to restore her reputation by becoming the face of his new business venture, The Atmosphere: a rehabilitation community for men. Based in an abandoned summer camp and billed as a workshop for job training, it is actually a rigorous program designed to rid men of their toxic masculinity and heal them physically, emotionally, and socially. Sasha has little choice but to accept. But what horrors await her as the resident female leader of a crew of washed up, desperate men? And what exactly does Dyson want? Explosive and wickedly funny, this “Fight Club for the millennial generation” (Mat Johnson, author of Pym) peers straight into the dark heart of wellness and woke-ness, self-mythology and self-awareness, by asking what happens when we become addicted to the performance of ourselves.


14 May 2021

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Isle McElroy - The Atmospherians


Isle McElroy (The Atmospherians) joins the podcast to discuss writing a satire, shitty men, and when they felt they could write how they wanted to.Follow the author at:www.alexmcelroy.org www.twitter.com/abmcelroy1 www.instagram.com/just_alexmcelroyFollow Debutiful at:www.debutiful.net www.twitter.com/debutiful www.instagram.com/debutiful


13 May 2021

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(Ep 18) Alex McElroy - Relentless pursuit of purpose - The proof for truth

The Jesus Magnet

Alex McElroy is a husband, father, author & international speaker on leadership, apologetics and purpose. Listen to find the inconsistencies of naturalism as we dive deep into theological philosophies to discover that God is real, and he is Jesus! Buy us a coffee if you want to support us!  https://www.buymeacoffee.com/JesusMagnet Guest: Alex McElroy Hosts: Joel Thompson, Joel Hillary --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thejesusmagnetpodcast/message

1hr 10mins

9 Apr 2021