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WP Welcomes Radio Show Host Jason Levin & Announcer Vic Stauffer

Winning Ponies

Jason Levin is the long-time host of “Inside Racing Radio Show”, that airs every Saturday at 7am Pacific on Keib am 1150 and live on www.racing jason.com. The show also airs on IHeart radio. The podcast up by 8:30 on IHeart as well as his website. He began the radio show in 2004 after success of his book “From the Desert to the Derby.” book (2002) pub by DRF press about the huge quest to win the Kentucky Derby by Dubai ruler Sheik Mohammed. Under his banner of Gololphin, he will finally go to post with the Derby favorite – his undefeated homebred champion Essential Quality. Prior to the publication of his book, he was the national racing writer for fox sports.com. Jason got into racing through both parents. Hooked by seeing great horses of the 70’s like Triple Crown winners Seattle Slew and Affirmed. He will tell us how he got into racing and the journey he has been on.Vic Stauffer, one of the most recognized and experienced voices in Thoroughbred racing has been in Oaklawn’s announcer’s booth since their 2017 racing season. Vic Stauffer, who has called more than 40,000 races at nearly a dozen tracks across the country, is just the sixth track announcer in Oaklawn’s storied, 115-year history. Stauffer was the track announcer at Hollywood Park in California for 13 years. Before that he called races at Gulfstream Park, Hialeah, Golden Gate Fields and others. He began his announcing career in 1985 at Garden State Park in New Jersey. In addition to his announcing work, he has earned two Eclipse Awards for radio broadcasts. He was also at one time agent for jockey Joel Rosario. Stauffer, 59, has announced hundreds of Grade 1 races and has called such notable horses as Barbaro, Hal’s Hope, Game On Dude, Lava Man, Shared Belief, Pioneer of the Nile, Lookin at Lucky, Azeri, Blind Luck, The Tin Man and California Chrome. Vic will get to add to that resume of calling racing greats, as two multi-millionaire champions will square off in the Grade 1, $1 million Apple Blossom at Oaklawn Park on Saturday – Swiss Skydiver and Monomoy Girl. We’ll get his insights for that great matchup that follows the Grade 2, $1 million Oaklawn Handicap.


15 Apr 2021

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Episode 53: Landing a real job in this virtual world with Jason Levin

Real Job Talk

Welcome Jason Levin, founder and CEO of Ready, Set, Launch. We’re talking with Jason about launching a job search in a virtual world. Jason grew up with a happy family whose lives changed dramatically when his father lost the only job he had ever had in New York's garment district. Suddenly Jason and his brothers were the kids getting free lunch in school, and the family was struggling. Jason was always the person who would help with mock interviews and resume review in school; later his MBA program asked him to be a coach, and that became the foundation of his career. Job searching has always been a mindset game, but with Covid, it’s about maintaining the mindset to get through the day -- and to deal with the job uncertainty as well as career and financial uncertainty. Jason tells people to follow their energy; for him, he needs to laugh, for someone else, it might be sports. He wants people to approach change from a place of strength vs a place of fear. His advice is to work through roadblocks to focus on the good behaviors you do have. We discuss avoiding things that suck your energy in order to build your energy towards the positive. He distinguishes between people who help you and people who mean well... Identifying the people who help vs the ones who project onto you without help allows you to know who to reach out to, and who will build you up. Jason reminds his clients that “Waiting is the Hardest Part." You can do things while you wait, but waiting is part of the process. It’s easy to tell yourself stories while you wait -- to imagine what is going on or why the process is taking a long time; but instead, keep trucking and don’t try to figure out why things are dragging. Your goal is the next job, and spending time wondering doesn’t help you towards your goal. Ready, Set, Launch is Jason’s career coaching business. He uses the principles of consumer marketing for outplacement, resume writing and speaking. He helps people go from point A to point B. He sees career decisions as purchasing decisions -- a two sided marketplace. One service Jason offers is Outplacement, which is a benefit given to people when they are laid off to help them transition to their next role. If you get this benefit, USE IT! It’s paid for by your current employer to help you find your next position, and it is free career coaching. We asked Jason what he is telling people about job search after a layoff during this pandemic. His first piece of advice was to write out what gives you energy, strength, and joy, and then to practice articulating those strengths. He looks at industry, employer, and role around where you want to go, and having the pitch that addresses all three. Once you define what you want to do, then get your pitches in order. Number 1 rule: no complaining. Number 2: know how much time you have to spend looking and hold yourself to it. Number 3: Lists are your friend; they help you stick to your plan. Jason tells people to put together a list of people who have been most influential in your career and reach out to ask advice, which may just lead to jobs (vs asking for jobs, which may lead to advice). Networking will get your resume seen faster and by the right people, more than "posting and praying." Jason says to spend the majority of your time networking, and then when you see a posting, think of who you can network with to get close to the job. If you have 60-70% of the job spec, you need to apply by seeing if you know someone at the company. Employee referral programs are awesome, so are Diversity/Equity/Inclusion officers. Employees want to refer you and get the bonus, and DEI want to hire you because it helps their numbers. These folks are your ins! “Your life is not in danger because of this interview." This is what Jason tells people who need to psych themselves up for interviews. Be yourself and find people you like and who like you. Do your homework so you feel good about you and you feel prepared. Be ready to answer what’s driving you to want to work in this job at this company. You have to want the job; there are plenty of people who do. We asked Jason about Covid’s impact on job searches. Industries like hospitality have been hard hit, and also the hiring process across many industries seems to take longer. People with more experience adding value when they can articulate their value, but new grads with less experience sometimes struggle when entering this kind of job market. Jason's site: [readysetlaunch.net](readysetlaunch.net) Jason's email


12 Jan 2021

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EP 62 - Jason Levin - Getting Started with a Business Development Plan to Raise Your Profile

Legal Mastermind Podcast

Jason Levin is the Founder and Owner of ReadySetLaunch. Jason implements a specific set of tools and approaches that lawyers should be using for law firm business development. ReadySetLaunch has been around for nearly 9 years as a full-service coaching and training company for attorneys doing business development for councils, partners, associates helping them create a road map and execute it so that they can succeed within their firms and within their practices. If you are interested in contacting Jason, please visit his website at readysetlaunch.net or email him directly at jason@readysetlaunch.netOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Understanding Discipline and Focus in SMART Goals• Common Traps that Lawyers Fall Into Within Business Development• Pro Bono as a Part of the Business Development Plan


3 Aug 2020

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7. Jason Levin & Abu Cassim - Founders of Jozi Angels & Elevation Holdings

How Louw Can You Go?

We have a conversation with Jason & Abu.Abu having grown up in a family business has gone on to start several companies and have successfully scaled them, some to over 37 countries. He is also the founder of Jozi Angels, with a network of 29 angel investors based in Johannesburg who together have made a combined total of 44 early stage investments.Jason headed up the leading youth marketing agency in Africa for over 8 years, before successfully navigating the sale of the business to a multinational level.He founded Elevation Holdings, which has a portfolio seven of investments focusing on the start up space. He is also an angel investor in the Jozi Angels network and provides financial and advisory capital.They share what they had to learned and the decision they made throughout their journey - good and bad. Jozi Angels · Elevation Holdings


2 Aug 2020

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0005: A Pot For Pot | Jason Levin

Cannabis and Corona

Being stuck at home with nothing to do has rapidly accelerated the interest in growing cannabis at home.  Jason Levin from A Pot For Pot joins Dan Humiston to talk about how growing cannabis is helping people endure the COVID-19 crisis and how they're managing the overwhelming demand for their all-in-one cannabis grow kits.  Produced By MJBulls Cannabis Podcasts 


11 May 2020

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0207: Cannabis and Corona | Jason Levin | A Pot For Pot

Raising Cannabis Capital

Being stuck at home with nothing to do has rapidly accelerated the interest in growing cannabis at home.  Jason Levin from A Pot For Pot joins Dan Humiston to talk about how growing cannabis is helping people endure the COVID-19 crisis and how they're managing the overwhelming demand for their all-in-one cannabis grow kits.  Produced By MJBulls Cannabis Podcasts 


30 Apr 2020

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12: What To Do When You Need to Transition to a New Job with Jason Levin

I Got Fired

Transitioning into a new job can take plenty of time, consideration, and planning. No matter what the circumstances are, it’s important to evaluate your current situation and goals going forward realistically. It can often be difficult to do this on your own, and that’s where Jason Levin comes in. Jason is a career coach, counselor, and founder of Ready Set Launch. Jason helps people who have recently been fired or left their jobs transition through the different phases from layoff to a new career. Jason shares many tactics to leverage your networking and efficient job search in this conversation with Tom Spiggle.  Show Highlights:  What got Jason into career coaching  What a market place looks like and what people should look for  The importance of processing a layoff before going into the market The difference between a fit, budget, and competency layoff  How social media has impacted job searching  Strategies to get your resume noticed  Finding great references and the importance of using positive body language for interviews  Incorporating things that bring you energy and happiness into daily life  How to decide whether or not you should take your first offer Why you should schedule reminders and follow-ups with employers  Navigating the urge to become an entrepreneur  Being self-aware about what you want in your career and workplace  How age can impact job searching  Links:  Contact Tom:  https://www.spigglelaw.com/podcasts/parents-at-work/ For a copy of “You’re pregnant, You’re fired”- tom@spigglelaw.com Contact Jason:  Jason@readysetlaunch.net https://readysetlaunch.net


14 Jan 2020

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Helping Kids & Teens Find Direction - with Career Coach Jason Levin

The Child Repair Guide with Dr. Steve Silvestro

As parents, we can plant the seeds, but our kids have to do the growing themselves. That's a great-sounding quote, but it's not always easy for us parents to swallow. Why? Because we want our kids to succeed, we want the best for them. As a result, it can be so hard to find that balance between a nudge in the right direction and letting them take their own steps, versus leading them hand-in-hand down the path with the idea of protecting them so that they don’t fail…..which, as anyone who’s followed me long enough knows, is a sure way lead to failure in the end. So whether you have young kids or a teen who’s off to college, the question becomes this:How do we help our kids and teens find direction, to find themselves and their own path, without inserting OURselves in the way? How do we nudge our kids in a way that helps them become who they want to be? To get the answer, I turned to career and outplacement coach Jason Levin...and the result is an episode that might help both kids & parents find our own paths


2 Jan 2019

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G2G032 | Jason Levin, President of Dos Gringos, A Flower Company

Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies Podcast

Episode 032 of Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies Podcast,  host Dan Quiggle, talks with Jason Levin. The president of Dos Gringos talks about growing a company, nurturing the culture, coaching people, and delivering smiles. Get the show notes and a recap of this episode by visiting QuiggleGroup.com/032. --- Please subscribe to receive leadership coaching and inspirational insights from Dan Quiggle.  Stay connected with Dan's leadership community on: Facebook | LinkedIn. Don't forget to read more from Dan on his leadership blog. Thanks for listening and lead well!

1hr 4mins

8 Mar 2018

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DKS031 - Jason Levin, Re-Founder HDI Youth Marketers

Matt Brown Show

How to market to the youth (sometimes referred to as the millennials) - Jason Levin head of HDI youth marketing reveals the underlying dynamics of the youth and how to break through the status quo as an entrepreneur.


27 Sep 2016