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The Atheist Experience 26.45 11-06-2022 with Kenneth and Dave Warnock

The Atheist Experience

Welcome back to the show! In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Kenneth is joined by the one and only Dave Warnock!Michael from CA is calling to claim the prophecies in the Bible are in fact accurate because the Euphrates River is drying up, waters in China are turning blood red (not actually turning to human blood.) and that there are wars and rumors of wars.Jay from NY presents the double slit experiment and the observer effect in order to demonstrate that conscious observation actively affects the particles of our universe.Drew from CA claims to have biblical evidence that the Bible is true, specifically that the New Testament and Old Testament stories align and fit with each other.John from CA comes fully loaded with threats about our going to hell and a claim that the bible is smarter than you about deciding who is saved or not. Lots of preaching with this one.Diana from CA wants to point out the correlation from the psychological tactic of love bombing to some of the methods used by religions to gain and maintain the interest of children through tactics such as gift giving.Jaime from TX is calling to ask if there is ever a situation where any books should be bad. Books, even if dangerous, should be allowed to exist with the hope that the “bad” books should be critically analyzed with the intent of education and learning on why the bad ideas presented are in fact detrimental. But banning is a slippery slope based entirely on the dominant ideology in power.Amanual from TX claims the New Testament apostles were credible...because they died brutally? Doom Guy brutally rips and tears through the demonic armies of hell. Does the gruesomeness of their deaths portrayed in DOOM in any way prove this demon army exists?

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7 Nov 2022

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The Atheist Experience 26.38 09-18-2022 with Shannon Q and Dave Warnock

The Atheist Experience

Welcome back to the show! In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Shannon Q is joined by Dave Warnock!First up is Philip from Canada who is calling to answer this weeks poll question “Is the Holy Spirit something that is experienced outside the brain?” Why did God reveal himself to you and save you from overdose and abandoned others in your same situation.Next is Michael from KY who claims to have evidence for the existence of God which is apparently hidden in the “Book of Eli” with Denzel Washington, no doubt hidden in the secret number code Michael was transmitting throughout the call. Also Michael is God–the caller, not the Archangel.Next is Steven from AZ who brings up their experience of wanting to return to religion after suffering a near-death experience, and is wondering if the hosts have any experiences of their own or advice for dealing with this pull?Robin from DC is going to overturn our trailer for the show with a transcendental argument for the existence of God. God’s revelation to everyone supports premise one for the argument that God exists. This sounds like an elliptical argument at best.Kelly from CA is calling to present an argument for the existence of God through an appeal to the physical, aka an argument from contingency.Zeleni from Europe continues the conversation of the previous call to pose the question if it is even possible for God to have the trait of pure benevolence. Thank you for calling!

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19 Sep 2022

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713: Childish Things, with Dave Warnock

Humanize Me

Bart welcomes back Dave Warnock, who had a memorable first appearance in 2019 (Episode 419). They talk about his recently released memoir, his deconversion from Christianity and later diagnosis of ALS, relationships with family after deconverting, navigating the end of life, and avoiding the word 'just'.

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9 Sep 2022

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Putting Away Childish Things – Author Dave Warnock; 24-Jul-2022


Dave Warnock, author of the memoir Childish Things, argues that moving away from childish thinking means embracing the complexity and nuance in the world. Fundamentalist thinking keeps individuals and societies in an infantile state of mind. We must move away from that if we are to progress.


24 Jul 2022

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The Atheist Experience 26.29 07-17-2022 with Dave Warnock and Forrest Valkai

The Atheist Experience

In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Dave Warnock is joined by Forrest Valkai!First up is Devon from CA who asks our hosts why tragedies, big or small, influence people’s position on the God belief either one way or the other? Why do bad things happen to good people, and vice versa?Next up is Daniel from NJ who recently had a conversation about evolution with their creationist father, and felt scientifically unequipped to rebut the creationist claims. Creationism itself is a claim that requires evidence, and the truth of evolution is entirely irrelevant to proving creationism.Gabe from KY acknowledges that since their deconversion from Mormonism, they have struggled to put the magical thinking they utilized while religious behind them and engage in critical, skeptical thinking. The caller wants advice on how to rectify this, and apply skeptical thinking practically.Patrick from FL claims Atheism is a faith. Is it faith to say “I don’t believe you,” to a claim? Patrick sure thinks so.Next is Timothy from FL is calling to ask our hosts when they think a fetus gains the rights of personhood, and what the evidence for that timeframe is?Rob from CA is calling to claim that science no longer supports evolution, and provides examples of naturally “unexplainable” phenomena to support this. Turns out, they are explainable. Oh yeah also, God flooding the world was 110% justified!Next is Joseph from TN believes that since we cannot know anything with 100% absolute certainty that we must need faith.George from NY who wants advice on how to converse with people who make unjustified claims, and are obviously unwilling to move their position even a little?Finally, Paul from MN asks our hosts if they have ever considered using Numbers 5:20 against Christians “pro-lifers.” As we have learned today, and almost exert episode, most Christians don’t know their own bible, and those that do and hold that position will find ways to ignore specific verses that are inconvenient.

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17 Jul 2022

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Dying Out Loud with Dave Warnock

Make Life Less Difficult

My guest today is Dave Warnock. Dave lived the bulk of his life as a Charismatic Evangelical, serving as a pastor on three different church staffs. But, following several years of internal struggle, Dave came to the conclusion in 2011 that he no longer believed in a personal God. In 2019 he was diagnosed with  ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), a progressive neurodegenerative disease with an average 3-5 year life expectancy. Dave is spending the days he has left speaking out about the dangers and harm of fundamental religions.  He also seeks to provide a safe haven to those questioning their faith, recovering from religious trauma or navigating life's tribulations as he shares his own perspective as a former evangelical, but now an atheist, facing a terminal diagnosis.  Dave has recently published a memoir called “Childish Things.”  I highly recommend his book.  I listened to the audio version which Dave himself reads and it’s not only fantastically written, it’ll make you feel like you are privileged to hear firsthand the events shaping this man’s life.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll feel grateful for the opportunity to connect to Dave through this book.  And I feel honored to connect to Dave through this conversation.  We talk a fair amount about death and dying, subjects that are considered “dark and heavy” to many.  Having experienced the death of my first husband when I was 28, I find that talking about death and dying keeps me living my life well.  It helps me prioritize the most important things and keep coming back to them when I forget, as I’m all-too-easily prone to do.I hope you find joy and inspiration in this conversation.  If, however, for any reason you aren’t in a space to step into this topic, please take care of yourself, first and foremost, even if that means you choose not to listen in on this conversation.  Dave, thank you for sharing your stories, your reflections, your wisdom… not just here on this podcast but through your book and your YouTube channel, the many podcasts you’ve been on, and through your other speaking engagements.  You are, indeed, an inspiration to many!Connect with Dave:WebsiteYouTube Channel Dave's published memoir: Childish Things  (I highly recommend this and the audio version is read by Dave, so that's extremely special!)Make Life Less Difficult

1hr 3mins

5 Jul 2022

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Dave Warnock: Childish Things


Terminally ill with ALS, Dave Warnock is committed to fully living the moments which remain. He discusses his life, his prognosis, and his new book.Dave's website: http://www.daveoutloud.comBook "Childish Things:" https://amzn.to/3aMw5tpVIDEO of this interview: https://youtu.be/H9MIrZabJvk


14 Jun 2022

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Alice Greczyn & Dave Warnock — Writing Your Own Story

Living from the Soul with Sam Torode

Today I’m speaking with two people who’ve recently published memoirs about their lives in and out of fundamentalist/evangelical Christianity. Alice Greczyn, author of “Wayward: A Memoir of Spiritual Warfare and Sexual Purity,” is a former devout evangelical who went from homeschool to Hollywood. She’s an actress and model with extensive credits in television, film, and print media. As a thinker and writer, she’s the founder of “Dare to Doubt,” a website offering resources for those seeking to escape or recover from harmful belief systems. Dave Warnock, author of “Childish Things,” joined the Jesus movement in the ’70s, became a pastor for many years, and then left the church altogether. Diagnosed with ALS in 2019, he’s a frequent public speaker and podcast guest on the theme of “Dying Out Loud.” He’s also the co-host of his own popular live call-in show on YouTube, “That GD Show.” I read their books last week, then found out Alice happened to be visiting Dave at his rented beach-house this week, so I jumped on the opportunity to interview them both together. “Childish Things”: www.amazon.com/dp/B09RMBWZX1 “Wayward”: amazon.com/dp/1632993546 Dave’s website: daveoutloud.org YouTube channel: youtube.com/c/DaveWarnockDyingOutLoud Facebook: facebook.com/DaveWarnock.DyingOutLoud Instagram: instagram.com/warnockpa/ Alice’s website: alicegreczyn.com Dare to Doubt: daretodoubt.org Instagram: instagram.com/alicegreczyn/ Twitter: twitter.com/alicefood This ad-free podcast is supported by Sam’s Torode’s books, including “Living from the Soul: The 7 Spiritual Principles of Ralph Waldo Emerson,” available at samtorode.com.


1 Mar 2022

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The Perspective: Secular Rarity and Dave Warnock

Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist Presents The Perspective! A weekly call-in show focused on positive skepticism and friendly discourse. We welcome claims of many varieties including conspiracy theories, the supernatural, and aliens! Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM CST Want to call the show? - Use your ☎ and call - 951-364-2430 (951-ENGAGE-0) - Use your 💻 and click - https://tinyurl.com/CallPerspective Hosted by: Secular Rarity Dave Warnock https://linktr.ee/DyingOutLoud Produced by: Ethan Micheal – Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist Bandaid and Ethan’s Wish List  YouTube/Twitter/Discord/Facebook/Podcast/Patreon/PayPal https://linktr.ee/YFNAtheist Subscribe to our second channel: https://tinyurl.com/YFNClips Do you like what I'm doing? Consider showing your support! https://www.patreon.com/YFNAtheist https://teespring.com/stores/yfnatheist https://www.buymeacoffee.com/YFNAtheist Podcast: https://anchor.fm/yfnatheist/ Need Help? https://www.seculartherapy.org/  - https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/ Secular Sobriety: https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline Patrons: Cindy PLAZA -Left-Right-Left -  Kenneth Leonard – Skye - JumpandShoot  – OZ - Secular Rarity - Philip Leitch – Toast – Richard Gilliver – Sunset Sarge - Ameet Mathew –  Ray Sylvester - Kyle Brewer - Katie Stewart - BestName Ever – Jason Hamner – Freethinker215 – Dion LaShay **Live Chat Rules** This neighborhood is intended to foster healthy dialogue among differentiating viewpoints. BE FRIENDLY!  1. No direct, specific threats of violence against others nor endorsements of violence.  2. No disparaging comments against groups of people, i.e. no discrimination against genders, races, sexual/gender orientations, etc. 3. No lewd content or suggestions. 4. No spamming: posting unrelated issues, posting the same thing repeatedly etc. #conspiracytheory #aliens #paranormal #agnostic #secularhumanism #god #science #scienceandgod #christian #catholic #christianity #islam #theism #deism #pantheism #yourfriendlyneighborhoodatheist #friendlyatheism #sunshineatheism #yfnatheist #yfna #friendlydebates #conversations #friendlyconversations #puck #whatthepuck #atheism #atheist #skeptic #religion #god Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yfnatheist/support

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12 Jan 2022

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Truth Wanted 04.26 07-09-2021 with Exxtian Erin and Dave Warnock

Truth Wanted

In today’s episode of the Truth Wanted, ExXtian Erin is back as host and joined by a very special guest, Dave Warnock, who is currently working on a memoir. We’re happy to have you on the show and excited to read your story!Brian from Michigan is a lifelong atheist that can’t fathom laughing at anyone else’s belief. While we do believe that bad beliefs should be scrutinized, we would never laugh at the people who hold those beliefs.James in Washington is trying to heal a relationship with his religious grandma after a Holiday dinner went awry. Now he’s left wondering how to navigate the resentment. Maintain boundaries and set aside conversations that ignite bitter feelings in the future.Kennita in California thinks atheists shouldn’t use god as an expression because it might give off the impression that they are believers. Flippant expression is a normal part of human language. Let’s pick our battles and leave this one alone.Marcus in Texas met a Christian this past week who believes in miracles and wants to plant seeds of doubt. Although you should never expect to change anyone else’s beliefs, you can utilize tools like street evangelism to encourage them to examine their ideas with skepticism.Autumn in California called to talk about a social media storm over the definition of atheism. According to some, atheism is the assertion that no god exists. Let’s keep working to de-stigmatize the term atheist so we can have more honest conversations.Sterling In SC wonders what it would convince us that aliens exist. We’ve got one word for you: Evidence. Show us the proof and we’ll start to believe.Jamie called all the way from Australia to play around with some street evangelism. How would Christians respond if god commanded them to murder? We’re not sure, but we hope it never happens.Great show tonight! Remember to always keep wanting the truth.

1hr 28mins

10 Jul 2021