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Addiction Talk - Tawny Lara

Far from Finished: Stories of Recovery

Tawny Lara (she/her) is a bisexual NYC-based writer, public speaker, and podcaster [podcasts.apple.com] who’s passionate about smashing stigmas associated with both sexuality and sobriety. She’s recently been dubbed “The Sober Sexpert”. Tawny’s words have been published in Men’s Health, the Huffington Post, and more; she’s the founder of SobrieTea Party and the host of Recovery Rocks podcast.


1 Jun 2021

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Tawny Lara

The Payoff with Pete

Tawny Lara is a New York City-based writer, who specializes in sobriety and sex. She hosts the Recovery Rocks Podcast and her work examining the cross-section of sobriety and sex has been featured in Playboy, Men’s Health, and Huffington Post.But, as she puts it, more important than anything else she’s almost six years soberIG: @tawnymlaraTwitter: @tawnymlarahttp://www.tawnylara.com/


6 May 2021

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EPISODE 13 - Sexuality, Vulnerability and Confidence with Tawny Lara


In this episode of SHARE, Kabir speaks to author, public speaker, podcaster and person-in-recovery Tawny Lara. Tawny shares her experience with coming out as bisexual after getting sober, learning to better advocate for herself in the bedroom, and what she looks for in romantic partnerships now that drugs and alcohol are no longer in the picture. 


31 Mar 2021

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Tawny Lara, Thank You For Coming Out (While Staying In)

Thank You for Coming Out

In this week’s episode of the Gay City News podcast “Thank You For Coming Out,” creator and host Dubbs Weinblatt (they/them) welcomes Tawny Lara (she/her).Tawny Lara (she/her) is a Bisexual NYC-based writer and podcaster who covers all things Sex, Sobriety, and Rock N Roll. Her words are published in Playboy, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, and more. She’s the co-host of Recovery Rocks podcast and the founder of the SobrieTea Party blog. Fun fact: She has a spicy taco dish named after her (“La Chica Diabla”) in her hometown of Waco, Texas.As queer people, we are constantly coming out, and each coming out story is unique in its blend of humor, heartache, worry, and wonder. “Thank You For Coming Out,” inspired by Dubbs’ beloved live comedy show of the same name, pairs them as host with lesbian, gay, trans, bi, non-binary, and more members of the queer community to discuss their coming out stories.Listen in to our latest incredible journey into the LGBTQ communities’ vulnerable and often hilarious stories of coming out.

1hr 12mins

25 Mar 2021

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93 - Sex & Dating with Tawny Lara

Seltzer Squad - Staying Sober In The City

The long awaited sex and dating in sobriety episode! Probably the first of many but we knew we had to get sexpert Tawny on for this one!


11 Sep 2020

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Tawny Lara: Recovery Rocks

A Sober Girls Guide

Tawny Lara is a multi-faceted, vibrant member of the recovery community. Her work has been featured in Playboy, Huffington Post, The Temper, etc. She sat down to share her recovery story and how ditching booze has allowed her dreams and goals to blow her own mind!


20 Aug 2020

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88 - Interview with Tawny Lara

Seltzer Squad - Staying Sober In The City

On this episode Kate and Jes chat with Jackie-of-all-trades Tawny Lara, writer, podcaster and all around cool chick. Tawny discusses sober events she has organized, her podcast “Recovery Rocks”, her favorite support group “Road Recovery” and more!


7 Aug 2020

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Alcohol Addiction and Mental Health: An Interview with "The Sober Sexpert" Tawny Lara

The Mental Health and Wealth Show

Tawny Lara is the blogger behind SobrieTea Party™ and co-host of Recovery Rocks podcast with Lisa Smith. In this episode, Tawny Lara discusses the gray area to being an alcoholic and how it can help you realize if you have a problem and need help. She shares tips and resources to help you stay sober, resist alcohol cravings/temptation, and recover from addiction. Find out why people use alcohol to self-medicate and how Tawny Lara's alcohol addiction affected her mental health and money.


11 Jul 2020

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Coming Clean Podcast - Episode 29 Tawny Lara: Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll

Coming Clean Podcast

Tawny is an NYC-based writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and event producer who’s passionate about smashing stigmas associated with both sexuality and sobriety. Her words have been published in Playboy, Huffington Post, The Temper, and more. She has been blogging about sobriety since 2015 on their blog, SobrieTea Party™. She is the co-host of Recovery Rocks podcast with Lisa Smith, a charity volunteer with Road Recovery, and an award-winning filmmaker of the recovery documentary, Fixed Up. @tawnymlara on Twitter and Instagram

1hr 1min

3 Mar 2020

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Spilling The SobrieTEA with Tawny Lara

Stayin' Humble With Stew

Stewart is joined by Tawny Lara AKA the Stevie Nicks of sobriety (LaLa Kent wishes). They recap the 2020 Oscars and realize that basically everyone there is sober (except Bong Joon-ho) and discuss Joaquin's speech which wasnt wrong...but didnt feel right either. Tawny & Stew are both reading Open Book by Jessica Simpson (and an incredible ghost writer) which they are living for. Tawny diagnoses Stewart as "Sober Curious" and they discuss different ways to take breaks from alcohol without being offensive. Tune in and enjoy this wild ride yall!   Follow Tawny on Instagram Follow Tawny on Twitter Check out SobrieTea Party Listen to Tawny's Pod, Recovery Rocks Rate, Review & Subscribe to Staying Humble With Stew on Apple Podcasts

1hr 9mins

13 Feb 2020