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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Terri Gallagher. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Terri Gallagher, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Terri Gallagher. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Terri Gallagher, often where they are interviewed.

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Terri Gallagher | Entrepreneurial Sacrifices

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On this episode of Next Level Minds I had the opportunity to down with Terri Gallagher, the President & CEO of Gallagher and Consultants—a global workforce solutions company that provides an innovative design thinking approach to help companies optimize and manage "non-traditional"​ labor to enable an agile workforce with higher productivity, cost savings, growth, and talent strategy. Terri and I walk through all of the sacrifices she had to make to get her business to where it is today. We also take a deep dive into ways you can keep your mind focused when you feel like things are falling apart. Terri is also an international speaker and an author. Check out a link to her book here: https://www.amazon.com/Death-Gold-Watch-Rise-Workforce/dp/169523913X

Dec 02 2019 · 47mins
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Success Defined 014: The Changing Ecosystem of Today's Workforce- Terri Gallagher

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The workforce is changing, and our guest is leading the way in helping companies thrive with the evolving environment. Terri Gallagher, owner of Gallagher and Consultants, created the Workforce Solutions Ecosystem Model to allow organizations to find great talent and create a culture where "non traditional" workers such as temporary, contract, and the digital workforce can thrive.

We get in to how this evolution is happening, how getting fired turned in to an amazing change in her life, how women can become great leaders and business owners, and how valuable it was learning inside Disney early in her career.

For more information on Terri, check out www.gallagherandconsultants.com or see her great content at www.linkedin.com/in/terrig3

To find more episodes and clips of Success Defined, visit www.SkywardVenture.com. For questions or comments, email Ben@SkywardVenture.com.

Apr 09 2019 · 37mins

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An Interview w/ Terri Gallagher

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An Interview w/ Terri Gallagher by HourlyNerd
Aug 08 2017 · 37mins
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069: How Should Your Temporary Labor Strategy Evolve to Capitalize on the Future of Work? w/Terri Gallagher

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The makeup of the workforce is changing rapidly.  Statistics show that organizations are looking to hire part-time, temporary words more than ever before, as they look to become more agile and reduce their fixed costs.

At the same time, the service industry and enabling technology that underpins the flow of contingent workers is undergoing a revolution.  It feels like hardly a week goes by before I read about the launch of another platform, technology or partnership in the space.

So how can we make sense of all these moving parts, and enable our organizations take advantage of the future of work?

This is the topic of today’s show, with contingent workforce expert Terri Gallagher.  This is the third in a three part series on contingent labor and procurement, and definitely the most thought provoking!

If you are a procurement professional with responsibility for shaping continent labor strategies, or a consultant who wants to learn how organizations will be buying your services in the future, today’s show is a must listen!

For more information, visit http://artofprocurement.com/futureofwork

Jul 08 2016 · 31mins

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039: How to Select the Right Temporary Workforce Management Solution, with Terri Gallagher

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This week, I am joined once again by Terri Gallagher. You may recall I invited Terri on the show previously, back in Episode 20, to talk about the role that procurement can play in the management of the temporary labor category.

Terri is President & CEO of Gallagher and Consultants, an advisory firm that helps companies build and implement end to end workforce management strategies. Terri is an expert in the field of Human Capital Management, and specifically contingent on temporary labor, as has previously been an executive of a number of leading services providers in this space such as Adecco, Manpower and Tapfin.

Full show notes can be found here.

Apr 05 2016 · 36mins
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020: How Procurement Can Optimize the Management of Temporary Labor, with Terri Gallagher

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In this episode, my guest is Terri Gallagher and we talk about how procurement can optimize the management of temporary labor.

Terri Gallagher is President & CEO of Gallagher and Consultants.

Full show notes can be found at artofprocurement.com/temporarylabor

Feb 02 2016 · 46mins