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Ep. 17 – Jay Scott Outdoors Instagram Live Sessions

Roe Hunting Resources' Podcast

I condensed the audio tracks from BOTH Instagram Live Elk Hunting Q&A sessions with Jay Scott, of Jay Scott Outdoors, into this one 3-hour podcast. There is a TON of information in here, but if you want to dive DEEPER into the ideas/concepts/opinions expressed here, go to the Roe Hunting Resources website, sign up for the Elk Module/Elk Hunting Institute, and dive in! ...you have PLENTY of time before your hunt to truly understand the WHY of what is discussed in this podcast/IG Live discussion.What are some of the topics covered? Well...- Moisture/Rainfall Effects on Elk Movement- What if Your Area "Recently" Burned?- Should You Scout if You've Hired a Guide?- Is August Scouting Valuable/Recommended?- How Close Should You Get to Elk Before Calling?- Thoughts on "Group" Hunts- AZ Rut Predictions Based on Current Vegetation Reports- Calf Sounds vs. Mature Cow Sounds- Scent Control - Bivy Hunt Tactics/Strategies- Deciding on Limited Entry Units- RHR "Doorway Principle" Set-ups- Using Decoys (or Not...)- Roosevelt Elk Tactics/Strategies- Hunting/Sitting Wallows- Challenging a Bull/Bugling- Raking- Antler Growth/Development Cycle- Full Moon vs. Weather System Pressure Cycles- Headlamp Color- Water on the Landscape vs. Forage Quality- What Calls Do [We] Use- Rifle Season Calling- Bull Rutting Areas- Late August Elk Movement - Muzzleloader vs. First Week Archery Considerations- Rattling for Elk- Late Season; Glassing or Moving- Water, Feed, or... Sanctuaries- Recovering from a "Bad" Call...and more!

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26 Aug 2021

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Lessons Learned Coues Deer with Jay Scott

Days In The Wild - Big game Hunting podcast

Lessons Learned – Coues Deer with Jay Scott Show Notes: We’ve all heard the saying: keep your eye on the ball. It’s true in baseball, and as a general statement about goals in life. Gotta keep your eyes on the prize. Well, Jay Scott learned from years of experience that in hunting, you have to keep your eye on the buck. He’s been hunting coues deer in Arizona and Mexico for years, and that’s the biggest piece of advice he has for hunters of all skill levels. “Those coues deer especially have a unique ability to get away from you.” Nothing is more frustrating than stalking a deer for hours and then, when you decide to move to a better shooting position, the buck disappears on you. The trick is to work with a buddy who can keep the buck glassed while you make your move. This is more difficult to do when you’re alone; Jay recommends getting a height advantage on the animal so that you can keep it in sight while you move. It’s also a good idea to wait a good 30 minutes or so after a deer beds down, just to make sure that he isn’t going to get back up again and move once you look away. I lost a buck this way one time while hunting with a friend. I had him in my scope with my rifle all set to shoot, and then I looked away for no more than 30 seconds to check on my friend. When I looked back in my scope, the buck was gone. Its for this reason that the spotter’s job is so important. If you’re spotting for a buddy, treat your job with the same intensity that you would treat the shooting or the stalking portion of the hunt. All it takes is a split second while you look away to grab a sandwich from your bag, and bam, the animal vanishes. Jay also has some great stories and tips for finding coues deer. Features like prominent shade are good things to look for in the Arizona desert, because the deer will move from open feeding areas to the shade to rest. The time of year and weather plays a factor too. That’s why its important to learn the land, and the animals on it. That way, if the deer does manage to disappear on you, at least you’ll know where he should be next. What’s Inside: Keep your eye on the prize: in this case, the animal you want to harvest The importance of intensity as a spotter Tips for finding coues deer in the Arizona desert Use elevation and ridgelines to help spot animals Mentioned in this episode: Phoenix Shooting Bags save 20% with code johnstallone Days In The Wild Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast Short Description:Deer are elusive creatures, and they can vanish on you in an instant. That’s why Jay Scott says never to take your eyes off an animal you want to harvest. He explains this tip and more, while sharing stories of hunting coues deer in the Arizona desert. Tags: coues deer hunting, big game hunting, hunting tips, hunting guide, big buck hunting, hunting stories, hunting in arizona, how to spot


12 Jul 2021

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Fr. Jay Scott Newman


Fr. Jay Scott Newman is the pastor of St. Mary in Greenville.  He also serves as the dean of the Greenville deanery in the Diocese of Charleston.

1hr 9mins

15 Jun 2021

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Sn2, Episode 8: Katie-Jay Scott, iACT

Big League Philanthropist

In this episode of Big League Philanthropist, Danielle chats with Katie-Jay Scott, former soccer player for UNC Wilmington and current executive director of iACT, a nonprofit that helps refugees lead and create change within their home communities. Katie-Jay discusses the work iACT does and why she was drawn to it. She also shares more about the soccer program she founded, Refugees United, which focuses on getting children in refugee camps involved with the sport. Finally, Danielle and Katie-Jay chat about her love for soccer and how it has left its mark on her life, her philanthropy goals, the difference that iACT has made globally, and how iACT and Refugees United will continue to make real change. You can follow Katie-Jay on Twitter @katiejayscott and Instagram @ktjscott, and iACT on Twitter @iact and Instagram @iactivism. You can learn more about their work on their website: https://www.iact.ngo/.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bigleaguephil/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bigleaguephil/support


20 May 2021

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Comedian Jay Scott (JW Stories)

Down The Rabbit Hole

I interview fellow comedian and former JW Jay Scott follow him : https://instagram.com/jaythecomedian1?igshid=nrokv0i1yvwf


19 Apr 2021

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138: Gould's Turkey Hunting 101 With Jay Scott

Big Game Hunting Podcast: Rifles, Calibers & Muzzleloaders For Deer, Elk & African Game

Show Notes: https://thebiggamehuntingblog.com/podcast/gouldsturkeyhunting101/ Show Sponsor: Please make sure you’re subscribed to the Big Game Hunting Podcast. It’s free to do so, you’ll get all my future episodes delivered to you every Thursday when they come out, and subscribing really helps me out with the podcast algorithms to reach other hunters who are searching for this sort of content. So, pause this episode right now and then hit that “Subscribe” button on whatever podcast service you’re listening to. What We Covered 1) Why Gould's turkey are special and how they compare to other turkey sub-species. 2) Where Gould's turkey live and how to identify good habitat. 3) How to hunt Gould's turkey. 4) How turkey behavior varies during the course of the day. 5) Shotgun, ammunition, and equipment recommendations for Gould's turkey hunting. 6) A brief overview of how to scout a brand new area for Gould's turkey, find the birds there, and close the deal with a Tom. Resources 1) Learn more about Gould's Turkey hunting with Jay Scott at GouldsTurkeyHunt.com. 2) Subscribe to the Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast.


15 Apr 2021

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EP.51- Grieving Loss Ft. Jay Scott

Lets Talk This Out

Losing a parent- first hand perspective and mentality with Jay Scott, originally from Detroit, MI but resides just outside of Dallas, TX


6 Apr 2021

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WHAT : DE HEK Podcast - 12 Questions with 'Ex-Jehovah's Witness' Jay Scott (Jay The Comedian)


You're listening to Danny, on WHAT : DE HEK podcast. This is the place where I share my experience, knowledge and skills.Transcribed by OtterJay Scott 0:00Yeah let's do itDanny de Hek 0:02Welcome to WHAT : DE HEK podcast I'm privileged to have in front of me is Jay the Comedian.Jay Scott 0:07Hey, what's up everybody how y'all doing?Danny de Hek 0:09He has volunteers time to answer the top of my lame questions. Let's see how we get on. We're straight into the questions by the way. Okay. Okay, here's the first one, mate. Have you ever had a nickname?Jay Scott 0:24Have I ever had a nickname? I actually did have a nickname and it's really funny because I'm an Ex-Jehovah’s Witness. But people used to call me J Dub, but not because of the Jehovah Witness. I was really good at basketball. And in America, when you score two points, two points is called a dub. And my name is Jay. So people call me J Dub on the basketball court, though, only on the basketball court, nowhere else.Danny de Hek 0:53When I was looking at your Facebook page, you'll notice you've got lots of clips on Facebook, about a thing called basketball.Jay Scott 1:00Oh, yeah, basketball. I love basketball. I love playing it. And this is one of my joys of my life.Danny de Hek 1:06Because I've got one Kiwi guy that's actually really good at the moment. I don't know. I don't follow the basketball. But do you know who he who he is?Jay Scott 1:14A Kiwi guy.Danny de Hek 1:17He's massive name. Well, they're all massive ah they. But he'sJay Scott 1:19I don't know any small basketball players.Danny de Hek 1:23That's as far as my basketball knowledge goes, so I'll get on to the next question. We've got 12 questions. What's the biggest gift that you've ever been gift? What was the best gift you've ever been given?See Full TXT Script at https://www.dehek.com/general/podcast/what-de-hek-podcast-12-questions-with-ex-jehovahs-witness-jay-scott-jay-the-comedianP.S. If you like this podcast please click “like” or provide comment, as that will motivate me to publish more. Would you like the opportunity to be featured on the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast? You are welcome to INVITE YOURSELF to be a guest.Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dehek)


7 Feb 2021

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Coues Deer Hunting Judging bucks on the Hoof Jay Scott

Days In The Wild - Big game Hunting podcast

Scoring Coues Deer with Jay Scott Show Notes: Even though I know how to score deer, I don’t feel confident telling people how to score Coues deer. So I brought Jay Scott on for an expert’s opinion on how to score them on the hoof. For the novice or intermediate hunter, Jay recommends that you get as many antlers or horns in your hands as possible with a measuring tape. A lot of scoring just comes down to experience, so you’ll need to look over a lot of deer before you can get a better understanding of what a deer is on sight. Measuring mistakes can add up quickly. If you’re a half-inch off on everything, then that’ll distort your final number. For hunters who are used to hunting in the East or the Midwest, scoring the Coues deer will be a different experience. When you break down deer, there are 4 main parts of the scorecard. Point length Main beam Mass Spread For most people, they talk about spread like it’s the most important factor in scoring, but for Coues deer, it is not. You want to be looking for a minimum length of 15-inches on the points and then everything else builds around that. You can follow Jay on Instagram for some practice seeing pictures and comparing your guess to his. If you’d like one of his charts that will simplify the scoring process, you can email Jay at: JayScottOutdoors@gmail.com. What’s Inside: The difference between Midwestern and Western point language, and why that matters. For a buck to be a hundred, your point length category needs to be in the 15-inch range. When beams wrap around the front, the size is going to naturally increase. How white antlers are going to distort your perception of size. Mentioned in this Episode: Days in the Wild on iTunes Days in the Wild on Podbean Phoenix Shooting Bags Save 20% with code: johnstallone Days in the Wild Bushnell.com Save 15% on everything at Bushnell with code: STL02 Primos.com Jay Scott Outdoors podcast Jay Scott Outdoors on Instagram Short Description: How accurately can you score antlers from a picture? If you’re an expert like Jay Scott, you’ll be able to get within an inch or two of the score. For the rest of us, Jay’s going to walk us through the four main parts of a score, plus some factors that trick hunters into overestimating size. Tags: Coues deer, scoring coues deer, measuring deer antlers, coues deer score card, how big are my deer antlers?, how to measure deer antlers


27 Nov 2020

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ELK4: ELK HUNTING SERIES (feat. Jay Scott on Water's Effect On Wapiti, Choosing An Outfitter or Guide, Mountain Etiquette, Finding Giant Bulls)

The Element Podcast | Hunting, Public Land, Tactics, Whitetail Deer, Wildlife, Travel, Conservation, Politics and more.

If there is an expert in the guiding world, Jay Scott is he. a guy with 30+ years of Guiding and outfitting experience in the best elk country in the world. Jay is always so informative and kind. It's a pleasure to have Jay on the show and we're thankful for the opportunity to learn from him. If you haven't listened to the Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast, you need to.  You're going to need these two things to have success in the Elk Woods: A good map and great equipment! Here are some of the best! OnX Maps Day Six Arrows and Broadheads If you like these give us a review on iTunes and send us a message on social media to let us know!  GIANT GILA BULL ELK FIGHT! Watch! Watch K.C. take a 6x6 elk on an OTC hunt in 2018 - Click HERE! WATCH the guys catch slob trout in the "backcountry" of the Black Canyon - CLICK HERE! Get your element swag at our STORE. The song featured in this series is "Inside" by Tyler and the Tribe. Click HERE to listen!

1hr 9mins

14 Jul 2020