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Interview with Jovan Glasgow

Six Figure Jobs with James Nicholas Kinney

Jovan Glasgow, the founder of TEOS International Inc., is a high-performance coach, inspirational speaker, and author. For the past 10 years, he has been successfully empowering Fortune 500 companies around the country with the focus on one main goal – creating extraordinary teams that consistently produce remarkable results without compromising integrity or vitality. Through his PX3LIVING program and dynamic presentations, Jovan uniquely aligns personal and professional development to optimize individual performance while also equipping companies with strategies to establish a strong, unified culture. As a master facilitator, Jovan takes the “information overload” epidemic plaguing most high-level organizations and provides practical systems that increase productivity and encourages implementation to generate sustainable growth. Most importantly, he is a man on a mission to bring more clarity, confidence, and fulfillment into the workforce. His message is, “You were made on purpose for a purpose.” When employees, leaders, and teams understand that their desire for fulfillment is found in their life’s purpose, the company’s culture, performance, energy, and bottom line will transform. If you and your team are seeking greater results both individually and corporately, Jovan’s customized approach will deliver the results your company needs to accomplish your goals and continue to make an impact in your industry. For more info about James Kinney and Six Figure Jobs, check out our website: https://www.getasixfigurejob.com/


17 Aug 2020

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Ownership & Excuses by Jovan Glasgow

Barrenness to Breakthrough

Download my Free Ebook HereVisit my Website Here The only way to create the life you desire  Is to truly take ownership of your transformation,We will never achieve the unimaginable If we don’t operate from a place of intentional. Today I want you to take back your power!But, to take back your power you have to take ownership.The problem most of us have is that we don’t take ownership We make excuses!I am excited for you to take more ownership, and remove the limitations from your life, TODAY!Check out this episode, grab a pen, and lean in!Let's do this!


26 May 2020

Similar People

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Undefeated "Thriving after the loss of a Child" - Katie Blanchard Hosted by Jovan Glasgow (iamjovanglasgow)

Barrenness to Breakthrough

One of the most powerful conversations that I've ever had the opportunity to facilitate. Katie Blanchard is more than just a beauty professional, she is a strong woman with a bone-chilling and tremendously inspiring story.Take an opportunity to listen to her story of how she dealt with the loss of her child and what she is planning to do with her newfound revelation.You will be rocked, inspired and empowered to take back your power and fight for your victory.Visit Jovan's website hereFollow me on Instagram or Facebook Don't forget to follow this channel, leave a review and share.Enjoy and stay empowered!


14 Apr 2020

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Unique Path, Purpose & Promise by Jovan Glasgow

Barrenness to Breakthrough

As promised click here to download your free copy of The Value Position (ebook) by Jovan Glasgow "essential life questions we almost never ask"In this episode, we dive into the practical steps that you must take to move from uncertainty to impact in pursuit of your life's purpose. Introspection is an essential component of transformation, and this powerful episode is a great tool to help you along your journey.Tune in, grab a pen, a notepad & get ready to embark on this dynamic journey with Jovan!You've got this!


9 Apr 2020

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The Beauty of Barrenness - Hosted by Jovan Glasgow

Barrenness to Breakthrough

WOW! The Beauty in Barrenness. In this episode of Barrenness to Breakthrough you have the opportunity to learn more about Jovan Glasgow and his powerful story of Barrenness to Breakthrough.He talks about how to find hope in your hopeless moments, and what it means to live a life of passion and purpose.This is a must-listen! It will impact your life and the lives of every person you share this episode with.Don't forget to subscribe, leave and review and share!Visit Jovan's website Follow Jovan on Instagram


18 Mar 2020

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Where connection and purpose collide - Hosted by Jovan Glasgow featuring Theo Prodromitis

Barrenness to Breakthrough

Theo Prodromitis is a visionary fast-growth CEO who pays forward her business success in fierce advocacy for women entrepreneurs and small businesses. 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Award recipient and an award-winning Amazon Entrepreneur, Theo positioned her brand Spa Destinations to become a Featured Amazon  Storefront Women-Owned Business and was selected from hundreds of thousands of small businesses to be featured as a Day One Entrepreneur. In 2018 Theo was named a National Retail Federation “Champion of Retail” and serves on the NRF Small Business Advisory Council.  Theo’s media appearances and credits include the best-selling book The Success Formula with  Jack Canfield, Executive Producer credit on the documentary “Dreamer,” (a film about entrepreneurs’ inspiring journeys to success) and many public speaking appearances, including the United Nations Global Entrepreneurs Conference.  Theo’s efforts on behalf of women entrepreneurs span private and public sectors: she is a Founding Member of the Zuckerberg Institute, working with Randi Zuckerberg to democratize opportunity for International Entrepreneurs. As a Congressional Hearing Witness for the United States House of Representatives Small Business Committee, she lobbies tirelessly for women and small businesses. Theo also serves as a mentor in the Entrepreneurship Masters Program at the University of Tampa.  Theo is the proud mother of Mary, Jacqueline and Spero - and the ambitious organizer of her big, Greek family reunions.Stay connected with Jovan website & Instagram


14 Mar 2020

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Ep. 048: SPEAK LIFE ; The process of Turning Tragedy into Triumph and Walking in your God-Given Purpose with Jovan Glasgow

Turned On Podcast

Overcoming loss, when your world is rocked and the decision comes on how you will cope, you must choose LIFE.God is so much bigger than what we can see. We have to trust God through the hurt.In order to be healed, we have to heal. We have to be OK with the fact we're sometimes not in control.Sometimes pain can produce fruit, it's all in your perspective. We serve a God of perspective. It's normal to get angry at times and question God "why would you do this?" but understand God is not a god of punishment. Behind every wave is a wind. We must look for the wind.Why when we are spiritual giants are we walking around like acting like beaten and defeated babiesWe're human, we're flawed, we're broken. Our affirmations shouldn't come from man, they should come from the Word.We need to remember as humans, its not about perfection, its about progression. If you are not bold in your stance, you will be controlled by your circumstance. Be bold.Be a light, an example, of the God you speak about in your community. Align personal development, professional development and purpose. Understanding why people show up every day and what motivates them. Finding life in your daily walk.Everything is going to cost you something,  it always comes back to what are you willing to pay?


2 Mar 2020

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Ignite your FLAME - Hosted by Jovan Glasgow featuring Danielle Daly

Barrenness to Breakthrough

On this episode of Barrenness to Breakthrough, we dive into the mind of Danielle Daly a blogger, speaker, and entrepreneur whose world was rocked after hearing some heartbreaking news about her father.This new revelation ignited her FLAME and now she is on fire to inspire her world to find more fulfillment and live a purpose-driven life.Welcome to another episode of Barrenness to Breakthrough with Jovan Glasgow connect with JovanFollow on Instagram


23 Feb 2020

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Clash of two GIANTS - Hosted by Jovan Glasgow featuring Alton Voss

Barrenness to Breakthrough

On this episode of Barrenness to Breakthrough we dive into the bone-chilling story of Alton Voss who was a promising quarterback on his rise to a spot in the NFL.Alton was moving full steam towards the end zone of his dream life but was sacked by his battle with alcoholism and drugs, which almost caused him to overdose. Even though his addiction cost him his NFL dream, it presented him with an opportunity to use his mess as a platform for his mission.Join me, Jovan Glasgow, as we dive into his powerful story of redemption and restoration.Follow Jovan on Instagram Visit my Jovan's website


11 Feb 2020

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Jovan Glasgow

LAB: The Podcast

Author and speaker Javon Glasgow talks losing his father, finding his identity and the dream for his new book Kayla Finds Her Identity.


4 Oct 2019